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Budget Friendly Travel Tips for Savvy Couples


Travel Tips for Savvy Couples
  Budget Friendly Travel Tips for Savvy Couples

  When traveling as a couple, it’s always great to have plenty of extra money. But if you
  want to travel on a budget, it's smart to utilize some strategies that can stretch your

  Make the most of your travel budget by applying these simple strategies:

     1. Choose 3 or 4 travel destinations you both like. Look into pricing of each
        destination to determine which one offers the least expensive travel.

             Once you agree on a few destinations, investigate them online. Look for
             package deals and make some comparisons. Which place(s) offer the best

     2. Plan to visit a travel destination during the off-season. Take into account that
        visiting a locale when it’s not the tourist season will save you quite a bit of cash.

             Accommodations and many attractions cost less when you go during the
             off-season. Depending on the locale, even traveling to your destination is
             discounted in the off-season when the demand is less. For example, in the
             winter, airfare to Europe is about half the cost of summer fares – by
             hundreds of dollars per ticket!

             For many summer tourist destinations, the date they switch to off-season
             rates is in early September when the kids go back to school – the day after
             Labor Day. Taking a trip with your partner the week after Labor Day will
             save you money and you can still enjoy the warm weather attractions. Plus,
             you won’t have to fight the crowds.

     3. Save as a couple and individually before the trip. An important part of planning
        a trip is putting aside money in advance to pay for the trip. A way to pump up

     your savings and make it fun is for each of you to formulate not only your joint
     savings plan, but also your own plans to save a few extra bucks for the trip.
     Have a contest to see who can save more!

           Cut out those expensive coffee beverages, lunches out at work and other
           less-necessary expenditures in your daily lives to bank those dollars for
           your trip.

   4. Book a hotel that offers free breakfast. Nothing will start off a day of
      exploration on your vacation like 2 free meals. Many hotels offer continental
      breakfasts to lure in travelers. While you’re at it, grab a few of those granola
      bars and a few pieces of fresh fruit for your purse or car, just in case you get
      hungry before or after lunch.

           Vacations take a lot of energy and can work up quite an appetite. Free
           snacks will serve to stretch your budget even further.

   5. Split dinners in restaurants. If you both like some of the same foods, consider
      ordering an entrée and dividing it between the two of you. Even if you each order
      soup or a salad, your dinner bill will still be less expensive.

           Some restaurants will charge $2.00 or $3.00 for a plate fee when you let
           them know you plan to split the entrée. However, getting into the habit of
           sharing dinners when you travel shows you have real budget-savvy.

   6. Carry re-usable individual water containers. When you arrive at the hotel, find
      the nearest grocery or drug store nearby where you can buy inexpensive
      bottled water by the gallon. Take the water to your hotel room and fill your
      individual containers in the evening.

           If your hotel room has a refrigerator, chill your water overnight. The next
           morning before you head off to see the sites, grab your bottles of water.
           Since bottled water, when purchased separately, can cost up to $4.00 per
           bottle, you can save $20 or more per day between the two of you by
           furnishing your own water this way.

As a couple, you hopefully have many wonderful vacations ahead of you.

                                   Money-saving strategies such as visiting off-season, staying at hotels that offer free
                                   breakfasts, sharing dinners, and filling your own water bottles will reduce your travel
                                   expenditures. Put these budget-friendly tips to work when planning your next
                                   vacation with your beloved partner.


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