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									                MPS/MOEC Teaching American History Grant Lesson Plan Template

Teacher’s Name: Mark Klein, Stefanie McAlpin, and Ali Bragg

District: ___Millard Public Schools____                       Date Submitted: _12/15/2006

Lesson Title: ___1920’s Fads and Fashion________

NE Standards         Overview
                     Immerse your students into the fads and fashion of the 1920’s., and out of
                     which they hopefully will emerge educated in several important respects.

Age Level            Established Goals (Learning Objectives)

Freshman             This lesson will give your students the opportunity to see compare the
American History     1920’s and the 1990’s.
                     The students will be able to learn something about the events of one of the
                     most remarkable years (1920’s) of the twentieth century.

Duration             Understandings (Background Knowledge)

One block class or   Student should have a general understanding of the 1990’s (decade).
two regular class

Materials            Essential Questions (Engaging Question)

Pen, paper, poster   Compare and contrast the 1990’s and 1920’s (decades).
board, handout

The “So Why is       Learning Activities (Procedure)
this Important?”
article is from an       1.   Have students compile a list of fads, fashions, music, and
issue of upfront.             technology from the late 1990’s. (20-25 minutes)
Otherwise you can        2.   Have students get into small groups (3-4 students). Have them
use any article               share their list with the other members of the group. Together
about students and            have the groups compile a new list. This list may be put on paper
dress.                        or poster board. (25-30 minutes)
                         3.   Have students read individually the hand out “So why is this
                              Important?’ (See handout) (5-8 minutes)
                         4.   Have student do a compare and contrast of the 1990’s & 1920’s.
                              Writing assignment. (20-25 minutes)

                     Differentiated Instructional Strategies (Learning Advice)

                     Have student work along on step #4.

9/15/2012                                           1
            Assessment Evidence:
            Performance Tasks

            Collect writing assignment for grade.

9/15/2012                                 2

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