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                                 Your Guide to “Killer” Facebook

Hello and thank you for purchasing the Facebook Killer™ system.
You have taken the first step towards financial success and

In this book you will learn 4 easy methods for generating profits
using FREE Facebook Traffic.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our support team at

We wish you great success implementing this system,

                                                                                                  Facebook Killer™ Team

                                                                                                  What Sells in Facebook
In this chapter we will cover the offers you should and should not
promote in Facebook. This will help you choose your offers better
and maximize your profits.

#1: Freebies, Not Products

At the most basic level, people in Facebook are not in the mood for
buying stuff. So promoting a product (whether digital or physical) is
most likely not to create profits for you.

However, people dig what is free.

This is why we are going to promote mainly freebies. Freebies are
types of offers which pay you (the affiliate) money not for a product
that the customer bought, but for his phone number \ zip code, etc.

Example for lead is this offer:

Available at this address:

This offer pays you $1.70 per zip code submit. This means that for
each customer that you refer to this program, that inputs his zip
code and clicks 'Continue' – you earn $1.70.

People are more likely to accept such offers since it doesn't cost
them a thing – so you make more money.

#2: Ring Tones

Ringtones is a great niche that also converts well in Facebook.

Basically, ringtone allows the user to purchase a ring tone for his
cell phone, and compensates you with several $ - typically from
$0.3 to $1.4. In the next chapters you will learn where to find these
offers, so don't worry about that now.

#3: Dating Niche

The dating niche is a great thing to promote in Facebook. People
in Facebook are in a mood of meeting new people, and are more
likely to accept your dating offers.

What most advertisers do is to look for singles above 18 that are
looking for relationship – but this is the costly solution. We will give
you a free and much more powerful method for generating this
traffic for free.


This is a secret.. we will reveal this in the final chapter of the book

                                                                                                                                         How to Find Offers
In this chapter you will learn how to find hot offers to promote.

There are several big networks which give you many freebie offers
to promote:

#1: is a great CPA (Cost-Per-Action) network which
gives you loads of hot freebie offers:


                         Many good offers

                         Good tracking (you know how much you earned, how much
                          clicks you had, how much 'conversions' etc)


                         You need to get approved manually.

Generally they will phone you and ask you how you are planning to
promote their offers. Just say that you intend to promote using
Pay-Per-Click and you will be fine.

If they ask you if you have a site, say that you promote using Pay-
Per-Click. This will get you approved just fine.

#2: Commission Junction (

Commission Junction is also a great lead network that offers many
good offers.


#4: ClickBooth

                                   Method #1: Ringtones for Teens
In this chapter you will learn the first method of generating huge
traffic and income from Facebook.

This method assumes that you have a Facebook account with
some friends in it. If you don't you can start adding people
randomly – some will approve you and you could gather an initial
friends in your list.

The first step is to open a viral, funny group. Think of a group
name which many teens and youngsters can relate to. For

                         I Hate Homework!

                         I Hate Waking Up in the Morning!

                         I <3 My Mom!

These are example of groups with tons of fans:

'I hate goodbyes ' – 2,840,530 fans.

'I really hate slow computers' – 4,701,363 fans.

Now these are really extreme examples but getting this fan
number is possible if you are viral.

Click on this link to open a group in Facebook:

Once you have established a nice group it is time to gather some
followers. Click on 'Invite Friend to join this Group'. You will then
need to select your friends to invite them the group:

After you have reached the 'invite a friend' page, select all your
friends and choose 'Invite':

You can also copy and paste this code in your address bar, and
click Enter:

This code automatically selects all your friends, so it saves time
and effort.

From time to time, tell you members to invite their friends to your
group. If they strongly relate to your group it will happen

After you have reached a mass of users (anything above 2,000 is
good), start promoting freebie offers: it can be ringtone offers,
'love match' quizzes, everything that will get you the most payout.
In the sites presented above you will find loads of offers that teens
love and you could profit from.

You can even put it in your group's description so you make even
more money.

Offers like 'love match' can be extra-profitable if the group name
and description are targeted at teen girls. Titles like 'I hate him..
but I love him' can attract many teen girls, which are more likely to
go and click on your 'love match'\'love quiz' offers.

IMPORTANT: Cloak your links with This is a free service that
not only shortens your URLs but also cloaks your traffic source.
Simple write your URL and click on 'Shorten'. You will receive a
shortened version of the URL to use in your Facebook group.

                                                                    Method #2: Women Profiles
In this chapter you will learn another powerful technique of making
a lot of money with dating offers.

First, you need to find a picture of a hot woman. This will be your
profile picture.. Preferably use a picture showing some skin,
something sexy.

Create a new profile, and write inviting info in your Info tab. Write
that you are 20-22 year old (pick an age), and that you are single
and looking to meet a good man for you. Add some 'sexy' touch to
it, maybe write that you are looking 'to have fun'.

Now comes the final touch: you will add a link to a dating affiliate
program. You can choose from several:



                        • Other dating offers in

Sign up as an affiliate to any of these programs. You will usually
get up to $130 per new person you referred (these programs can
be quite rewarding).

Write that 'To contact me and meet me please enter your dating
profile' and put your link there.

Start adding random men as your friends – And watch the profits
roll in. Such profiles drag huge attention and eventually guys will
start to add you.. all you need to do is to Accept all friends
invitation (and ignore all the propositions you will get in your
personal mail).

This is an extremely powerful technique. Here is an example of a
profile that implements this technique in action:

As you can see this profile is clearly fake. Clicking on the link
redirects us to:

All this page is in fact made of 6 pictures, all linked to an affiliate
offer. Try clicking on the link and you will be invited to join..

                                                         Method #3: Fan Merchandise
In this chapter you will learn another good technique that is more
white-hat: more ethic and can also be a basis for a long-term
profiting from Facebook.

Create a Fan Page

It starts by building a fan page for an artist\band\actor\etc. Even if
this actor already has a fan page you can always open another

Example of a good Fan page:

Make it Official

Make the fan page look official by adding content. Add many
pictures to the page, add some content from Wikipedia or other
official band sites.

Start Gathering Fans

Invite your friends to join as fans. Write in forums related to the
band\actor\artist and announce the new fan page.

Soon you will have thousands of fans in your fan page (depending
on how popular your singer\band\artist is).

Now it's profit time:

Sell Merchandise

Open a site and sell merchandise. You may open an eBay shop or
a standard site and offer t-shirts, hats, accessories, etc.

You can design and sell t-shirts at the following sites:

SpreadShirt allows you to sell your designs exactly from their site
without using your own site – this makes it easier for beginners to
start selling.

You may open your own eBay shop and use the fan page's traffic
as free boost to your sales, and to gather some good feedback.

This is a long-term strategy you can use and create a solid basis
for any online and brick-and-mortar business related to your

                                             Method #4: Weight Loss Niche
In this chapter you will learn a powerful technique that is used to
create big profits marketing weight loss leads and products.

It requires a bit more work but can be very rewarding.

First of all you create a group with some controversial weight-loss
title, like:

                         'I was in SHOCK When I saw this before\after picture'

                         'You WOULDN'T BELIEVE how this model used to look'

Then, search the web for some good before\after pictures. You can
find many by searching 'before after weight loss' in Google images:

This is how the page will page:

Pick any picture, and separate it to two pictures: one before and
one after. You may use Paint or Photoshop, whichever you are
more comfortable with.

After you finish, create the group and put only the 'BEFORE'
picture. Write that 'To see the AFTER picture, click on 'Become a

Then, near the pictures, write 'I lost 50kg in 5 months, click here to
see my secret: ' and put a link to an affiliate offer. You can find
many good weight loss offers in

If you wish to increase sales even more, you may create a 'flog' =
Fake blog. Create a blog in which you tell about your weight loss
journey, and recommend people to purchase a weight loss product
you have used (with an affiliate link). You will link people from the
Facebook group to your flog.

You may also direct users to a weight loss company collecting
leads – whichever you feel more suits you.

Those campaigns have immense effect in Facebook and create
big profits. A student of mine has created a campaign like this and
gathered 42,000 fans for its page. And the best thing is that you
can use it on any language and any country you are at.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this book as I have enjoyed
writing it.

If you have any questions what-so-ever feel free to contact me at

I would happily help any customer make his income with the
techniques I have described here.

Wish you great success

The Facebook “Killer”


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