To: All our �Perfect Circle Members and Friends�

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					To: All our ‘Perfect Circle Members and Friends’

From: Perfect Circle 2010 ‘Remember When’ Rally Committee

       You are invited to Perfect Circle Chapter’s “2010 ‘Remember When’ Rally”
being held at the Byron Dobson Arena in Riverview, N. B. (just across the river
from Moncton) June 3rd - 6th, 2010. You can arrive anytime after noon (12:00
p.m.) on Thursday, June 3rd. Please bring pads for under your jacks to protect the
parking lot.

Several of the chapter’s founders and previous rallymasters have come together to
organize this fun-filled ‘Remember When’ rally week-end, with many of the famous
and infamous activities and events being planned; ie, skits, tours, ice cream social,
ladies’ luncheon, church service, social hours, coffee and muffins each morning,
catered-to dinner, ladies’ fashion show, health seminar, book exchange; and so
much more. We even have a new twist to our auction and will be staging our ‘first-
ever’ Time, Talent & Treasure Auction where donations of services, talent and
treasures will be auctioned off . Lots of fun for everyone!

Cost will be only $85.00 if you register before May 15, 2010 and $95.00 after that
date. Friends with motorhomes are welcome regardless of whether or not they
currently belong to FMCA or a chapter.

Attached is a Rally Registration Form and an application for the Time, Talent &
Treasure Auction should you wish to contribute - so register early and join in this
special weekend.

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