Corio Ski Club Information Guide 20121 by NaFkEnF


									                                                                                                             June 2012
                                   Hello and welcome to Corio Ski Club,

        By now you have probably met our lodge managers, Jess and Roland, if you have not met them yet it is most
        likely they are still out – doing what they do best –working as a Buller Holiday Consultant and teaching
        skiing and snow-boarding.

        This pamphlet is an introduction to the club and gives you a little information regarding how the lodge runs
        and how best to enjoy what it has to offer.

        The club started in the early 1960’s and has about 30 members. It was started by several families and some of
        the founding families are still involved with the club. Several of the families now have three generations of
        skiers involved in the club. There will usually be a member staying at the lodge so if you have any questions
        over and above what is addressed below feel free to ask one of our members for help.

        The style of the lodge is to accommodate families of all ages so please consider others when you are staying
        with us and enjoy meeting your fellow skiers in relaxed and family environment.(Like most families that
        means kids scooting about in a bit of a noisy fashion and grumpy older skiers complaining about the ravages
        of time!)

Here are some hints for having a happy stay with us:

     Please sign the guest book in the living room, this will enable us to fulfil our legal obligation of having an up
      to date list of guests and also allows us to find you easily in the case of lost property. Please also make a note
      of where the fire exits are on the back of this pamphlet.
     Your name and appointed room number will be on the board in the entrance hall. You will find your linen
      folded on your bed.
     Please put whatever food you have in the numbered drawer (in the kitchen) or the fridge shelf that
      corresponds with your room number.
     Breakfast is provided. Cereal, milk, condiments, butter and bread can be found in the kitchen each morning.
     Please make sure you clean up in the kitchen and lodge after yourself. The lodge managers do not clean up
      after members or guests.
     Please make sure all wet gear is kept in the drying room downstairs and all boots are taken off either in the
      entrance hall or the drying room.
     When you leave please strip your bed and put the linen in the linen basket at the end of the corridor and
      vacuum your room.
      If you have any questions please speak to Jess or Roland or a member.
      If you are interested in becoming a member please contact us at
The Corio Ski Club Committee

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