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					               The 2007 Georgia Elementary Science Olympiad

General Information:

Hello coaches and students. We look forward to your participation in the upcoming
Science Olympiad. Here is some general information followed by the key event
day material that you will need.

   1. All event day information is posted on our website at

   2. Coaches please save your team rosters to turn in at the Team Check-In on
      May 12th.

   3. Please encourage your students to bring a lunch. We are planning to have
      Starbucks open in the morning and Crystal’s open for lunch in the student

   4. Please bring extra pencils for the events.

   5. Teams must compete in the scheduled events during the assigned times. For
      the drop-in events, please try to complete them at sometime during the
      preferred session. If this isn’t possible, you can complete them during the
      other sessions.

   6. Please Email me if you have any questions or if you notice any problems or
      things that have been missed.

   7. You should print out a total of five pages from this attachment or from the


Tom Brown, Director
Elementary Science Olympiad
                       Kennesaw State University

                               Schedule of Events
                               Saturday, May 12, 2007

8:00-8:30     Team Check-in –Carmichael Student Center
               Coaches will check-in and pick-up materials.

8:00-9:00     Officials Check-in –Leadership Room/Student Center
              Individuals running and monitoring events check-in to pick
              up nametags and materials.
              Family and friends of participants please go to the gym

8:15-8:30     ESO teams line-up (In alphabetical order at Team Banners)-In front
              of Student Center (This is the side nearest the Campus Green). In
              case of rain, students will go directly to the Convocation Center.

8:30-8:50     Parade of teams
              Students will march from the student center around the campus green
              to the gym. We encourage team banners, t-shirts, etc.

8:50-9:20     Opening Ceremony

9:20-9:35     Move to events

9:45-10:30    Session One

10:45-11:30    Session Two

11:45-12:30 Session Three

12:30- 1:00   Break

1:00- 1:45 MAD Science Demonstration Show

1:45 – 2:30   Closing Awards Ceremony
                                 2007 - ESO Event Schedule
Group A                           Group B              Group C
A.L. Burrus                        Chalker Yellow               Chapman Red
Emerson                            East Valley                  Mount Bethel, Gold
CA Roberts                         Kemp                         P.B. Ritch, Gold
Chalker Green                      Kincaid                      River Road
Clay                               McGarity                     Sedalia Park
East Side                          Mount Bethel, Blue           Shallowford Falls
Macedonia Gold                     P.B. Ritch, Blue             Timber Ridge
Sixes Gold                         Macedonia Blue               Vaughan
Crabapple                          Sixes Blue                   Huddleston
Oakgrove                           Braelinn                     Fayetteville Intermediate
MCAA                               Kedron                       Euharlee A
Georgetown                         Cleveland                    Euharlee B
Bold = new event in 2007
Scheduled Events              Event             Session 1        Session 2              Session 3
                             Location          9:45 - 10:30    10:45 – 11:30          11:45 – 12:30
Circuit Wizardry            Science 213           Group A        Group C                    Group B

Disease Detectives          Science 215           Group A        Group C                    Group B

Extinction is Forever      Clendenin 2006         Group A        Group C                    Group B

Food Web                   Clendenin 2008         Group A        Group C                    Group B

Measurement &              Clendenin 1010         Group A        Group C                    Group B
Mystery Architecture        Science 212           Group B        Group A                    Group C

Mystery Powders          University Rm C          Group B        Group A                    Group C
                         Student Center
Reflection Relay           Science 214            Group B        Group A                    Group C

Rock Hound                 Clendenin 2003         Group B        Group A                    Group C
Starry, Starry Night     University Rm A          Group B        Group A                    Group C
                         Student Center
Weather or Not             Science 109            Group C        Group B                    Group A

Which Way is North?        Clendenin 1003         Group C        Group B                    Group A

Wildlife Safari          Convocation Cen          Group C        Group B                    Group A
Write It, Do It           Clendenin 2007          Group C        Group B                    Group A

Simple Machines            Clendenin 2010         Group C        Group B                    Group A

  Drop-In Events         Event Location          Session 1       Session 2               Session 3
 Preferred Sessions                             9:45 - 10:30   10:45 – 11:30           11:45 – 12:30
Barge Building           Student Center          Group A         Group C                 Group B
                        Outside Atrium
Rubber Band             Convocation Cent         Group B         Group A                    Group C
Catapult                Small Gym – East
Water Rockets            Campus Green            Group C         Group B                    Group A
                                MAY 12, 2007
                           Kennesaw State University
                                 Team Roster

SCHOOL_________________________ COACH___________________________
E-Mail___________________________ Phone ___________________________

STUDENTS NAME                                                               GRADE
1. __________________________________________                               _______
2. __________________________________________                               _______
3. __________________________________________                               _______
4. __________________________________________                               _______
5. __________________________________________                               _______
6. __________________________________________                               _______
7. __________________________________________                               _______
8. __________________________________________                               _______
9. __________________________________________                               _______
10. _________________________________________                               _______
11. _________________________________________                               _______
12. _________________________________________                               _______
13. _________________________________________                               _______
14. _________________________________________                               _______
15. _________________________________________                               _______
16. _________________________________________                               _______
17. _________________________________________                               _______
18. _________________________________________                               _______

Bring this team roster to the team check-in on Saturday May 8th.

I certify that all of the above students are active members of our school and know the rules
outlined in the coaches manual and rules handbook for the event (s) in which they will be

Coach’s Signature
                       The Georgia 2007 Elementary Science Olympiad
                                      May 12th, 2007
                                Kennesaw State University

Team Guidelines:

   1. The description of the events and rules outlined in the Science Olympiad Elementary
      Coaches Manual and Rules, 5th Edition will serve as the guide for the ESO competition.
      Note the following exception: Times may vary from those provided so that the events can
      be completed in a timely fashion.

   2. Eighteen events have been selected from the manual that will be included in the

   3. No events will be added to the competition, but inclement weather, equipment failure, or
      similar problems may require the cancellation on an event.

   4. Teams will consist of a maximum of 18 students. Of these, there is a maximum of 3 sixth
      graders on each team and a maximum of 8 fifth and sixth graders combined.

   5. Appeals regarding scoring or other issues related to an event must be made to the ESO
      Tournament Director (Tom Brown) by the Head Coach, and only the head coach, of the
      appealing team. This should be done within 15 minutes after the completion of the event.

   6. It is okay for one student to compete in an event but the second member of a team cannot
      compete in the same event at a later point in time.

   7. For scheduled events, you can start late but you must finish in the allotted amount of

   8. Please be kind, courteous, and respectful. Remember, everyone here is volunteering their
      time as a service to our kids.

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