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					4-H Clubs in the Pine Island Area
At the beginning of a 4-H meeting, members pledge their Heads to clearer thinking, their
Hearts to greater loyalty, their Hands to larger service, and their Health to better living.
To help young members accomplish these goals, 4-H offers many activities, including
one-week and one-act plays; a fashion show; dog and horse training; shooting sports like
archery and trap; and leadership opportunities at club, county and state levels. At the
annual county fair, members can show livestock in addition to projects ranging from
photography and videos to flowers and vegetables to engineering and robotics, all with
the potential to advance to the State Fair.

Clubs that serve the Pine Island area:

 Lena Sparks                  New Haven Sodbusters             Milton Climbers
 Based in Goodhue                                              Based in Dodge County
 County                       Based in Olmsted County
 Meetings are every 2nd       Meetings are every 2nd           Meetings vary by schedule
 Sunday at 2:00pm             Sunday at 5:00pm
 Bonnie Kosmicki:             Joy Kaul: (507) 367-2290         Michelle Sloane: 356-2022
 (507) 356-8557               Sally Kohlmeyer:
 Sonja Ziegler: 356-4741      (507) 280-8595

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