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									                      BlackRock Internship Opportunities

BlackRock is one of the world’s preeminent asset management firms and a premier
provider of global investment management, risk management and advisory services
to institutional, intermediary and individual investors around the world. BlackRock
offers a range of solutions — from rigorous fundamental and quantitative active
management approaches aimed at maximizing outperformance to highly efficient
indexing strategies designed to gain broad exposure to the world’s capital markets.
Our clients can access our investment solutions through a variety of product
structures, including individual and institutional separate accounts, mutual funds and
other pooled investment vehicles, and the industry-leading iShares® ETFs.

Aladdin and Technology/BlackRock Solutions (BRS)

A&T is responsible for all of the technology used by the BlackRock asset
management business. At the core of this is a system called “Aladdin” on which the
entire investment process for the firm is run.
BRS, conversely, is the sister organisation through which our risk analytics &
investment systems (inc. Aladdin) are leveraged externally by other financial
organisations. This is the natural evolution of BlackRocks long-standing investment in
developing sophisticated & highly integrated systems, meaning we can offer them to
a broad range of clients. Taking these external clients into account, the Aladdin
platform is now responsible for assets totalling over US$9.5 trillion.
People in A&T and BRS work in a very broad range of roles: from desktop support to
server maintenance, front office software development to writing trading systems,
relationship management to financial modelling. The characteristic they all share is a
commitment to “one BlackRock” and using technology to help our client meet their
investment goals.
In a typical day, someone in either A&T or BRS might find themselves….

      Working with a portfolio manager to specify new Aladdin functionality, e.g. to
       support a product launch
      Pairing with other developers on systems design & implementation
      Producing analytical reports for use by our clients
      Collaborating with colleagues across the other side of the globe (New York,
       San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo…..) on a multi department project

Core Trading and Operations
A&T - Core trading and Operations is responsible for the applications and
functionality in Aladdin that supports the order management and trading functions of
the investment process. It is envisaged that an intern would typically be involved in
supporting the team in systems design, development, testing & implementation.
A&T - Aladdin Portfolio Services is responsible for supporting Aladdin products
related to Investment Accounting, GIPS-compliant performance measurement, cash
reconciliation, cash publishing and other operational/administrative processes such
as P&L payment and AUM calculation. It is envisaged that an intern would typically
be involved in supporting the team in systems support, report design, system testing
and metrics production.

A&T E-Bus Marketing

The iShares EMEA Channel is part of the eBusiness Team reporting into A&T, and is
responsible for the prioritization and subsequent delivery and communication of
projects relating to Europe, Middle East and Africa. Working closely with the Product,
Sales and Marketing Teams in the region we look to provide solutions for the regional
and global business objectives. The team also manages the maintenance and
ongoing support of our suite of website in the region targeted at individual,
intermediary and institutional ETF investors.

The candidate will be required to assist with the agreed critical projects for 2011 and
will be able to provide business analysis skills as well as the day to day running of
the iShares websites. Must have a passion for online technologies and solutions, as
well as excellent attention to detail and communication. A second European
language preferred.

A&T Deskside Services
A&T Deskside Services are responsible for supporting all technology devices that
reside on the users desktop plus their mobile services such as Blackberry. An intern
will be over a period of time be trained and developed to become an active member
of the global deskside team and will be responsible for maintaining the service as per
our standard operating procedures.

Global Client Group – iShares

You could expect to have real responsibility for delivering specific projects and gain
insight on the ETF market and the iShares business. During the internship, you will
have the opportunity to make contact across the different businesses within iShares
(from sales & marketing to product development & capital markets) and the broad
BlackRock group.

The types of projects that you will get involved are business, competitor & market
analysis (eg understanding the business P&L, gathering information on key
competitors, identifying market trends etc), and presenting the findings to key
Global Client Group – Retail

The International Retail Business works in partnership with clients across EMEA,
Asia Pacific, Australia, Latin America and Japan. Clients
include retail and private banks, insurance companies, financial advisor networks and
distribution platforms.

The International Retail Business is supported by 24 offices and cross channel
functional team which serve clients in 40 countries.
The product range includes open-ended funds, closed-ended funds and alternative
investments. The flagship Luxembourg-domiciled
BlackRock Global Funds (BGF) is distributed across 36 countries and includes a
broad range of equity, fixed income, balanced and cash
funds. Separately, there are domestic fund ranges in the UK, Japan and Australia.

Working with the sales & marketing teams to deliver a range of services to meet
   client needs including
 Developing client pitches & answering client queries
 Conducting & presenting analysis
 Contributing to the development of marketing campaigns and client events
 Participating in internal sales & marketing forums

Transition Management

The transition management (TRIM) team manages portfolio restructurings for a range
of institutional clients. The team delivers execution excellence, project management
and risk management to clients to reduce the cost of trading and ultimately maximise
the performance of their investment strategies. The ideal candidate must have the
ability to view complex multi-dimensional restructurings at the macro level and
articulate at the micro level the optimal execution path. The diversity of transactions,
breadth of asset classes and access to a large pool of intellectual capitals translates
into a position where no two days are the same. Attention to detail and an appetite to
learn are a must. The role will require an ability to work within a multi-asset class
environment and with a range of financial instruments.

Financial Modelling Group

The position is with the Financial Modelling Group - Portfolio Risk team. The Portfolio
Risk team is responsible for the design, implementation and support of the risk
models and associated analytics which are used throughout BlackRock and our

As an intern in Portfolio Risk you will be part of building out the functionality of our
core analytics engine in C++ as well as helping to support our main business users,
the Risk and Quantitative Analysis team.
Business Operations
BlackRock has established a Business Operations Group to ensure our operations
are consistent and efficient across investment products, client channels and regions.
Business Operations is composed of three groups:
      Aladdin Portfolio Services Group -- responsible for all information required for
       the investment management process
      Operations & Administration -- provides operational support to BlackRock’s
       portfolio management teams and global client groups and manages day-to-
       day relationships with external service providers and counterparties for the
       retail and institutional businesses
      Provider Strategy -- responsible for ensuring the firm properly leverages
       counter-party relationships effectively

Portfolio Analytics Group

The Portfolio Analytics Group (PAG) is a risk and analytics group in BlackRock
Solutions that utilizes sophisticated analytics on fixed income, equity and alternatives
businesses to help our clients and portfolio managers understand their portfolio
exposures, strategy, risk and returns. PAG provides the daily risk reporting and ad-
hoc analytical support to over $7 trillion worth of assets under risk management
across thousands of portfolios. Analysts will gain a broad understanding of the asset
and risk management business, which includes learning about the wide range of
securities our clients trade, how they are priced in the market, how we analyze them
within BlackRock Solutions and what sensitivities they have to various market factors.
The group is also responsible for developing, maintaining and enhancing the
technology that is used to support the trading and reporting needs of BlackRock
Solutions’ risk management clients.

Private Equity Partners (PEP)

BlackRock Private Equity Partners (“PEP”) manages approximately $6.5 billion
through a diversified approach that invests across the spectrum of private equity,
from early-stage venture capital to more mature leveraged buyouts in Europe, the
USA and Asia. PEP’s fund-of-funds vehicles invest both in limited partnership
interests in private equity funds and directly into businesses as direct co-investments
alongside lead general partners. PEP broadly invests 70% of capital into funds and
30% into businesses as direct co-investments. The global PEP team of 60
employees includes 25 investment professionals, six of which are based in London.

PEP is looking for a UK Summer Analyst to join the investment team in London for
the Summer of 2011. Analysts are an integral part of the investment team,
participating in all aspects of the investment process, from initial screening and due
diligence, through approval, to post-investment monitoring and reporting. The
candidate will be an active participant in the fund selection and direct co-investment
process by performing screening, research, financial modelling, and other
quantitative & qualitative analyses as part of the investment team. Analysts support
the group’s efforts in other areas as well, including fundraising and operations as

This position demands excellent communications skills, strong analytical insight and
spreadsheet modelling skills, as well as a strong understanding of financial
statements. The individual must thrive in an environment that demands perseverance
and creativity in accessing information, have the ability to balance multiple tasks, and
importantly the ability to work effectively in a global cross-border team. The Summer
Analyst may also have an opportunity to spend some time in the United States
working in our Princeton, New Jersey, head office to get to know the US team and
our global investment process.

Learn the basics of the investment process and participate in the due diligence of
investment opportunities (funds, direct co-investments, secondaries), including
assessing valuations, financial modelling, drafting investment papers and presenting
investment recommendations;
Develop effective verbal communication/public speaking skills;
Assist in the preparation of materials for quarterly reviews of the portfolio, external
investor reports, advisory board meetings, and fundraising;
Gain a full understanding of private equity market;

Candidate Requirements
Intelligent, curious, hard-working individuals with a superior academic record who are
working towards a degree (with an analytical bias) from a leading university;
Prior experience from previous internship(s) or part-time positions in an investment
bank, investment management firm or similar financial institution is preferable
Must have good interpersonal & team skills, as interaction with high-level industry
participants is routine;
Communication skills – Ability to effectively formulate and articulate opinions, both
verbally and in writing;
Analytical and critical thinking – Ability to identify and summarise key investment
considerations and risks. Ability to participate in a constructive review and debate of
the merits of an investment and to be challenged on a point of view;
Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and financial modelling skills are a necessity;
Comfortable with consensus decision-making and working in a cross-border, team-
based environment;
Well organized, with time-management skills;
A passion for & understanding of the European private equity market.

How to apply
To apply to any of the above roles please visit the BlackRock careers website:
Please note that applications will only be open for two weeks.

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