PRESIDENT’S CABINET
                                Monday, January 27, 2003
                                   12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

President’s Cabinet Membership Attendance:
Administrators: Dr. William Andrews, Kathy Bennett, Carol Brown (minutes), Antonia
Ecung, John Etcheverry, Pete Hauk, Janet Hawkins, Monte Moore, Judy Pearson, Linda
Prentiss, Steve Schultz, Gary Wallace
Academic Senate Representatives: Dr. Ron Glahn, Susan Regier, Dr. Ann Marie Wagstaff
Division Chairs & Academic Senate Representatives: Craig Britton, Laurie Buchholz,
Young Kim, Val Lombardi, Richard Osborne, Susan Regier, Phil Simons, Carol Wilkins,
Classified: Lydia Smith
ASPC: Steven Herrera

Absent Cabinet Members: Karen Bishop, Jim Carson, Linda Denny, Karen Zeboskey,
Karen Cardell, Teresa Minter-Procter, Jeff Spalsbury, Phil Simons, Joel Wiens, Carlos
Natera, John Ortega, Diane Thompson

Guests: Lyle Martin, Vern Butler, Stephanie Garcia, Chris Craig, Mike Carley, Jeff Gervasi

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at noon.

       Handouts provided -
                       Principles for Budget Reductions

I.     Review of Meeting’s Minutes.

The minutes of previous meetings are available on the PC website
‘Bulletin Board’. Cabinet members are instructed to review them on the website and report
any revisions to this meeting or send to Carol Brown. Tapes of each meeting are also
available upon request.
II.    Budget Reduction Planning
       Dr. Andrews reported Budget Reduction Task Force (BRTF) has been assembled.
       The following will serve on this committee:

       Membership –
               William Andrews, President
               Steve Schultz, Vice President
               John Etcheverry, Business Office Director
               Ron Glahn, Academic Senate President
               Ann Marie Wagstaff, Faculty Representative
               Virginia Gurrola, Faculty Representative
               Phil Simons, CCA Representative
               Baldomero Garcia, CSEA Representative
               Randy Morgan, Classified Representative
               Chris Craig, Classified Representative
               Stephanie Garcia, ASPC Vice President
               Steven Herrera, ASPC President
               Ampelio Mejia, Student Representative
       Tasks –
            Prepare recommendations for the College Learning Council/President’s Cabinet
            Review all budgets with budget managers (Faculty Chairs, Directors, Coordinators,
               Deans, Vice President, President)
            Mid-Year Reduction 2.56% = $302,238 (based on Governor’s proposal)
            Specific Mid-Year Reductions submitted to Chancellor Packard by 1/30/03, 5:00 p.m.
            2003/04 –11%. Governor’s reduction to Community College’s as it is expected that
               the legislature will accept this percentage reduction (1.3 million)
            Bulletin Board “Budget Watch” Website

        BRTF meeting Wednesday and Thursdays, 3-5 p.m. LMC Conference Room
        Discussion ensued on possibly cutting Summer Intersession in half to help with
          the reduction and the future impact
        Discussion ensued on department budgets cuts impact on student needs
        All members encouraged to write state congressmen and encourage student
          body to also write
        BRTF will have a website on how to contact California congressmen

III.   Principles for Budget Reduction
       Handouts provided -
                       Principles for Budget Reductions

        Ann Marie Wagstaff handed out “Principles for Budget Reductions” -
          Chancellor’s Cabinet Ad-hoc Committee for committee review
        Discussion ensued on the handout outlined ideas for budget reductions and
          how this can be incorporated at Porterville College. There was general
          agreement to use the principles for PC budget reductions.
IV.    Other.

V.     Agenda items for future meetings.

VI.    Next regular meeting date/time.
       Monday, February 3, 2003, 12:00 – 1:00 p.m., LMC-5

VII.   Adjournment

NOTE: Original recorded minutes from President’s Cabinet meeting are available in the
President’s Office and will be retained for twelve months

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