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									                           MOORFOOT PARENT TEACHER GROUP
                                                                                            Wednesday 24 June 2012
Parent Teacher Group                                                                                        7.00pm
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING                                                                  Bruntons Lounge, Gorebridge
Chairing Meeting: Shirley Fairley, Secretary          Clerk: Coline Hyslop
Present:       Lisa Campbell               Mel Scrimgeour          Apologies:   Sandy Delap
               Neil Finnie                 Ashe Tait                            Lorna Noble
               Rhona Holland               Adeline Tan                          Lorraine Cusack-Brown
               Jane Lambley                Sheila Wallace                       Jill Holland
               Fiona Oswald                Cllr Cath Johnstone
                                                                                                         Follow Up
MINUTES                                                                                                      Action
Shirley chaired the meeting in Jill’s absence and introductions were made

The previous minutes were taken as read, with the only matter arising was return of consent forms,
which Ashe said had greatly improved this year, and she was looking to simplify some more in the
new school year.

In Jill’s absence, Shirley read out her report:

2011/12 has been another busy and constructive year for the PTG with very committed and
positive involvement from parents, carers and families of the school. The focus of the PTG has been
     providing a 2 way link between the school, including the nursery, and parents
     supporting school activities through parent involvement and also fund raising
     helping the school provide a positive link to our local communities
The PTG provides a communication link with the school, whilst not taking away the opportunity for
parents to have direct contact with the school for any specific queries and concerns. Involvement
this year for example has been through World of Work, and Curriculum for Excellence – the PTG
had a presence at the Curriculum Evening in September.

Fund raising activities have been very well supported in direct ways e.g. helping at events, donating
baking, prizes etc, and also through attendance. Events have included Middleton fete, Duck Race,
Coffee mornings at both Middleton and Temple. These have not only raised funds to support the
school but also provide tremendous social occasions for the children, families and local
communities. The ceilidh is run as a social event for the school and families, but also raises money.

The money raised has been used for specific activities agreed by the PTG – This year, amongs other
activities, we contributed to outings for the school and nursery:

       trips in terms 1 and 2
       the Christmas outing
       summer outings
       the residential trips for P5/6/7 pupils

This means that although parents were required to pay a sum to those activities, it was less than
would otherwise have been.
We were also asked by the school to help out this year with funding for a new smartboard which
was to replace a broken board originally from Temple School. Unfortunately these are not part of
core equipment in schools and we were able to provide the money required, for which the school
were very grateful. The PTG will need to be aware that such requests may arise again in the future
and we would need to consider each case and how we allocate monies raised.
(As an aside, Jane confirmed that when Moorfoot PS opened in 2007, the joint Temple/Borthwick
budgets, along with compensation from Skanska enabled the purchase of 2 smartboards)
We have been successful in applying for external grants which have been used for Forest Schools
and all classes have now benefitted from this experience.
We also made a donation this year, matching the amount raised through a dress down day, to
Borthwick Church, in appreciation of the positive links the school has had with this local historic
Thanks should go to the post holders in the PTG but also to everybody who has given their time
and support in different ways this year, and to the School for is continued positive support and
development of our children.

In Lorraine’s absence, Shirley gave a brief summary of the Treasurer’s Report and full accounts will
be available shortly (please ask if you would like to see these):
        August 2011, opened with £1,500
        £3,010 came in
        £4,087 went out (included in this: £2,480 on trips for school and nursery, £841 smartboard)
        As of today, £454.66 to carry forward, but a few more incomings on their way: 2 x duck
           hires; £375 from Middleton Village Hall; £1,000 grant from Carcant Wind Farm for Forest
           Schools; about £15 from uniform exchange.
 Jill had asked it to be noted that we are not specifically required to get our accounts inspected but
 we would like to do this each year as good practice – it also helps if we are applying for any grants
 as they will expect accounts to be inspected. The person inspecting should be independent and
 competent. Independent means outside the PTG but could be a family member, neighbour,
 colleague. Competent means experience in this type of area – accountant, bank manager book
 keeper (currently in these roles or retired), treasurer of another group; someone with relevant
 business experience e.g. runs their own business. Jane suggested that Annette Parker can always
 be called on if we are struggling to find someone, and Adeline said her mother is an accountant
 and would be happy to help.
Neil queried if the PTG has an annual target for fundraising. This has not been the case so far, but
could be something to consider.

All office bearers were happy to stay on another year, though Lorraine and Jill would like to stand
down next year.
      Jill was re-elected as Chair (Shirley nominated and Adeline seconded)
      Fiona was re-elected as Vice-Chair (Ashe nominated and Rhona seconded)
      Shirley was re-elected as Secretary (Adeline nominated and Fiona seconded)
      Lorraine was re-elected as Treasurer,(Shirley nominated and Ashe seconded).
      Coline is standing down as Clerk. This is a Council appointment, not an elected role, so an
          advertisement had been circulated in the school and village noticeboards/websites with a
          closing date of 15th June. (Coline would like to thank everyone who contributed to the
          lovely leaving gift she was given)
      Lorna Noble is stepping down as co-opted member, Ashe suggested Susan Adam (Forest
          Schools) could be a good replacement as a co-opted member and she will approach her.
      Shirley knows someone who would like to help with cycling, kerbcraft etc and Adeline
          suggested Neil Wilson, from North Middleton, who is a successful mountain biker, may like
        to help out sometime with cycling skills.
       Class reps volunteered: Lisa for Class 4; Mel for Class 3; Adeline for Class 2 , Rhona for
        Class 1 and Neil for Nursery.

Shirley and Coline talked through the proposed changes to the constitution. The main points were:
       Correction of name from Parent Council to Parent Teacher Group
       The Parent Teacher Group will include a representative parent of each class, selected for a
        period of one year, and recommended as a maximum of 2 years.
       Authority for urgent spending decisions
Jill had expanded on some of the above: to ensure positive links with each class throughout the
school it is proposed that a parent should take the role of Class representative to link in to the PTG.
This would not take away from an individual’s right or requirement to speak directly to the
teachers or school with issues or queries, but would provide a general link and the opportunity to
raise to, or provide feedback from the PTG, on any items that may be common to the class.
All present approved the changes and it was agreed to post them on the school website, asking for         Coline
any comments to be made by 15th June.

       Upcoming events: the PTG will again have a stall at the Middleton Fete on 25th August and
        it was decided that the Duck Race will be on Sunday 9th September.
       Adeline thinks that next year the Friday coffee morning should be able to run every week
         as she has enough volunteers and parents who may be waiting between end of Nursery
         and end of School day.
       Sheila asked if the Learning Centre will still be available next term for parents between 2.30
         and 3.15pm pick-up. Jane said it will be.
       Ashe had been recommended a new ceilidh band/musician - Gary from the Singing Kettle.
         All agreed that it would be worth trying to get him for the last Friday in January for the
         annual school ceilidh, with the Thursday as an alternative.
       Fiona suggested that a cash gift would again be appropriate for Jackie Gibb this year as she
         has contributed so much to the school by continuing to run the after-school Art Club,
         Gardening Club and ‘the shed’ in her own time. All agreed that a £50 gift would be
         appropriate. It was suggested that next year a nominal charge of £1 per session should be
         made for the Art Club.
       A parent had asked whether the school would consider bringing in a school tie. Jane said
         this had been talked about in the past but would really necessitate a change to the whole
         uniform and potentially could have the added distractions of them getting lost, more time
         taken up in the tying of them etc, so it had been decided not to do this.
       Neil mentioned that he had known that the Nursery had done some fund raising but
         maybe the PTG profile should be raised in the Nursery because as a nursery parent he
         hadn't realised the PTG also funded the Nursery trips. In his role as "rep" for the nursery
         he said he will ensure this was communicated within Nursery and to Nursery parents in

To be confirmed.

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