The Crisis of Inter-War Europe by Wm0bIZ


									Europe Between the Wars
September 23 and 25, 2008

Business Items
-      Quiz today
-      All papers and, hopefully, quizzes will be returned next week
-      Be sure to glance at the transcript to the Wannsee Conference (link is on the Web site). We will be
       watching a dramatic re-enactment of the conference. Consider the differences between popular
       culture and what can be historically proven.

The Culture of Crisis and the Height of the Modern
      Dada and the Avant Garde
               Weimar literature – Döblin, Brecht, Mann and the Frankfurt School
               The Bauhaus – form and function
               Schoenberg and Twelve Tone Music
               Picasso, surrealism, and modern art
      America and Europe
               Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, dos Passos and the “Lost Generation”
               Taylorism, Fordism and the promise of modern consumerism
               Charles Lindbergh, technology, and the image of America
               Jazz and swing music

Democracy in Retreat - France and Germany
               Demographic Crisis and fear of Germany
               bloc national and conservatism
               The Popular Front of 1936
               Appeasement and the Maginot Line
      Weimar Germany
               Reparations and Resistance
               Kapp Putsch, Communist Revolts and assassinations (1922)
      Inflation Crisis and Dawes Plan (1923)
               Stresemann and Stabilization (1924-1929)
               Economic collapse (1929)
               Political polarization and the crisis of Weimar Democracy

Democracy Defeated - Italy and Spain
      Benito Mussolini and Fascist Italy (1922-1939)
             Democracy, Italy, and the Versailles settlement
             Blackshirts and the March on Rome (1922)
             Syndicalism and industry
             Mussolini and the Church – Lateran Treaty (1929)
             Rise of a new Roman Empire
                     Ethiopia (1935), Spain (1936-1938) and Albania (1939)
      The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)
             Socialism vs. Catholic Conservatism
             Election of the Popular Front (1936)
             Military revolt in Morocco – attempted coup d’etat (July 1936)
             Weapons embargo and foreign involvement
                     Italy, Germany, and practice for war
                     Soviet Union and socialist volunteers
                     Guernica and the future of the air war
             Nationalist victory (1939)
             The legacy of Francisco Franco (1892-1975) and Spanish fascism

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