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Olivet Boys & Girls Club by NaFkEnF


									                                               Olivet Boys & Girls Club
                                              of Reading & Berks County
                                       Pottstown Club Guidelines / Expectations

Entering the Building
1. Please possess your current Olivet Boys & Girls Club membership card.
         a. Lost cards can be replaced for $1.00.
         b. Please avoid altering or defacing your membership card.
         c. Members may only be able to use their own card.
2. Please sign in at the front desk upon entering the building.
3. All parents or visitors to the club are required to sign in at the front desk.
4. Club members who are absent from school, may not attend the club on days that they are absent.
Items / Activities Forbidden in the Building
1. The following activities are forbidden on the property of Olivet Boys & Girls Club. Failure to abide with this rule will result in
    an indefinite suspension of membership, police and parental notification.
         Weapons of any kind                       Vandalism                  Theft             Tobacco Products
         Alcohol (possession/influence)            Controlled Substance (possession/influence)
2. Please do not bring the following electronic items to the Olivet Boys & Girls Club. Bringing these items to the club may result
    in a club suspension.
         Beepers                                   Personal Stereos
         CD Players                                Hand Held Video Games                        MP3 Players
 3. Please do not participate in the following activities at Olivet Boys & Girls Club. Participation in these activities will result in
    suspension and parental notification.
         Fighting                                  Gambling                                     Smoking
         Vulgar Language                           Disrespect to staff                          Loitering
4. Cell phones may be used at the Club only for emergencies.
Personal Property
1. Club members are responsible for their own property. Olivet Boys & Girls Club is not responsible for lost or stolen
2. Please hang up your coat in any orderly fashion.
3. Clothing with profanity, nudity, obscenities, guns, or other inappropriate images will not be permitted in the buildings.
    Members will be asked to go home to change.
4. Proper clothing must be worn in the buildings. Underclothing and navels should not be showing. Members will be sent
    home to change.
5. Headgear of any fashion is not permitted at Olivet Boys & Girls Club (terrycloth athletic headbands are allowed for athletic
    use). Please do not wear bandanas in the Club.
Front Desk / Telephone Use
1. The front desk area is to be staffed by Olivet Boys & Girls Club staff.
2. Olivet Boys and Girls Club telephones are for business use only.
3. Members are not allowed to receive or make personal phone calls, except when an emergency occurs.
General Club Rules
1. Please eat food in designated areas only.
2. Please do not chew gum in the Club.
3. Please dispose trash in proper containers.
4. Running is only allowed in the gym and outdoor areas.
5. Any member breaking equipment is responsible for repairing or replacing the broken equipment.
Gym Rules
1. Food and Beverages are not permitted in the gym area.
2. Proper gym sneakers must be worn in the gym area.
3. Please do not wear jewelry while participating in gym activities.
4. Please wear shirts while participating in gym activities.
5. Please use your own lock when using lockers.
Exiting the Building & Grounds
1. Exiting the building from emergency exits may result in a Club suspension.
2. Please do not loiter on the property surrounding or in the lobby areas of Olivet Boys & Girls Club.
3. Please exit the club at the time designated for your age group.
Discipline Policy
1. Expectations for behavior are the same at the club as during school. All school rules apply.
2. Members will receive written citations for inappropriate behavior.
3. After three citations members will be removed from the Club. Parents will be contacted after first citation.
4. Immediate removal could result for violations such as fighting and stealing.
5. Other consequences may include but not limited to temporary suspension from the Club.

Transportation and Student Pick-up
1. Transportation from 21st Century after school program is provided at 5:30 p.m. If a student is riding the bus, the school/club
    discipline policy extends to bus behavior.
2. Buses could arrive at bus stops early or late. Please plan for this by coming to the stop a few minutes early and being
    kindergarten students without adult supervision will be taken to the police station per district policy and parents can pick
    them up at Borough Hall.
3. For student pickups, students must be signed out by an authorized person who is listed on the Dismissal Procedure form.
    Old siblings may be authorized to pick up and sign out a student. A note from a parent is needed in order make changes to
    pick up arrangements.
Photo/Video Release
From time to time, photographs, slides, or video tapes are taken on club property by club personnel or by newspaper
photographers. These may be individual pictures, small group, or whole class shots. If you want to restrict any use of such
visuals, put your request in writing to the building principal.
Questions and concerns about the 21st Century after school portion of the program can be directed to Site Coordinator, Hettie
Webb at (484) 945-1020 or Mr. Moyer, Rupert Elementary School Principal at (610) 970-6661.

Olivet Boys & Girls Club strives to provide a safe, clean environment that our members can participate in many different
types of activities. Following the listed guidelines will help to give everyone a positive experience at the club. However,
the failure to follow these guidelines may lead to a suspension of various lengths from the use of club facilities by
members. If a member is suspended from a club he/she is suspended from all clubs for that time. Olivet Boys & Girls
Club staff reserves the right to apply appropriate disciplinary actions to violations of the Club Guidelines & Expectations
and also to inappropriate behavior not included within the Club Guidelines & Expectations on a case by case basis.

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