SAC April 2 2012

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					SAC April 2, 2012


Shelly, John, Gail, Tammy, nichola, Tracey, Peggy .
Refrets: Caroline.

Principle report

$1000.00 health grant - in the fall a food fair, etc....

March 23 international students 12 students and 1 teacher.

March 28, introduction of the mascot, astro. Assembly which all kids took in.

March28 potluck for Chinese students and the host families.

March 30 Assessment day for report guards. Power school, grade book is the new report card system. It
will not look different to parents.

April 5 Multicultural day in the am, pm is the fashion show

April 12 report guards

Aprl 16-20 science on the road. Sponsored by the PTO. All students will participate.

April 25 and 26 parent teacher interviews. There is a new process where the teachers will be sending a
notice home to parents.

Rearranging of the library will take place soon. computers are here and carts will be in next week. In
the process of pricing for shelving for the library.

Staffing - 19 out of area applicants. - 20 in area. This is for primary French immersion . 1 out of area is
grade 3

Currently 19 teachers approved for sept. we currently have 21 teachers

One teacher is retiring Linda Reid.

PFI accreditation plaque has been received. Good until 2016
Schedule of events 2012/2013
Shelly and John have been observing over the year. They feel there are a ton of events that are non
academic and they hope to have an outline for next year by the end of this year. An example is spirit
day, this may be stalled back to a couple times a year.

Tracey attended some VP pool interviews and was very impressed.

Next meeting

May 7, 2012 5:30pm.

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