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EMAIL: PHONE: 773-534-8600 ext. 26153

Bienvenue à tous ! Welcome to French One! In this syllabus you
will find guidelines to ensure that you have a very successful and
productive year. I am looking forward to working with you and
encourage you to contact me if you have any questions.

This year, you will be involved in a variety of activities intended to commence basic
French language acquisition. Activities will focus on writing, reading, speaking,
listening, and culture. You will learn basic everyday vocabulary and expressions,
common verbs, and will be introduced to a variety of traditions and customs from
francophone countries around the world. By the end of the first semester you will
be able to read basic texts and hold simple conversations in French! Effective
communication and confidence using the language is emphasized, and students are
strongly encouraged to speak French in class as much as possible.

Our textbook this year is Discovering French – Bleu. Your book is your responsibility, and
you will be charged a mandatory fee if it is lost or damaged. You should bring your book to
class EVERY DAY, unless I tell you otherwise! In addition to your book, you will be
required to bring the following to class every day:

A notebook for taking notes and for in-class assignments (spiral or loose-leaf, can be part
of a multi-subject binder)
Folder or binder to store handouts and homework assignments
Pencil or pen
A French/English dictionary is recommended for help with your homework
1. Be on time to class. This means IN YOUR SEAT AND READY TO WORK when the bell
rings. You will receive an automatic detention after one tardy - it is your responsibility to
keep track of this!!!!! You will not be permitted to make up any activity that you miss due
to tardiness.
2. Respect the teacher, your classmates, and yourself.
3. Stay in your seat unless otherwise directed.
4. ALWAYS raise your hand before speaking.
5. NO gum, candy, or food is allowed.
6. NO cell phones. Cell phones must be turned OFF and stored in a backpack, purse, or
locker. If I see or hear a cell phone at any time, it will be confiscated, you will receive up
to 5 detentions, and you will lose all of your participation points for the week.

All assignments will be posted on the Jones website and on Gradebook. Even if an
assignment is not mentioned in class, you are responsible to have it ready to turn in on the
due date. You must have your homework IN CLASS. If it is anywhere else, you will
receive a zero. Late work may be turned in for 50% credit, so long as it is turned in by the
end of the school week during which it was due.
Severe disciplinary action will be taken against any student who copies work from
another student or from a published source without proper citation. Using any kind
of translation device is easily detected, and considered to be a form of plagiarism.
It is also not helpful to you in the long run! Please refer to the Student Handbook for
further information on academic dishonesty.

You are required to make up in class work that is missed due to an excused absence. This
includes field trips. Loss of participation points due to unexcused absence cannot be made
up. If the absence is unexcused you will also receive a zero for any in-class assignments.
You WILL be required to make up tests, quizzes, homework, or projects that are
missed due to an excused absence, by the end of the school week during which the
assignment was due. Any work missing as a result of an unexcused absence is a zero.
IF YOU WERE ABSENT!!! Assignments will be posted on the web daily, so there is no
excuse! If the assignment is a handout, a copy will be posted online and you are
responsible for completing it and bringing it to class when you return.
All major tests and projects will be announced in class and on the web at least a week in
advance, but you should also study daily and be prepared for pop quizzes!
In Gradebook, you will see one of the following:
Exc = excused – you are not required to make up this assignment. Your grade is not
affected negatively.
Inc = incomplete – you ARE required to make up this assignment. Your grade is not
negatively affected – YET- If the assignment is not turned in within 2 days of your
absence, it will become a “Msg”.
Msg = missing – the assignment was never turned in. Your grade is lowered as a result.
Points = varies by assignment, based on the quality and thoroughness of the work.

We will attend class in the Language Lab (404) once a week, unless otherwise stated in
class or on the web. You are responsible for your own computer work stations, and must
report any problems at the beginning of the class period. You must leave all materials on
the side of the room when in the lab. No food or gum is tolerated in the lab. The first
instance of food or gum is a zero for the day and 2 detentions; the second is a zero on lab
work for the month and 5 detentions. The third is a zero on lab work for the semester.
The same system will be applied to surfing the web, checking e-mail, or playing
games. You may not use any IM or messaging system to reach other students in the lab or
school while in the lab unless given permission. All regular classroom policies apply in the

There are a number of things that you can do to earn extra credit points and improve your
grade. Bring in or suggest French music or videos, bring in articles about a French
speaking country, etc. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. HOWEVER, you will
not be allowed to receive extra credit points if you have not completed your regular
assignments. Also, remember that extra credit should not be expected to alter a grade
by a full letter.

Study well, and on a daily basis, as it will not be possible to retake tests or quizzes for
higher scores.

Grades will be cumulative per semester and will be based on the following:

Course work: 20%          Includes homework, written classwork, bellringers, etc.
Projects/Presentations: 15%
Lab assignments: 10%
Assessments: 15%          Includes all tests and quizzes.
Class participation: 20% Includes oral communicative activities, interactive or individual.
Final Exam (per semester): 20%
The Jones grading scale is as follows:
92-100 = A
83-91 = B
74-82 = C
65-73 = D
64 or lower = F

Unexcused absences, tardiness, and failure to adhere to
class policies will affect your grade negatively.


UNIT            VOCABULARY                   GRAMMAR                   CULTURE
1               Greetings                    Masculine/feminine        Meeting people
                Introductions                Correct intonation        France and
                Telling time                 Cognates                  francophone countries
                 Numbers 0-60                The alphabet in French
                Adjectives of nationality
                Talking about feelings
2               People                       Definite and indefinite   Describing people
                Family members               articles                  French family life
                Numbers 70-100               Masculine and feminine    Birthdays and holidays
                Days and months              nouns                     in France
3               Foods and drinks             Tu and vous               Meals in France
                The weather and related      Masculine/feminine        The Euro
                expressions                  foods and drinks          Restaurants and cafes
                Seasons                      Talking about price       in France
                Ordering in a restaurant
                or café
                Offering something to
                eat or drink
                Expressing hunger,
                thirst, and other feelings
4               Daily activities             Subject pronouns          Daily life in France
                Places                       Ne…pas                    French school system
                Question words               -er verbs                 Weekend activities
                Affirmative and negative     Verb + infinitive
                expressions                  The verb faire
                Extending and accepting      The verb être
                and invitation               Asking questions
                Answering yes and no
                Finding out where people
                are and what is going on
5   Adjectives of physical      Prepositions of place     People and their
    description, personality,   Singular and plural       possessions
    and nationality             nouns
    Furniture                   The verb avoir
    Expressing opinions         Adjective agreement
    colors                      C’est vs. il est
                                The expression il y a

6   Streets and public          The verb aller            French geography
    buildings                   Contractions with à and   City life
    Transportation              de                        Home life
    Asking and giving           Ordinal numbers
    directions                  The preposition chez
    The home and                Stress pronouns
    neighborhood                Aller + infinitive
    Furniture                   The verb venir
    Making plans
7   Clothing                    The verbs mettre,         Shopping, clothing, and
    Shopping                    préférer, and payer       fashion in France and
    Sizes                       Regular –ir verbs         other francophone
    Asking for help and         The demonstrative ce      countries
    finding out prices          and the interrogative
    Comparing items             quel?
    Giving advice               The imperative

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