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									Unternehmerstadt: Düsseldorf's Fashion District

Düsseldorf, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, is one of Germany's most important financial
and fashion centers. Unternehmerstadt, an ultramodern and attractive quarter in the Derendorf district
of Düsseldorf, brings these major economic segments together at one location in the metropolis on the
Rhine. Spearheaded by Rheinmetall Immobilien GmbH, a new city district emerged over the course of
the past several years on the converted premises of the former Rheinmetall plant, becoming a
powerful example of successful urban district development that has no equal. An urban landscape of
live-/workspaces equally customized to the needs of employees and employers was created on the
90,000 m building site; more than 500 million were invested in the development plans.

The combination of attractive, sustainably designed office properties Lighthouse, Living Office and
doubleU, residential buildings and useable range of services is compelling: IBM, WeightWatchers,
GroupM Germany, Statkraft, Fitness First and DeutscheWertpapierService Bank (dwpbank) represent
just a few of the renowned denizens of Unternehmerstadt.

In addition to "Halls 29 and 30" erected by Gerry Weber AG, international fashion labels like Otto
Kern, Betty Barclay and bruno banani have secured showrooms and retail spaces in other buildings at
Unternehmerstadt. The recently move-in ready doubleU space will soon be featuring and selling, for
example, the latest collections of noted fashion designers such as Baldessarini, Passigati, Joop!,
Stones, Signum and Joker.

To date, more than 80 percent of all construction plans have been completed and are fully leased. The
scheduled completion of the entire site in 2014 will come with yet another architectural highlight: "Delta
D", an office building with integrated historic buildings and more than 14,000 m of leasable space.

Visit Unternehmerstadt on the internet at www.unternehmerstadt.com.

Rheinmetall Immobilien GmbH
Rheinmetall Platz 1
D – 40476 Düsseldorf

Contact parties during trade show:
Dr. H. Jürgen Wolff                              Holger Gradzielski
CEO, Rheinmetall Immobilien GmbH                 Representative Officer, Rheinmetall Immobilien GmbH

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