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					                                   DuFief PTA Meeting Minutes
                                    June 2, 2009 (7:10 to 8:15)

1. Approval of minutes from May 5 PTA meeting. Motion to approve by Jodi Rubin, 2nd by Astrid
Crookshank. Motion passed by voice vote.
2. President’s Report (Chris Hakenkamp)
      a. Garden/Outdoor Learning Center
                1. The plants are in; Boy Scouts will help install pavers on June 13; the parts for the
                    benches should arrive next week
                2. Donations are still being accepted. There is enough money for the plants, so additional
                    money will help purchase the weather center.
                3. Picture of the Outdoor Learning Center may be in the Gazette.
3. President Elect’s Report (Bridget Pavlak)
      a. Bridget presented the slate of PTA officers and board of directors positions for the 2009-2010
          school year.
                    President-Elect- Kellie Reynolds
                    Treasurer- Shobana Sampath
                    1st Vice President, Educational Programs- Suzanne Messing
                    2nd Vice President, Community Resources- Jodi Rubin
                    3rd Vice President, Social Events- Marci Etman
                    Recording Secretary- Dana Silverman
                    Corresponding Secretary- Portland Ridley
                    MCCPTA Delegates- Mark Ellenbogen, David Scher
                    Wootton Cluster Representatives- Karen Collishaw, Daniel Russ
      b. There was a motion to elect the slate of candidates for PTA positions for the 2009-2010
          school year (motion from Dana Silverman, 2nd by Lori Kelman). The motion passed by
          voice vote.
4. Treasurer’s Report (Mary Nixon)
      a. As of 06/01/09, total assets are $28,419.33. Liabilities are $0. Total net worth is $28,419.33.
      b. Activities that include income:
                1. Bingo Night broke even, as planned.
                2. DragonFest made $771.05 in profit, although it was supposed to break even. The
                    building rental cost was lower than in the past because we did not use the cafeteria;
                    Backyard Inflatables cost was lower than last year. The extra money may be used to
                    purchase games for 2010 DragonFest.
                3. Garden/Outdoor Leaning Center- collected $7235 from the grant and donations.
                    Expenses to date are $4723.63.
                4. Memories and Dreams will have money left over although it was budgeted to break
                    even. There were more donations than anticipated.
                5. Safeway Shopping income is less than anticipated. To date, we have received $434.13,
                    but the budget was $1,150.00
      c. Activities that do not include income:
                1. Books and Bagels- no more activity this year. Used $776.30 from budget of $800.
                2. Classroom Funds- used $2861.94 from budget of $4400. Anticipate more
                    reimbursement requests this year.
                3. Art- used $236.85 from a budget of $300. Do not anticipate more activity this year.
                4. Community Service- used $930.84 from a budget of $1200. Do not anticipate more
                    activity this year.
                5. International Night- used $244.92 from a budget of $450. Do not anticipate more
                    activity this year.
                   6. Mrs. Pape- used $120.68 (includes books for her office) from a budget of $200.
                   7. Media center- used $299.84 from a budget of $300. Expenses included purchase of
                      books related to author day.
   5. 1 VP for Educational Programs Report (Suzanne Messing)
          a. Book Fair 2009- Set up on Monday November 9; open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
             Parent-Teacher conferences occur the same week.
   6. 2nd VP for Community Resources Report (Jodi Rubin)
          a. Food drive for Gaithersburg Help- good participation, but not as many donations as last year.
   7. 3 VP for Social Events Report (Astrid Crookshank)
          a. Art Show discussion: Mrs. Trusilo prefers to separate the art show from the auction and talent
             show. The auction and talent show occur in late winter. Mrs. Trusilo would like to have the art
             show in the spring, to allow more preparation time.
   8. Wootton Cluster (Dean Chang and Karen Collishaw)
          a. Discussed 2011 capital improvement requests at the most recent meeting. DuFief requests are:
             roof, HVAC, gym floor, exterior painting.
          b. Debrief on Hopkins/Belward Farm/Science City development meeting- no new information.
          c. Discussed feedback on elimination of fees for public education.
                   1. (Mrs. Reitz presented some of this information during the PTA meeting) Impact- no
                      School Tool Box sales, because we cannot tailor the boxes to only include items for
                      personal use. DuFief will send a list of suggested items for personal use when report
                      cards are mailed. Instructional items, such as sticky notes and dry erase markers, will
                      be supplied by the school. The PTA can provide a list of needed donations- tissues,
                      hand sanitizer. Weekly Reader and other subscriptions will be provided by the school
                      because they are instructional items. Families will still be asked to pay for grade 4 and
                      5 planners ($2.25, printed by MCCPS) because they are the students’ personal property.
                      Families will be asked to pay for field trips. School budget increased by $3 per student
                      because of new expenses, but that increase will not cover all new expenses.
   9. MCCPTA Report (Mark Ellenbogen and Lorna Brundage)- no report
   10.Principal’s Report (Mrs. Reitz and Mr. Williams)
          a. Mrs. Reitz thanked Chris Hakenkamp for all of her hard work and dedication during her year as
             PTA president. She was always willing to help wherever she was needed. During the year she
             wrote the grant for the garden and has worked very hard on garden installation.
   11. New Business.
          a. Lori Meyer discussed the need for volunteers to help during recess. The school has less staff
             because of the lower number of students, but the amount of space the children use during recess
             has not changed. It is hard for the adults to watch all areas. We need 2 adults per day for 1 hr 45
             minutes. If each parent volunteers for 1-2 afternoons per year, all times can be covered. There
             may be a call for volunteers and a sign-up sheet next year.
          b. Chris Hakencamp recognized the top PTA volunteers for the school year:
               Eileen Foster, Emmy Wedberg (Mrs. Kipfer’s mom), Kathleen and Dean Chang, Carolyn
               Carson, Jodi Rubin, Bridget Pavlak, Lori Kelman, Dana Silverman, Arlene Davis, and Astrid

Minutes submitted by: Kellie Schoolar Reynolds, Recording Secretary


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