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                          P.S. R.K. PURAM, NEW DELHI.

                                             TENDER NOTICE

Tender Notice No.                    /General Branch (Traffic) dated

        Sealed tenders are invited either by post or by hand for the purchase of two numbers of Red Light
& Speed Violation Check Camera Systems (RLSVCCS) for Delhi Traffic Police from manufacturer,
authorized dealers/suppliers who have expertise in the field on PAYMENT AGAINST SUPPLY BASIS, by
the undersigned. The number of Red Light & Speed Violation Check Camera Systems could be
increased/decreased as per requirement. Detailed terms and conditions and specifications of the proposed
system, are mentioned in the Tender Form, which can be collected by the interested agencies from
29.04.2006 to 26.05.2006 before 10.30 AM. The tender form with terms & conditions can also be
downloaded from the website of Delhi Traffic Police and Delhi Police i.e. www.delhitrafficpolice.nic.in and
www.delhipolice.nic.in. Last date of submission of tender form in the office of undersigned is 26.05.2006
at 11.00 AM. Tender Form can be collected from In-charge General Branch/Traffic, P.S. R.K. Puram, 1st
Floor, Sector -12, New Delhi - 110 022, on cash payment of Rs. 500/- (the tenderer who will download the
tender form from the websites mentioned above, shall attach a DD of Rs. 500/- from any nationalized bank
in favour of DCP/Traffic-HQ) {non-refundable}. Tenders shall be opened at or after 11.30 AM on the
same date i.e. 26.05.2006, in the Conference Hall, Office of Dy. Commissioner of Police, Traffic-HQ, 1st
Floor, P.S. R.K. Puram, New Delhi. The bidders or their authorized representative are at liberty to attend
the proceedings of the opening of the technical bid.

        A pre-bid conference/briefing meeting to brief the agencies interested in participating for tender of
Red Light & Speed Violation Check Camera System will be held on 05.05.2006 at 12.00 Noon in the
Conference Hall, Office of Dy. Commissioner of Police, Traffic-HQ, 1st Floor, P.S. R.K. Puram, New Delhi. All
the interested agencies are requested to attend the meeting on the scheduled date, time & venue.

                                                                                (MAHABIR SINGH)
                                                                  DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE:
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                                           TENDER DOCUMENT


                                     PURCHASE OF TWO NUMBERS


                                         DELHI TRAFFIC POLICE

                                              TENDER FORM


                                                                      LAST DATE: 02.06.2006 AT 1100 HOURS

                                                                               Fee                : Rs. 500/- Only.

  (Purchase of Red Light and Speed Violation Check Camera Systems for Delhi Traffic Police)
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1.1.      Scope of Works

1.1.1.      Delhi Traffic Police intends to purchase Six Red Light and Speed Violation Check Camera Systems
          for Delhi Traffic Police, on PAYMENT AGAINST SUPPLY BASIS, from manufacturers, distributors,
          agents, etc. The number of these Systems can be increased or decreased any time as per
          requirement. The functional/technical specifications of the proposed system are given below in para 2.
          Interested agencies may quote their rates strictly according to the required specifications, after careful
          study of the following terms & conditions.

1.1.2.    The Camera Systems shall be installed at a Junction to be defined by Delhi Traffic Police. The bidder
          shall take into account the restoration work after laying of sensors, if required. The Delhi Traffic Police
          will help the bidder to get the necessary road cutting permission after the bidder agrees to restore the
          digging to the satisfaction of NDMC/concerned Civic agency.

1.1.3.    Under the terms of this tender, the Bidder shall be responsible for the following: Design, manufacture (or procure), testing, installation, commissioning, monitoring, evaluating, training
         and documentation of the system in order to execute the requirements of the works specified; Maintenance of the system in accordance with the specific requirements under the Warranty and
         Maintenance clause; The tenderer shall submit to the DCP/T-HQ a comprehensive system proposal, which shall detail in
         full, the technical details of the quoted system, implementation schedule etc.

1.2. General Conditions of Tender:

1.2.1.    Interested agencies shall furnish a copy of valid registration of Sales Tax/VAT alongwith latest tax
          clearance certificate.

1.2.2. Percentage (%) of Taxes (VAT etc), to be claimed shall be indicated clearly in the price bid
       otherwise it will be presumed that net rates are inclusive of Taxes.
1.2.3.   Rates quoted shall be valid up to 31/3/2007 or till the completion of Project which ever is later.

1.2.4.   No advance payment shall be given to any agency, on any grounds whatsoever.

1.2.5.   The price shall be F.O.R. Delhi including packing, transit and forwarding to rail or road carrier and
         statutory levies, if any. There shall be no extra charges for these items.

1.2.6. Tenders shall specify the period of delivery & installation of the proposed system, from the date of
       confirmed supply order in the quotation.

1.2.7. The supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the proposed system shall be completed within
       a period of 6 (six) weeks.

1.2.8.    Earnest Money Deposit of Rs. 4,00,000/- in form of A/c Payee Demand Draft from any nationalized
         Bank in India must accompany each tender in favour of DCP/Traffic-HQ, Delhi. No tender shall be
         accepted without earnest money and shall be rejected straightaway. Earnest money shall be refunded
         to the unsuccessful tenderer(s) after finalization of the tender and award of supply order to the
         successful tenderer. Earnest money deposited with the tender shall bear no interest.

1.2.9. The tenderer should have their office in Delhi with the facility of full-fledged workshop to look after the
       system during warranty period and after sale service. Documentary proof in this regard must be
       enclosed with the offer.

1.2.10. The tenderer must attach a certificate if they are the manufacturer or a certificate from their principals
        for providing spare parts and technical support for the proposed system for a period of at least 10

1.2.11. The tenderer should be a manufacturer or an authorized sale and service agency for their principal
        company. A certified letter in this regard must be attached with the tender.

1.2.12. Agencies applying in this tender must have capability, financial soundness to execute the order. For
        this purpose, they must submit their bank limits from their bankers. They must submit solvency
        certificate of Rs 150 lacs from their Bankers.

1.2.13. Successful tenderer shall deposit a security money equal to 10% of the total cost of the supply order in
        form of bank guarantee in favour of DCP/Traffic-HQ, Delhi, failing which supply order shall be
        cancelled and EMD shall be forfeited and order could be given to other agency. The Bank
        Guarantee should be valid upto 40 months from the date of supply order. Security           money shall
        bear no interest.

1.2.14. The Bid Security Demand Draft shall be retained till finalization of the tender. In case of unsuccessful
        bidders, no interest shall be payable by the Delhi Traffic Police on this amount.

1.2.15. For the purpose of this tender equipment warranty shall also include continuous training of the traffic
        staff in running the whole system including the transfer of data from Outstation Unit to Instation Unit
        and the running of the back office. Training shall be provided from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM on all working
        days on a continuous basis, keeping in mind the frequent transfers of the staff working on the system.
        The background of the staff should also be kept in mind for structuring the training programme. The
        equipment should carry a Comprehensive warranty of three years in the main cost. The Company
        should also be able to provide maintenance support on Annual Maintenance Contract after the
        warranty period. Annual rates for Annual Maintenance Contract for next 07 years should be quoted
        (considering the normal life span of the system to be 10 years). The rates of the AMC as a
        percentage of the cost of the equipment should be indicated. The Company should preferably have a
        proper engineering unit in Delhi. The bidders shall give the practical training at their own cost. The
        trainers should be available on call to cater to on site training on a running basis for 3 years and
        should supplement the maintenance engineers and should remain available from 8 am to 8 PM on all

1.2.16. Bidders are advised to study the tender document and terms and conditions contained in the
        document carefully. Submission of tender shall be deemed to have been done after careful study and
        examination of the tender document with full understanding of its implications.
1.2.17. It will be imperative on each bidder to fully acquaint him with all the local conditions of the project area
        and factors, which would have any effect on the performance of the project and cost of the stores.
        The Delhi Traffic Police shall not entertain any request for clarifications from the Bidder regarding local
        conditions prevailing in Delhi. No request for the change of price, or time schedule of delivery of
        stores shall be entertained after the offer is accepted by the Delhi Traffic Police on account of any
        local condition or factor.
                                                          st                                       nd
1.2.18. Tenders shall furnish two separate bids. 1 bid shall be Technical and the 2 bid shall be
        Commercial. Non adherence of this procedure shall lead to rejection of the tender. Each document
        in sealed envelop containing tender shall be superscribed “Technical Bid” and “Price Bid” and both the
        envelops shall be submitted together in a sealed envelop.

1.2.19. Standards: The Goods supplied under this Contract shall conform to the standards mentioned in the
        document and when no applicable standard is mentioned to the authoritative standards, such standard
        shall be the latest issued by the concerned institution.

1.2.20. Patent Rights: The tenderer shall indemnify the Delhi Traffic Police against all third-party claims of
        infringement of patent, trademark or industrial design rigs arising from the use of the Goods or any
        part thereof.

1.2.21. If any inspected or tested goods fail to conform to the specifications, the Delhi Traffic Police may reject
        them and the tenderer shall either replace the rejected goods or make all alterations necessary to
        meet specification requirements free of cost to the Delhi Traffic Police.

1.2.22. The tenderer must arrange a live demonstration of the complete Red light & Speed Violation Check
                                   rd     th
        Camera System between 3 to 10 June, 2006 to the       Technical Committee.       Therefore, the
        tenderer should ready with the system.

1.2.23. The Tenderer shall provide installation and standard test procedures for the individual equipment and
        for the complete Red Light & Speed Violation Check Camera System offered before the delivery of the
        system at site.

1.2.24. The tenderer for future reference shall submit complete documentation of all the measurements
        conducted during installation period.

1.2.25. Before the equipment is taken over by the Delhi Traffic Police the tenderer shall supply installation,
        operation, repair and maintenance manuals of the equipments/system.

1.2.26. If it is found that to meet the performance criteria, any extra equipment is required the same will be
        provided free of cost by the tenderer and specifications shall also be given for the same.

1.2.27. The tenderer shall fully associate the Delhi Traffic Police Personnel during installation, testing and
        commissioning period.

1.2.28. Delay in the Tenderer’s performance: Delivery of the Goods, installation of equipments and
        performance of services shall be made by the tenderer in accordance with the agreed time schedule.
        An unexcused delay by the Tenderer in the performance of its delivery / installation obligations shall
        render the tenderer liable to any or all of the following sanctions – forfeiture of its performance
        security, imposition of liquidated damages and/or termination of the award for default.

1.2.29. Liquidated Damages : If the tenderer fails to deliver and install any or all of the items or perform the
        services within the time period specified in the tender, the Delhi Traffic Police shall, without prejudice
        to its other remedies under the contract, deduct from the contract price, as liquidated damages, (not by
        way of penalty) a sum equivalent to 1 (one) percent of the price of the delayed goods or unperformed
        services for each & every week (part of a week being treated as a full week) of delay until actual
        delivery or performance, upto a maximum deduction of 10% of the total contract price.

1.2.30. Insurance: The goods supplied shall be fully insured by the tenderer till it is installed against loss or
        damage incidental to manufacture or acquisition, transportation, storage and delivery & installation.

1.2.31. Transportation: The tenderer shall be required to meet all transport and storage expenses.
1.2.32. The tenderer is required to provide Hardware & Software up gradations from time to time, at mutually
        agreed terms. During warranty all Software updation/upgradation are expected to be provided free of
        cost to Delhi Traffic Police. Incremental Cost (if any) for Software upgrades & updates should be
        mentioned in a separate sheet for the Post Warranty period.

1.2.33. Further, any bugs/shortcomings detected by the Delhi Traffic Police/user as well as the tenderer
        himself shall be rectified free of cost to Delhi Traffic Police even beyond warranty period.

1.2.34. Proprietary Rights: The Tenderer shall indemnify the Delhi Traffic Police against all third party claims
        of infringement of patent, copyright, trademark license or industrial design rights, software piracy from
        use of the goods or any part thereof in the Delhi Traffic Police’s country.

1.2.35. Use of Contract Document & Information: The tenderer shall not, without the Delhi Traffic Police’s prior
        written consent, disclose the contract, or any provision thereof, or any specifications, plan, drawing,
        pattern, sample or information furnished by or on behalf of the Delhi Traffic Police in connection
        therewith, to any person other than a person employed by the tenderer in the Performance of the

1.2.36. Assignment: The tenderer shall not assign, in whole or in part, its obligations to perform under this
        contract, except with the Delhi Traffic Police’s prior written consent.

1.2.37. Sub-Contracts: The tenderer shall notify the Delhi Traffic Police in writing of all subcontracts awarded
        under this contract if not already specified in his bid. Such notification, in his original bid or later, shall
        not relieve the tenderer from any liability or obligation under the contract.

1.2.38. Amendments: No variation in or modification of the terms of the contract shall be made except by
        written amendment signed by the parties.

1.2.39. Resolution of Disputes: In the case of dispute or difference arising between the Delhi Traffic Police
        and the tenderer relating to any matter connected with this contract, the same shall be settled by an
        arbitrator to be appointed by the Delhi Traffic Police and his decision shall be final & binding. The
        tender invitation, the bid documents and the contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the Indian
        laws and the jurisdiction of appropriate Delhi Court of Law shall apply.

1.2.40. Termination for default: The Delhi Traffic Police may without prejudice to any other remedy for breach
        of contract, by written notice of default sent to the tenderer, terminate the contract in whole or in part. If the tenderer fails to deliver any or all of the Goods within the time period(s) specified in the contract.

                                                         OR If the tenderer fails to perform any other obligation(s) under the contract. In case of violation
        of any clause of the contract it will be at the risk and responsibility of the contractor.

1.2.41. Force Majeure: The tenderer shall not be liable for forfeiture of its performance security, liquidated
        damages or termination for default, if the delay in performance or other failure to perform its
        obligations under the contract is the result of an event of force majeure. For purposes of the clause,
        “Force Majeure” means an event beyond the control of the tenderer and not involving the tenderer’s
        fault or negligence and not foreseeable. Such events may include, but are not restricted to acts of the
        Delhi Traffic Police either in its sovereign or contractual capacity.
1.2.42. Termination for Insolvency: The Delhi Traffic Police may at any time terminate the contract by giving
        written notice to the tenderer, without compensation to the tenderer, if the tender becomes bankrupt or
        otherwise insolvent, provided that such termination will not prejudice or affect any right of action or
        remedy which has accrued or will accrue thereafter to the Delhi Traffic Police.

1.2.43. Termination for convenience: The Delhi Traffic Police shall have the right to terminate the contract in
        whole or in part at any time for its convenience. The notice of termination shall specify that termination
        is for the Delhi Traffic Police’s convenience, the extent to which performance of work under the
        contract is terminated and the date upon which such termination becomes effective.

1.2.44. Responsibility of completion: Any fittings or items which may not be specially mentioned in the
        specifications but which are necessary are to be provided by the Tenderer without any extra charge for
        completeness of the work under this contract.

1.2.45. Canvassing: Bidder are hereby warned that canvassing in any form for influencing the process of
        notification of award would result in disqualification of the bidder. The Delhi Traffic Police shall,
        without prejudice to any other remedy, have the right to terminate the contract and encash the bank
        guarantee and/or the contract performance guarantee, if at any time, it finds that the contract has been
        obtained by using any influence, canvassing or payment of commission whether directly or indirectly.

1.2.46. The tenderer must contain the name, office and residential address including telephone number(s) of
        the person or persons with his/their usual signatures. Unsigned tender(s) shall not be accepted at any
        cost and shall be rejected straightway.

1.2.47.    Tenderer(s) shall indicate their rates in clear visible in figures and words and shall not
          alter/overwrite/make cutting in the rates. If alteration/overwriting/cutting in rates is noticed, such
          tenders shall not be taken into consideration.

1.2.48. No enquiry shall be made by the tenderer(s) in-between the time of opening the tenders till the
        competent authority takes final decision.

1.2.49. In case of violation of any clause by the bidder, Show Cause Notice will be issued and explanation
        shall be called.

1.2.50. In case of any differences, the bidder will be called for negotiation by issuing notice.

1.2.51. In case, the successful tenderer is found in-breach of any terms and conditions at any stage, legal
        action as per rules/laws shall be initiated against the agency concerned regarding forfeiture of the
        earnest money as well as security deposits and debarring/blacklisting the agency also.

1.2.52. Last date of submission of tender in the office of DCP/Traffic-HQ, Delhi is 02.06.2006 by 1100
        Hours. Applying agencies/their representative are at their liberty to attend the proceedings of opening
        of the tender at 1130 Hours on the same day i.e. 02.06.2006 in the Conference Hall, Office of Dy.
        Commissioner of Police-Traffic-HQ, 1 Floor, P.S. R.K. Puram, New Delhi, depending upon the
        availability of members of the purchase committee. In case, the tenders are not opened on
        02.06.2006 due to any administrative ground or law and order problem or due to holiday etc. the same
        shall be opened on the next working day at 1130 Hours.

1.2.53. Any tender in which any of prescribed condition(s) is/are found incomplete in any respect shall be
        rejected without assigning any reason.

1.2.54. The Purchase Committee of Delhi Traffic Police shall reserve the right for keeping a panel of qualified

1.2.55. The Purchase Committee of Delhi Traffic Police shall reserve the right to relax any of the above-
        mentioned condition(s), in public/Govt. interest.

1.2.56. All procedure for the purchase of stores laid down in GFR and DFPR shall be adhered to strictly by the
        undersigned and his subordinates and tenderers are bound to abide by the same.
1.3.     Special Conditions of the Tender:

1.3.1.   Unless specified already, the following conditions of the tender document shall be applicable.

1.3.2.    The Technical Committee will act as a formal liaison point, wherever necessary, with the tenderer. It
         is anticipated that the smooth implementation of the total scheme will be greatly enhanced by the
         effectiveness of established line of communication.

1.3.3.   The tenderer shall provide a statement of intent explaining and providing details of how he proposes
         to move to a position whereby equipment to be utilized in this project is to be manufactured locally.

1.3.4.   The tenderer shall provide a statement of the manufacturer regarding the anticipated life span of the
         quoted equipment / items / product assuming normal wear and tear.

1.3.5.   The Tenderer must provide evidence that the equipment offered has type approval in the original
         country of design and manufacture, that the equipment fully complies with the standards and
         specifications quoted in his offer, and are appropriate for International use and for use in India.

1.3.6.   The ambient environmental conditions under which equipment shall be required to function are stated
         below:- Ambient Temperature of 60 Degree’s Centigrade and Relative Humidity of 95% at all locations except
         air conditioned rooms.Temperature of 23 Degrees +/- 1 Degree Centigrade, Relative Humidity of 55
+/- 5% and Outdoor ambient Temperature of 48 Degree Centigrade in the Air conditioned rooms. Delhi experiences an extremely dusty environment through out the year. This aspect should be
         considered while quoted.

1.3.7.   The Tenderer shall take cognizance of the environmental conditions applicable at the Site location and
         shall ensure that all individual items of the equipment supplied shall be suitable for operation and long
         life under these conditions.       Attention is drawn to the high level of background radio frequency

1.3.8. The following parameters will normally apply: Chemical Corrosion I-atmospheric vapours of sulphur combustion products; Chemical Corrosion II – atmospheric vapours of hydrogen sulphide; Sealing – equipment shall be vermin proof. Outdoor items shall be weather at splash proof. Items that
         are not fully sealed will have adequate provision for ventilation; Solar radiation – equipment located outdoors in direct sunlight shall be capable of withstanding the
         effects of solar radiation, which will significantly increase temperatures within enclosures to levels
         above the ambient; Mould growth – such materials shall not be used which promote mould growth; Shock – equipment assemblies shall be capable of withstanding knocks and jolts likely to occur during
         repair work or rough handling on a work bench. Vibration – equipment shall be capable of withstanding the effects of vibration from passing vehicles
         and trains. The equipment shall be designed in such a fashion that it is pilferage proof and it could not be opened
         without appropriate keys.

1.3.9.  The site is prone to intermittent strikes by lightning during the monsoon season and particular
       attention shall be paid to the incorporation of adequate protective measures for all equipment and
       cabling provided under the Tender. Lightening protection devices shall be suitably incorporated
wherever required.

1.3.10. In all cases the electricity supply shall be made available by the Traffic Unit from the concerned
        electricity authorities.

1.3.11. The Tenderer shall make use of the existing supplies, and should satisfy himself as to the quality of
        that supply.

1.3.12. The Tenderer shall be responsible for all costs incurred in the testing, liaison and reconnection of any
        existing supplied and the total costs associated with the provision of any new supply.
1.3.13. The Tenderer will ensure that all the associated equipments run at the normal voltage provided. The
        tenderer will also have to make arrangements to safeguard the equipment against voltage fluctuation.

1.3.14. Safety requires that all installations shall be such as to allow the operation of internal protective
        devices upon the occurrence of a fault and that all non-current carrying metallic parts shall be
        connected to the appropriate earth terminal.

1.3.15. All the equipment, data link terminals poles will be properly earthed by the Tenderer as per norms.

1.3.16. The equipment shall be of modular construction designed to allow easy disconnection, replacement
        and expansion of modules. All modules, units and main parts of the equipment to be provided as
        part of this tender shall be clearly marked or labeled in English.

1.3.17. The Red Light and Speed Violation Check Camera System (RLSVCCS) and their associated
        equipment provided by the tenderer shall be approved to relevant International Standards,
        Specifications as appropriate for use in India and the tenderer shall furnish full details as a part of
        technical bid.

1.3.18. The Health and Safety at Work Act shall be fully complied with as it would apply to the Tenderer in his
        native country and with particular regard to the specific requirements of India.

1.3.19. All equipment, interconnections, software and system operation shall be of the latest version. available
at the time of submission of the tender. The     bidder shall indicate version number and release date.

2.      The broad technical and functional specifications of the required Red Light and Speed Violation Check
        Camera System (RLSVCCS) is given in the following paras.

2.1.     Traffic violations should be automatically detected by the system by using appropriate sensors.
         Cameras fitted in the equipment should record a digitized image or video frames of the violation
         covering minimum 3 lanes at any point of time simultaneously with relevant data about the offence,
         i.e., date, time and speed etc. so that the complete lane wise junction behaviour is recorded viz (Red
         Light Jumping, speed violation on red light, stop line violation, speed violation on green light and With
         Registration Number Plate Recognition facility). It should also use a separate camera for wide angle
view simultaneously to give the exact vehicle location.The photograph generated by the system should also
include the wide angle view depicting the violation.

2.2.    There will be an Outstation Unit or Camera site which may be either a composite unit or comprised of
        a head unit and a base cabinet separately. In case of composite outstation unit it should house all the
        integrated components viz. camera(s), the flash module with white light flash, interface electronics,
        etc. on a pole of appropriate height. In the other case, head unit and a base unit will be separate. In
        the latter case the head unit will be on a pole of appropriate height housing the cameras, white-light
        flash unit and interface electronics & the base cabinet will house the control microprocessor, sensor
        interfaces, primary evidence mass storage device, communications / telecommunications interface,
        street terminations and uninterrupted power supply.

2.3.    The mounting(s) should integrate with the surroundings.

2.4.    The mounting(s) should house all the street connections and the mains electricity and
        telephone/communication connections. It (these) should house the microprocessor unit and electronic
        interface with the sensors, camera(s) etc. and an uninterrupted power supply providing sufficient time
        for orderly shut down of the system.

2.5.    The housing(s) should be capable of withstanding vandalism and Delhi weather conditions.

2.6.    CAMERA UNIT (in case of video camera)

Type                     :       Electronic Auto
Shutter Speed            :       1/10,000 sec
Acquisition time         :       2 frames/Sec (Min.)
Lens mount               :       C Mount
Operation Temp.               :      Upto + 60 C
Auto Iris Control             :      Yes
Video/Digitized Output :             8 bit or more output


Camera Unit (in case of Digital Camera)

Type                          :      Electronic Auto capture CCD Camera
Shutter Speed                 :      1/1000 sec
Acquisition time              :      2 frames/Sec (Min.)
Resolution                    :      min 2 Mega pixels
Operation Temp.               :      Upto + 60 C
Auto Iris Control             :      Yes
Wide white auto balance specifications should be given by the vender.

2.7       Technical parameters: -
                                                                                                                    Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.5"
The following are the technical parameters for the proposed Red Light & Speed Violation Check
Camera System. The vendor should carefully go through these parameters before quoting their
                                                                                                                    Formatted: Outline numbered + Level: 2 +
2.7 (i)             Controls                                                                                        Numbering Style: 1, 2, 3, … + Start at: 7 +
                                                                                                                    Alignment: Left + Aligned at: 0.5" + Tab after:
                                                                                                                    0.75" + Indent at: 0.75"
Set-up Speed Units                   :       Km/h or mph
                                                                                                                    Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
Green/Amber/Red Speed Recording:             20 kmph – 200 kmph +/- 1% (plus red if redspeed)                       Formatted: Indent: Left: 0", First line: 0.5",
Number of Frames / Violation :               3 to 4                                                                 Right: 0"
Time into Red                :               0-5 secs. To within 0.1 sec.
Speed Detector Spacing (piezo):              500-1500 mm

(ii)                Display

Time into Red                        :       Total Violations
Time between Frames                  :       Total Vehicles
Frames per violation                 :       Current signals state
Red Threshold (optional)             :       Red and Grees / Amber speed (optional)
Current Set up Units                 :       Site ID

(iii)               Mechanical / Environment

Working Temperature                  :       -20 deg C to + 560 deg. C 80% RH above 20 deg C
Enclosure Protection                 :       IP65 or better Vandal resistant
EMC & ESD                                            OV/m 27-500 MHz
                                             3V/m500-1000MHz 90% A.M. 11 Hz Square Wave
ESD                                                                 :        IEC801-2: 1984 (BS6667), 4KV MaxThe    Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.5", Hanging: 2.5"
                                             vendor should list out the parameters and their limits for the EMC &
                                             ESD standards.

(iv)                Recording & Display Information

Time into Red                        :       22,000 frames HDD
                                             14,000 frames OPTICAL
Duration of Last Amber               :       Frame Storage capacity: 30,000 frames
Record/Display Format                                                                                               Formatted: Font: Bold

Vehicle Regn. No.
dd/mm/yyyy          Site No./Name:
HH:MM:SS          photo interval
Duration of last amber frame storage
Time into red
Offence no.
Speed in Km/Hr
HH:MM:SS                           :       Photo Interval
DD/MM/YY                           :       Site No.
Det Channel(s)                     :       Vehicle Speed

(v)               Power Supply

Voltage                            :       100220 V ACVAC + 20%                                                   Formatted: Underline
Mains Frequency Tolerance                  :      +/-2%50Hz + 2%
                                                                                                                  Formatted: Underline

The vendor shall provide AC mains surge protection specifications for their systemMains Voltage Tolerance
       :      -15% + 20%
Mains Transients             :      500V Transients, Reception<=12Hz

2.8.      Digitized Output : 8 bit or more. The flash module should be designed to provide variable power white
          light flashes quick enough to record the Number Plate during the violation.

Flash control             :        Off / always / night

Flash power               :        100- 200w-s (adjustable)

Flash interval            :        0.1sec minimum variable

2.9.      The system should provide proper cooling to ensure that the system operates within the safe
          temperature limits.

2.10.         The system should automatically reset in the event of a program hang up.

2.11.     There should also be atleast four USB port to support the latest external mass storage devices
          and Ethernet (10/100) Port for possible networking.
                                                                                                                  Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.5", Hanging:
2.12.      Speed Detector Spacing (Piezo)uitable sensors to detect the violations mentioned in clause 2.1.2.      0.75"

2.13.     Measurements

2.13.1. Speed measurement may be made using appropriate sensors.

2.14.      Vehicle Position Measurement: The system should detect a vehicle –
2.14.1.   At the time of Jumping the Red light
2.14.2.   After jumping the red light in the middle of the junction
2.14.3.   Violating the speed limits on either phase (red or green or amber)
2.14.4.   Crossing the stop line when the signal is Red
2.15.     Red Light Signal Aspect Measurement - Signal should be monitored in the following way:

2.15.1. There should not be any electrical interference from the Red Light Camera System to the Traffic
        Lights or vice-versa

2.15.2. Opto-Coupling between the electrical points will be preferred.
2.16.   Camera site system configuration should be protected with a password. There should be a
        mechanism to maintain the data integrity. The bidder shall specify the data protector mechanism for
        the purpose.

2.17.   Violation Transmission and Security

2.17.1. Encrypted data and images pertaining to Violations should be transmitted to the Back office either on
        demand or automatically every night. Integrity of the communications link will be ensured by use of
        standard file transfer protocols supporting CRC checks on all transmissions and retries for any block
        received in error.

2.18.   In-station (or Back office)

2.18.1. The System should support and provide for removable / External mass storage devices of sufficient
        capacity viz USB Storage devices, External HDD in addition to internal HDD.

2.18.2. The archive medium should contain a header with site identification and database identification.

2.18.3. Each time a violation occurs the encrypted violation data and images are stored. Each time the
        Instation (back office) communicates with the Outstation (camera site) the remaining capacity of the
        archive media is reported. When a pre-defined threshold is attained, the Instation should warn the
        operator that the archive is nearly full.

2.18.4. DVD writer should be a part of the Back Office. Racks should be provided for keeping the media
        along with its management techniques.
2.18.5. A program should be provided to import violation data either via telecommunications or via an archive
        media so that an operator is able to view and retrieve the violation images and data for further

2.18.6. The Instation should provide the facility for entering configurations for each location of the camera
        system (outstation).

2.18.7. Violation Retrieval: Violations should be available for selection from a displayed list corresponding to
        each location separately.

2.18.8. User Interface Facility The user interface be designed to have a simple operation as required by Delhi Traffic Police. The interface be updated during the period of warranty as per new suggestions and operational
          requirements. The user interface broadly should fall into the categories of viewing Violations and system
        configuration/housekeeping. The violation viewer should provide a means of listing the invalid violations along with the reason(s)
        of invalidation without deleting the record(s). Selecting the violation again results in the violation images being displayed. Basic image
manipulation tools (zoom etc.) should be provided for the displayed image but the actual     recorded
image should never change. Software should provide interface for taking prints of the violations (including image and other
        details). Marking should be possible for recording the group of violations in a DVD for later use over
        the network. A read only log of user actions be maintained in the computer in the back office. There should be a password access system along with user type (admin, user).       Image should have a header depicting the information about the site and violation details like
        viz. classification of offence, speed, violation number etc. The software should also be capable of
        generating query based statistical reports on the violation data..        Number plate of minimum two lengths of vehicles (viz cars, buses/HTVs) should be readable
                automatically by the software/interface. The software/interface should be provided and
                integrated with the system showing the confidence level in identifying the letters/numbers on
                the Number Plate. There should be user interface for simultaneous manual correction as well.
                Hence The automatic number plate recognition Software can eitherhas to be part of the
                        supplied system, or can be provided separately as add on module to be
                        integrated with violation detection. which shall be implemented by the bidder.
The database generated by ANPR should be linked with the existing Software at in-station as
well as the central computer having complete vehicle ownership details.       The operator at the back office should be warned of any possible fault(s) at the Camera     site
                (outstation) (e.g. sensor failure, camera failure, etc)    The system should have an appropriate means of communication for transferring
             violation data captured on the hard disk to the control room to (a) pre-defined (b) on
             demand. For which necessary hardware and software interface should be provided
             by the bidder. The in-station should be able to delete the data once downloaded from
             the outstations hard disk. Either the automatic number plate recognition software is
             part of supplied system or is supplied as add on module, but it must be integratable
             with existing notice issuing software of Delhi Traffic Police.The bidder should
arrange one P& T line at each out location to communicate & data downloading at in-station.
The charges towards the same should be part of the bid for the period of the warranty.       The bidder should also give option of Two head system with one controller to              be
used for incoming & outgoing vehicles.

Statistics Display-Speed, Count and Classifica              The outstation should be able to log the date, time
and speed of every vehicle that is detected.     As the loop occupancy can be measured and the speed of the vehicle is known this provides a
              means of measuring the vehicle length. Provision of setting different speed thresholds should be
              available for minimum two vehicle lengths (viz car and bus/HTV).

2.19.          Computer(s) configuration in Back Office
Minimum – Pentium IV 1.3 GHz
197” Col. Active Matrix TFT Screen (Square)
Min. 40 GB HDD
2 GB 512 MB RAM
Windows latest version or Linux
DVD writer
Keyboard & optical mouse
Ethernet Port (10/100MBPS)
4 USB Ports

2.20.          Information Record and Display – Guidelines only

Record/Display Format
Vehicle Regn. No.
dd/mm/yyyy        Site No./Name:
HH:MM:SS          photo interval
Duration of last amber frame storage
Time into red
Offence no.
Speed in Km/Hr

2.21.          The Bidder shall furnish the price bid in the format given for the same.

2.22.   The item details given in the format are only for broad guidelines. The bidder shall quote the
        exact specification under the mentioned items along with the quantity and rates. The responsibility of
        successful completion of the project for its intended purposes shall be with the bidder.

2.23.   The Bidder is at liberty to indicate the additional features and capabilities of the offered system for
        successful and trouble free installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the system over
        & above the specifications mentioned in the tender.

2.24.   Price Bid to be quoted separately.

2.25.   The tenderer should give point to point compliance of all the clauses of the tender i.e. Commercial as
        well as technical specifications of the system. The deviation, if any should be clearly mentioned
        against each.

                                                                             (MAHABIR SINGH) IPS
                                                                  DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE,
                                                                              TRAFFIC (HQ): DELHI
No.               /General Branch (T), dated, New Delhi the
Issued to
            M/s   ___________________________

                              BIDDER’S PARTICULARS

1.    NAME OF THE FIRM                      : ___________________________

      WITH TELEPONE & FAX NO.               :___________________________

3.    LOCAL ADDRESS WITH TELEPHONE          : ___________________________

      MANUFACTURER                          : ___________________________

      DGS&D, IF YES ATTACH COPY             : ___________________________

6.    EXCISE/CUSTOM DUTY CERTIFICATE        : ___________________________

7.    VAT REGISTRATION PROOF WITH TIN NO. : ___________________________

      CERTIFICATE                           : ___________________________

9.    ISO 9000 YEAR 2000 CERTIFICATE        : ___________________________

      DEMO OF THE EQUIPMENT                 : ___________________________

      DEALERSHIP CERTIFICATE                : ___________________________

      LITERATURE/BROCHURE                   : ___________________________

13.   PROOF OF PAST PERFORMANCE, IF ANY     : ___________________________

14.   APPLICATION FEE                       : ___________________________

15.   BID SECURITY/EMD MONEY DETAIL         : ___________________________

      CONDITIONS DULY SIGNED                : ___________________________

17.   ANY CONDITION OF THE BIDDER           : ___________________________

                                        SIGNATURES OF THE TENDERER WITH STAMP
                                  CHECK LIST


5.    EARNEST MONEY Rs.2,00,000/- IN FORM OF




                                      SIGNATURES OF THE TENDERER WITH STAMP
                                    PROFORMA FOR PRICE SCHEDULE

                                     (To be enclosed with commercial bid)

Tender No. _________General Branch (Traffic) dated                     _____________

Date of opening __________                                     Time__________/hours

hereby certify that we are established manufacturers/authorized representatives of
M/S__________________ ___________________________________________________ with
factories at______________________ which are fitted with modern equipment and where
production methods, quality control and testing of all materials manufactured or used by us are
open to inspection by the representative of the purchaser. We hereby offer to supply the following
items at the prices indicated below:

Sl. Description of work/item                 Qty.       Unit       Extended   Sales       Other      Incident   Total
No.                                                     Price in   Price in   Tax    in   Govt.      al         Price
                                                        Indian     India      Indian      levies,    charges    FOR
                                                        Rupees     Rupees     Rupees      if any     , if any   Destina-
                                                                                          (To be     (To be     tion   in
                                                                                          specifie   specifie   Indian
                                                                                          d)         d)         Rupees
 a                     b                            c      d          e           f          g          h           i
1.     Camera       &      other   related   Two
      equipment including installation &     Systems
      communication                      (
 2.    Sensors/detectors along with its      Two Sets
      installation & interconnections with
      communication unit. (Outstation)

 3. Back Office (Instation) Standby:         One Set
      Computers – 1
      Licensed Software – 1 (multi-user)
      – may not be quoted if the existing
      software is useable on multiple
      machines simultaneously
 4.   a. Dummy system to be installed at     One Set
      strategic locations.   Bidders to
      specify the items would supply and
      install in the dummy. (mention
      component wise rates – viz Poles,
      outer housing at the pole, sensors,
      dummy flash light etc)

      b. The rates of shifting & re-         One Job
      installation, if any

      c. Supply & Installation of Piezo      One job
      Strips per lane

      d. Supply & Installation of Loop       One job
      Sensors per lane
 5.   On Line UPS System of suitable         One
      capacity for 1 computer systems at
      the Instation
 6.   The proposed system should have
      3 years comprehensive warranty.
      Rates for annual maintenance
      contract charges for 7 years after
      the warranty period should be
      quoted considering the normal life
      span of the equipment to be 10
 7.   The bidder should arrange one           Two
      P&T establish line at each out
      location to communicate & data
      downloading at in-station.      The
      charges towards the same should
      be part of the bid for the
      connectivity    of     out   station
      equipment with in-station at
      Control    Centre       (RND)     for
      downloading of violation data at
      periodic    intervals/on   demand
      during the period of the warranty.

       It is hereby certified that we have understood all the terms & conditions specified in the
tender document and are thoroughly aware of the nature of job required to be done and
stores/items to be sullied. We agree to abide by all the tender terms and conditions.

       We hereby offer to carry out the job and (or) duly the store/items detailed above or such
portion(s) thereof as you specify in the notification of award.

                                                        Signature and seal of Bidder

                  1ST FLOOR, P.S. R.K. PURAM, NEW DELHI.

                                 AMMENDMENT NOTICE

Notice No.                  /General Branch (Traffic) dated

       In continuation of tender notice No.6026/General Branch (Traffic), dated 28.04.2006,
published on 29.04.2005, the following changes have been made in the tender.

        The quantity of the Red Light & Speed Violation Check Camera Systems is increased
from 02 (two) Nos. to 06 (Six) Nos. Last date of submission of tender form in the office of
undersigned is also postponed for 2.06.2006 at 11.00 AM and tenders will now be opened on
02.06.2006 at 11.30 AM, in the Conference Hall, Office of Dy. Commissioner of Police,
Traffic-HQ, 1st Floor, P.S. R.K. Puram, New Delhi. The Earnest Money Deposit (Security Money)
has also been increased from Rs. 2.00 Lac (Two Lakhs) to Rs. 4.00 Lac (Four Lakhs).
Demonstration of the equipment must be organized between 3rd to 10th June, 2006. The other
terms & conditions shall be same.

                                                                  (MAHABIR SINGH)
                                                    DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE:
                                                               TRAFFIC: (HQ) DELHI.

No.                     /General Branch (Traffic), dated, New Delhi, the


            The Advertisement Manager,
            (i) Times of India, Delhi.
            (ii) Navbharat Times, Delhi.
            (iii) Hindustan Times, Delhi.
            (iv) Indian Trade Journal, Kolcutta
            (Through M/s Pressman Advertising & Marketing Ltd.)

Subject:        Release of Tender Notice on 13.05.2006 for the purchase of 06
                numbers of Red Light & Speed Violation Check Camera Systems for
                Delhi Traffic Police.


               Enclosed tender notice may be published in your newspapers at the prominent
space, specified for the same on 13.05.2006, positively.

             As soon as, the tender notice is released, bill in triplicate along with clipping of
the newspapers may be sent to this office, for arranging your payment.

                                                                                   Yours faithfully,

                                                                      (MAHABIR SINGH)
                                                        DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE:
                                                                   TRAFFIC: (HQ) DELHI.
Encls: As above.

No.                     /General Branch (Traffic), dated, New Delhi, the

                Copy to: -

1.       ACP/Traffic (Computer)/RND with the request to post the tender on the website of Delhi
         Traffic Police.
2.       I/C Website Delhi Police, 9th Floor, Crime & Rlys, PHQ, Delhi with the request to post the
         tender on website of Delhi Police.

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