State Fashion Review by NaFkEnF


                              STATE 4-H LEADERS’ COUNCIL
                                    October 27, 2012
                          Western Center for Agricultural Equipment
                                    Davis, California

10:00      Call to Order
           Welcome / Introductions
10:15      Minutes
10:20      Treasurer Report
10:25      President’s Report
10:30      Sectional Reports       North Section             North Central Section
                                   South Central Section     South Section
11:00      State Staff Reports
11:15      Other State Reports     Alumni
                                   California 4H Foundation
                                   4H Technology Leadership Team
                                   State Ambassadors
                                   State Leadership Conference
                                   National Conference
                                   Collegiate Program
                                   I & R Committee / Record Books
                                   State Field Day & Sub Committee’s, Photo, etc.
                                          State Fashion Review, State Presentation Day
                                   Citizenship / Service Learning
                                   National Conference
                                   Healthy Living
                                   4H International Exchange
                                   Equine Education Advisory
                                   Animal Science Education
                                   Camping Advisory
                                   Shooting Sports Advisory
                                   4H Military Partnership Advisory
                                   SLF Steering committee
           Other Reports

12:00      LUNCH
1:00       Old Business              State Leaders’ Forum 2012
                                     State Leaders’ Forum 2013, 100th Year Celebration
                                     WRLF 2014
                                     Nomination from the floor/ Voting (President / Secretary)
           Other Old Business

1:45       New Business
                                     WRLF 2017
                                     State Office compliance / Peer Reviews
           Other New Business:

2:00        Adjourn
Next meeting:     November 10 (SLF 2012); April 27th, 2013 , Ontario, CA.

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