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					July 17, 2012

Summer Greetings to all you Steubenville NW Group Leaders!!

Please read this letter in its entirety. It contains information that has changed since last year.

The Steubenville NW conference weekend is two weeks away, and I hope you are all as excited as I am! You
won’t be receiving a mailed “final packet” this year. I figure we can do everything electronically. Check the
website for maps and any updated information. This should be the last correspondence before you arrive, but
you never know what may change…

Group Leaders and chaperones should be familiar with the policies on the Group Leader/Chaperone Policy
Form which each adult has hopefully signed and turned in by now. We will be walking “off campus” a bit, so
supervision is of utmost importance. Our lunch and dinner on Saturday are going to be catered at Riverfront
Park, which is right next to the venue and a great place to get out and run around after sitting so much.
Additionally, if you so choose, your group members may be walking between Gonzaga and the Convention
Center (see below). As a result, a preparatory talk to your chaperones and youth reviewing responsibilities
and expectations is probably a good idea. Teens are the responsibility of the adults in their group, not the
Steubenville NW staff, the Gonzaga staff, nor the Convention Center staff. Please insist that each of your
group members respects the rules and responsibilities outlined.


     Bedding/Sleeping bag and air mattress/pad if you are on the floor
     Pillow
     Toiletries and bath towel (maybe flip-flops for the shower floor)
     Soap for the bathroom sinks!
     Flashlight (if you are planning on walking between the dorms and conference venue)
     Journal, Bible, etc.
     Frisbee, ball, etc. (to play with in the park during free time)
     Spending money (for the bookstore, pizza at bedtime…)
     Small fan (the dorms can get warm during hot weather – check the forecast)
Please DO NOT bring iPODs, cell phones, anything that could distract you.

CLOTHING: Conference participants are expected to dress in a fashion that represents modesty and good
taste. Clothing must cover all undergarments and midriffs. Bikini tops, low cut tops, mini-skirts, short shorts,
extremely saggy pants, or other inappropriate attire are not to be worn at any time during the conference.
Clothing with vulgar or offensive language or obscene pictures will not be permitted. Also, since you will be
sleeping and showering in a dorm setting, a bathrobe and rubber flip-flops would be a good idea.

WHEN TO ARRIVE: Check-in will begin at 2:00 pm on Friday, July 29 and continue until 4:00 pm. The
location will be Coughlin Hall (the new dorm next to Catherine-Monica between Hamilton and Cincinnati).
When you arrive, there will be two stations. One adult from your group will need to go to Registration Check-
In for the conference packet, then to Housing to check out the dorm keys. Once you’ve checked in, you can
drop bags off in the dorm rooms, relax a bit, and report to the Foley Lawn (outside of the COG) for BBQ at
4:30-6:00. Please make every effort to arrive well before 4:00. If you know you will be late, please call me
on my cell (360-789-1000) so I am able to plan accordingly for your arrival. If you arrive after 5:30, you may
miss dinner.
TRANSPORTATION: Just a reminder that each group is responsible for transporting its own members between
Gonzaga and the Spokane Convention Center. Centennial Trail is a path that borders the river and takes about
20 minutes to walk between the two destinations. Steubenville NW volunteers will be joining Spokane’s
Downtown Security Ambassadors in patrolling the trail between 10:30 and midnight on Friday and Saturday.
Please bring a flashlight if you are going to be walking the trail. Youth MUST be accompanied by a chaperone
when on the trail. Alternatively, you may drive back and forth. Parking is available across from the venue at
the following rates:
                2-6 hours = $5.00
                6-10 hours = $6.00
                10-14 hours = $7.00
Parking is also available in the Garage below the Exhibit Halls for $5.00 per day (no in/out privileges). Buses
may be parked in the loading dock for the Exhibit Halls during the conference or at Gonzaga. Attached are
maps of both Gonzaga and the Spokane INB PAC area. You may also access the latter at

Please note: Unlike previous years, no outside people will be allowed at any of the Masses during the
conference. ALL conference events are limited to those wearing name badges. PLEASE enforce this rule with
your group members. They MUST wear their badges at all times while at the conference venue. The door
ushers have been instructed to deny entrance to anyone without a badge for security purposes.

I will be sending out statements for those with balances still owing. Please pay promptly.

May God bless you on your final preparations and protect you on your trip. Please call/email me if you have
any questions.

For His Glory,

Peggy Martinez
Steubenville Northwest
360-789-1000, spiritusministries.peggy@gmail.com
 FAX 360-584-9703 www.spiritusnw.org

Attachments: Dorm Assignments
             Tentative Schedule
             Small Group Questions

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