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           The world of fashion has become crowded. Designers have been trying every gimmick possible
to attract media attention. Big names like Versace (God rest his soul), Gucci, Benetton, Miaki and
others were always big news, but younger fashion designers had to go that extra mile to get their
fifteen minutes of fame. Ricardo Sotti was one of the young ones. After three years in the business,
making hardly any echoes in the world media, he decided to bring forth the most spectacular fashion
show to date. A show that will be remembered forever. A landmark in the field of fashion.
           Sotti's men's line of cloths had everything in it, from casual cloths to formal, from
raincoats to underwear. It would be in this last sketch, the underwear show, when the world would
remember his name. It was to be a complete surprise. Only he himself and two loyal assistants were
to share the full knowledge of the event.

            The first task at hand was to select the models. He wanted an international event, and
was ready to pay the huge amounts of money required to fly the top models of the world to his fashion
house in Milan. The first model he picked was a promising young Italian, who happened to be from his
home town, high in the Italian Alps. Known by his trade name "Vittorio", this young Italian had Austrian
blood, which accounted for his light complexion. His eyes and hair were deep dark brown, and he had
the square jaw of Corsican men. At 1.85 meters (6'2") he was well built. First discovered at a cycling
team, preparing for a race through the mountains, his legs were muscular and he had large flat pecks,
hiding a massive pair of lungs.
            The second one was a Druz from a village in the Israeli Galilee. Scorched by the
Mediterranean sun, Maher was the 11th son of an olive grower. He spend his youth working the hard
land. Traditionally he had begun to grow a moustache, which gave him the appearance of a pioneer,
a no-bullshit guy with piercing black eyes and full black hair. He was not very tall, but his all
appearance meant perfection. A proud member of his small nation.
            Sotti was also looking for the perfect blonde. He found him in Ty Peterson. A native of
southern California, Ty was a prototype of the all-American boy. By the age of 19, he completed his
high-school with honours and had a promising future in both higher education and professional surfing.
He was the wonderful combination of a baby-faced blonde, with a big smile and deep blue eyes, together
with a tan which spread evenly all over his 194cm, or as he would prefer it, his six-foot, four inches
lean pile of muscle.
            To complete his international crew, Sotti found an unknown Nigerian sprinter, and a Thai
kick-boxer. These two athletes were new to modelling. Nelson Mwebe was happy-looking, talkative and
smooth-skinned. He had the agility and speed of a puma. On the other hand, Sum-Chai was short, very
muscular and silent. He had the strength and fury to kill a man with his bear hands, yet he was kind
and gentle. It was not easy to persuade him to appear in the show, but after a period of negotiations
he accepted.

            As the date of the fashion show grew closer, other models joined the team. Some were brought
in as backups, some were to be included in various sketches. The team of five, though, was the centre
of attention. A truly global assembly for what was to be the boldest show on earth.
            All this time, Sotti's two assistants were dividing their time between building the
enormous set in a well known Milan hall and creating the media attention for the event. Reporters
were told that this show was about to feature a very special performance and handed invitations with
little nooses dangling from the card. The intention was to tell the people what was about to happen,
but not the degree to which it would be taken.
            The five models themselves had to be briefed. The idea that was presented to them was indeed
bold, but they all knew that participating in this event would give a great boost to their modelling
careers. During the rehearsals they were taught the art of the ropes, experimenting with different
knots and nooses. Most of the men found the rope play erotic. During the weeks before the show they
had great fun binding one another and teasing one another with homosexual insinuations. None of the
men was gay, but the fact that there was a man on the ground, bound and helpless, was very arousing.

            In the evening of the show, the hall resembled a bee hive. People were changing in and
out of outfits, stepping onto the long rectangular stage and returning behind the curtains. Many people
were attending and the media coverage was exceeding the expectations. The anticipation was enormous.
As the show advanced, the outfits were presented and some won applause from the audience. Sotti decided
to take advantage of the show and presented his whole line. After some time, people in the audience
and the press were starting to wonder if this whole noose theme was a trick, a red flag to draw their
attention. A news team from a local TV station was beginning to pack their gear and leave, when suddenly
out of the velvet sheets on the ceiling, five nooses dropped.
            The audience stared at them in awe. In this period in history nooses are not a common sight.
Of course, everyone had seen a hanging scene in a movie or on TV, but the encounter with the real
thing was new. For a few moments nothing happened. The nooses stayed there, each illuminated by a
spotlight. Then, though the curtains emerged Maher, smiling under his moustache. He was wearing a
tight white tee shirt with a wide neck opening and matching white boxer shorts. Carrying himself proudly
along the stage, he paused in front of the last noose and took a bow, giving the audience the chance
to look at his exquisite skin tone and muscular body. He then looked up at the noose and swallowed
hard. Everyone's attention was diverted to his prominent Adam's apple. He then stopped moving, as
if standing at attention and looked through the noose to a point somewhere in the opposite wall.
            A spot light once again illuminated the far end of the stage, as the young American came
forth and started walking. With nothing but black small string underwear, he stepped behind the Druz
and produced a short this rope from inside his briefs. As if on queue, Maher reached with his hands
behind his back and crossed his wrists, still smiling. Ty tried hard to keep a straight face and began
binding those wrists. As he felt the pressure of the rope on his hands, Maher felt a tingling sensation
up his spine. People sitting closer to the stage could see a slight movement in these white boxer
shorts. When Ty was sure that his job was well done, he reached for the noose, and pulled it over
Maher's head. Trembling from the excitement and the enormous number of eyes focused on his every move,
he tightened the noose around the neck and pulled the knot to the left side. He then took a step backwards
and positioned himself in front of the next noose. People in the audience agreed that this was indeed
a very different form of displaying cloths and wondered what will come next. Both men on the stage
were feeling the excitement, and both had noticeable erections through their undergarments.
            Next to appear was the Nigerian. Though not as tall as the American, he was the only one
who could reach his neck with ease. He had a purple silk suit on, reaching from his neck to his ankles.
Stretched over his long body, stressing every contour of his slim figure. The short cord was hidden
in his fists and Ty positioned his hands to be tied when he produced it. The audience was fixated
when he produced two short ropes. He tied the American's hands at the wrists and the upper arm, forcing
him to extend his torso. Just before he reached for the noose, the Nigerian gave a quick stroke to
the white man's upper body. A purple arm flashed in front of him and reached down to his waist. In
a moment the American was noosed and tight, just like the man he himself did earlier. The pressure
of the noose made his whole body sensitive and he beginning to get goose bumps on his back. The Nigerian
was pleased with his job and stepped behind the next noose.
            By now everyone knew what to expect. The next to appear was the Italian, and he was greeted
with a round of applause from the local crowd. He had an undershirt with two thin lines of fabric
over his shoulders and chequered shorts with deep pockets. In these pockets were hidden a regulation
police handcuffs. In no time they were fitted to the wrists of the black man, over his purple sleeves.
Everyone could see the bulge in the silk growing when he was also fitted with the noose around his
neck. Vittorio was enjoying himself immensely. He was very aroused by this whole situation and,
ignoring the instructions, gave the Nigerian a pat on the bulge, before taking his place at his own
            The smaller figure the Thai boxer appeared from behind the curtains, bare-chested with
long loose pants. The taller Italian bent his knees slightly to make it easy for the Thai to pull
the noose around his neck. When he was noosed properly, he stood up and put his hands behind his back
to be tied. The young Thai took out the rope, which was longer, and secured the Italian's hands behind
his back by wrapping the rope once or twice around his waist lines, covering the narrow gap between
the shirt and shorts. He then stepped back under the last remaining noose.
            This was the queue for Ricardo Sotti himself. In his black evening tuxedo, he secured the
Thai boxer's hands behind his back with leather cuffs and a heavy chain. He then took the noose and
lowered it over his model's head. As far as the models were concerned, everything was going according
to plan. In a moment the nooses were to be released from the ceiling and they would march off the
stage, dragging the roped behind them. In the meantime, they stood there smiling, trying to savour
this unique experience.
            The audience gave the bold designer a round of applause and waited for the conclusion of
the drama, expecting some elaborate way of releasing the men from their bondage. Sotti faced the
audience and television cameras and announced the grand finale of this evening's display. He said
that he prepared a surprise and that there was no cause for alarm.
            The models stopped smiling when Sotti produced five short ropes and stepped towards the
Druz model. Maher was anxious to get this whole thing over with. He was standing with a noose around
his neck for more than thirty minutes now. He had no idea what to do when Sotti kneeled and tied his
ankles together. He said something but the music was too loud for him to be heard. He was moving from
excitement to fear and started shaking a bit. His erection once again showing through his shorts.
            Each model got the same treatment. Each was surprised and bewildered. What was this all
about? Were they to hop back behind the scenes? The Thai kick boxer was the first to realise that
there was something wrong. He did this too late. By that time, the platform with the models on it
started moving upwards, and his arms and legs were incapacitated. The crowd was intrigued, but certain
that this was all a planned show. The models seemed distressed, but that was attributed to their acting
skills. No one would imagine that the models were indeed going to hang.
            For a moment or two all was still. The music was loud and only a few people heard the young
men screaming for help, disregarding them as part of the show. Then the Italian youth started to cry.
His tears were not an act. He was really crying and screaming, begging for his life. Some people in
the audience were started to suspect that something was wrong, yet they were the minority. The others
were still giving a standing ovation to the young fashion designer.
            All this time the platform was rising slowly. As it reached one foot, the music was muted
and all the lights came up. Then it suddenly dropped below its original height. Five sore throats
were silenced at once. Each of the young models felt his air cut off at once. They started to choke.
The faces of the four white guys were turning darker. The Thai had the strongest neck. He was resisting
the noose with great force. The knot was placed by Sotti at the back of his neck, but the drop was
not long enough for his muscle mass. He just hung these breathing heavily and kicking the air with
his bound legs.
            The Italian was the first one to black out. His Thai hangman placed the noose accurately.
His blood flow was blocked before his air supply was cut. He stopped fighting after short while, and
just hung there, gently swaying from side to side.
            The black man's face could not go any darker but his lips shifted from light pink to deep
purple. His huge pupils were growing against the creamy background of his eyes. He was fighting to
get a hold on the side of the pit and find relief on the edge of the stage. One or twice he touched
the edges of the pit, but could not get a foothold on the smooth surface. As he too blacked out, the
amplitude grew shorter, and he started rotating to the right.
            Ty was tall enough to reach the bottom of the platform as he fell. He could stand on tiptoes
and breath loudly through the noose. As he fell, the knot was twisted and shifted to the front of
his throat, pushing against his chin. He stood there, forced to look upwards, until he too blacked
            Nobody in the crowd moved. Then the first in line, the Druz with the boxer shorts, started
with spasms. He was shaking and trembling. His penis emerged from within the crack in his boxer shorts
and shot a load of warm creamy white cum on the row of journalists at the front. The other four had
cum too, each in his own underwear, and the stains were clearly visible. Then the screaming began.
People in the audience were moving in all directions. A few came up on the stage trying to help the
hanged men. Then the signal was given, and the nooses were released, the men dropping onto the pit
in the middle of the stage. Most of the hanged men were unconscious and all needed medical care to
be revived.

           Sotti himself was nowhere to be found. He disappeared with his assistants when the men
were dropped. He left the country and was hiding somewhere. Despite his status as a wanted man, his
factory received orders by the millions as a result of this fashion show. The five models themselves
became celebrities, and turned the red burn marks on their necks into their commercial symbol of
recognition, using makeup to reshape it when it was healed.

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