San Juan Board of Cooperative Educational Services

                                                   Durango Office
                                               201 East Twelfth Street
                                              Durango, Colorado 81301

                                                     Dolores Office
                                                    100 N. 6th Street
                                                   Dolores, CO 81323

                                                 JOB DESCRIPTION

TITLE:     School Psychologist

QUALIFICATIONS: Colorado Department of Education School Psychologist License

JOB GOAL: In assigned sites, serve as the MET/IEP Team Leader, Case Manager and Technical Advisor to assigned
sites ensuring that all documentation, procedures and services are identified and implemented as written in the student
Individual Education Plan or Individual Service Plan (for private and parochial schools).


1.   Serve as the lead special education team member for the identification, placement and allocation of appropriate resources
     to implement FAPE.
2.   Provide technical assistance to all staff in the use of curriculum based measurement and benchmark assessments to make
     informed decisions around student progress..
3.   Provide technical assistance to staff in the Problem-Solving process, frequent progress monitoring and the Response to
     Intervention process.
4.   Through weekly team meetings, review pending referrals, review progress on RtI plans, recommend researched based
     interventions, review timelines and upcoming meeting schedules.
5.   Chair and facilitate all MET/IEP meetings serving as the Special Education Director’s designee.
6.   Direct the development of the IEP and insure eligibility criteria is followed, documented and implemented in a timely
7.   Provide case management, which includes but is not limited to, maintaining records and completing all information
     necessary for the data management system required by state and federal agencies.
8.   Other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Director and or the Director of Exceptional Education.

LENGTH OF WORK YEAR: 191 days from mid-August to mid-June.

SALARY: Dependent on level of education and experience as determined by placement on current year.
School Psychologist salary Schedule. Additional stipend for case management.

SUPERVISIOR: Supervised by the Executive Director and or the Director of Exceptional Education.

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