Thank you for Hosting your Jewels By Park Lane Party

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					     Thank you for Hosting your Jewels By Park Lane show!
                         Your net sales tonight: $_____________
                          Number of bookings (so far): _________
    You have ______ orders which gives you $___________ in FREE Hostess Credit!
                    If you were the Fashion Director who did this show,
                YOU would have earned $___________ (30% commission)

Right now, you have TWO choices…..
                                   CHOICE ONE
Become a Park Lane Fashion Director and I will give you the bookings from this show to
jump start your business. The first booking will be your Introduction Show! With a
qualified Introduction show and your first 5 bookings, YOU would receive:
   1. A Start-Up kit of jewelry samples valued at $1,000 for FREE!
   2. $________ in Hostess Credit to select more jewelry for yourself and/or your
   3. $200 in additional jewelry of your choice when you submit total qualifying sales of
       $1,000 (you can count this show’s sales towards this $1,000) within your first five
       weeks. (Super Start Award)
   4. $200 in additional jewelry of you choice when your first three friends hold their
       booked shows. (Booking Award Shopping Spree).
   5. Any one item from the Three Booking Gift collection after your first 3 friends hold
       their booked shows within 30 days.
   6. Approximately $500 in INCOME (Estimated Commission on your first 5 shows)

That’s $______ worth of jewelry and approximately $500 cash commission for
                      conducting your first 5 shows!
     Why not give it a try for 30 days – You have NOTHING to lose!
                                   CHOICE TWO
        Keep this as a “regular” show and as the hostess you will receive:
   1. $________ in Hostess Credit to select free jewelry.
   2. $________ in addition jewelry credit when your _____ friends host their own shows. (Booking
      Award Shopping Spree)

                         Take Park Lane for a “test-drive”!
I’d love to help YOU get started as a Director with Jewels by Park Lane. It’s fun,
easy, flexible and very profitable. YOU arrange your own schedule… YOU get to
choose and to refuse when you want to work because YOU are the boss! Join
Park Lane… You’ll love it!

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