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How to create Virtual Credit Card?

The best and the easy way to get the “VCC” are by getting an
Entropay Account. Before moving to that, we just know the basic
information of Entropay VCC. The below details will tell you about

What is Entropay?

    EntroPay gives you an easy, safe way to pay.

* It’s a Virtual Visa Card :

Instant Visa card delivered to your screen with all the information
you need to make purchases online. Use a prepaid Virtual Visa
Card to make purchases online anywhere you see the Visa log.

* It's prepaid:

Prepay with your credit or debit card. There is no credit check and
you can only spend what you put onto the card.

*   It's secure:
Shop without sharing your financial details. All your information is
protected by encryption.

To get the Virtual card follow the below steps:

1. Get an Entropay Account :

First go to the “Entropay” website. Click on the Sign up now

Then click on the “Get Your Virtual Visa Card Now” Button,

Fillup your “Account Information” click Next.

Fillup your “Personal Information” Click Next.
Fund your Virtual Visa Card using your Debit Card/Credit Card
with an amount of $20 with a commission amount of $0.99.

That’s it. You have an Entropay account.

You need not to worry about $20.

Because, it can be used for any purpose or else if you want to
transfer that amount back to your account.

Sign up now! for an EntroPay Virtual Prepaid Visa card. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

2. How to create Virtual Credit Cards in it :

   After you logged into your Entropay account with your account
   login details. Click on the Entropay Cards from the menu bar
   there you can see your VCC details like the below one which i
   have shown in the image.
  In the image Credit Card Number and CVV are blurred. You can
  create many number of Entropay VCC like this and you can use
  that in any required accounts where they will ask for CC details.

3. Advantages of having Entropay VCC :

  * You can easily get approved by ad account in facebook.

  * You can easily get approved by Microsoft Bing Adcenter

  * You can create a Google Adword account using this VCC.

  * You can easily get approved to PayPal account as well.

  * You can easily get approved by CPV networks using this VCC.
* You can also make online purchases.

* You can also book tickets for airlines using these cards.

* You can use this card for Bank Transfer also.

* You can create more number of VCCs using the one which
you have created already.

Register Here! For a Virtual Visa and see firsthand why EntroPay is a better
way to pay online.

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