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									                 Charlize Therons Beauty Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

 What are the top ways Charlize Theron, the silver screen diva, combats age without undergoing
the knife? Some of her skincare products and secrets may surprise you as to how this global star
maintains her perennial beauty for the spotlight and her fans. How does she transform from
Monster to queen?

Hollywood honey, Ms. Theron, reflects on how her skin is changing with age. I look in the mirror
and my face is changing, she acknowledges. And yet she says in the recent issue of Interview, I
cant foresee myself ever going under the knife, but then again, Im only in my mid-thirtiesmaybe its
different when youre in your mid-sixties. But this lady says shes on a quest for a cream that will
remedy the nagging signs of aging.

Oh the horror to hear: Ive stuck with Cetaphil for years now; its very gentle. Yes, Cetaphil. You
know, the low budget pharmacy facial cleanser with chemical additives that actually expedite the
aging process. I guess nobody told her. It is a substandard product at best, but Charlize admits
this is the first part of her face care regime.
We asked celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, from New York City, about this and she says that, A
far better choice and proven cleanser, with thousands of trial hours of spa treatments and under
close scrutiny from me, would be my own Vitamin C Face Cleanser. Ms. Vargas a well know skin
care guru added, The beginning of a flawless complexions starts with the right facial cleanser. This
step prepares your skin for all others and is the simplest trick to consistently clear skin. This face
cleanser and skin care line has been proven under real spa treatments and skin care regimes for

As a campaign model for Dior perfume its no surprise that Theron claims, I love Dior LOr de Vie,
La Crme. Its very hydrating. For a hefty $300 you too can moisturize your skin to defy age or
choose a natural alternative minus the sulfates and parabens contained in the Dior moisturizer. By
contrast, Charlize has also revealed that emu oil, which naturally hydrates, is one of her age-
reversing secrets that she uses on both hair and skin.

Moisturizing is of course vital to keep your skin youthful and glowing and is a fundamental of any
skin care routine. Ms. Vargas recommends a more natural alternative when it comes to skin care
and this is why her Daily Hydrating Cream was crafted to mimic the skins hydrating barrier, so its a
light cream, to defend against the elements and the natural aging process of the skin.

Diors Beauty Expert, Shane Paish, has worked on the gorgeous canvas that is the face of
Charlize: applying Diors deluxe LOr de Vie cream by Dior as well as the LExtrait elixir to deeply
moisture her skin and diminish wrinkles. Hes also mentioned using Capture Totale One Essential
on Charlize, a nourishing serum that stimulates cell turnover while giving skin revitalized, dewy

Her choice makeup pro, Emilio Uribe, credits Brilliance New York Age Eye Serum for keeping this
ladys bright and youthful. Hes quick to share that as a priority, Theron devotes herself to a daily
face care regime to defy maturing skin and maintain her natural beauty.
With this much professional attention to the actresss greatest asset Charlize Theron may be able
to forgo plastic surgery, while retaining youthful luminosity, for some time into the future. For the
rest of us sustaining ageless glowing skin requires regular applications of natural restorative face
care products within our own dedicated skincare routine.

Lastly, Joanna Vargas, recommends that any anti-aging journey, also requires professional spa
facials that are holistic as they nurture your skin and provide ways to achieve youthful skin in a
more gentle and natural way. And this does not necessarily mean slow.

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