6th Newsletter by 47X793M



                      Flock Hill Flyin          12-13 June 2010

Just another experience to share on a flyin !!!!!!, as you can see, the hardy
members that made it to Flock Hill, all had a new experience, “SNOW”
For some, it was a 1st to see the beautiful white flakes falling in such a nice setting
as Flock Hill. This was until one thought it through some more, how am I now going
to get home ?
Well, in short the snow stopped about 2.30 Sunday afternoon and all bar 3 planes,
safely made it home that day. The others did so on Monday. This was a new
experience on a flyin, that was fun for all.

17 planes made it in on Friday night, namely SIA, CMV, BGI, BMW, BJY, MJP, EFB,
CAK, EEJ, JKH, CES, EJU, PKD, BKG, JHS, BSP, BDD, & Murray Bowes, Pete Turvy
and Jock Montgomery all by car.
As you can see, I am writing this newsletter once again and I still have the 185, so
for now, all good so to speak. This was largely due to SIA not being sold and Frank
Prouting persuading me to attend this Flyin. How could I resist when Flock Hill is
my back yard! Anyhow, thank you Frank, I had a ball.

Well Saturday, dawned and while not great weather, it was flyable. We formed our
groups and set off to explore. Some went to Mt White doing all the usual strips,
others out to the Rakaia and then all meeting at the stunning new lodge at Manuka
Point. Don Patterson and family met us at the strip, well everyone except John
Stevenson who wanted to park at the back door !

We were then ferried up for a stunning BBQ lunch of venison, beef, hot soup with
all the trimmings in their new hunting and accommodation lodge. Even in this fowl
weather, the outlook was awesome, it was warm and hence the afternoon was easy
to pass on here rather than flying anywhere else. A great spot and once again a big
thankyou to the Patterson family.
We eventually did leave, some tried getting into the top strip in the Rakaia, other’s
back to Mt White, with most just heading back to Flock Hill. It was a interesting day
to say the least, most got a rating of flying through snow and dealing with de icing
planes, all good stuff.

Those that did not make it back to the bar from the strip, got side lined eating fresh
hot crays being cooked in the Flock Hill barn, by Andrew Tilby. Very tasty indeed.
Sorry to those that missed this, but there was more at dinner if you were quick!

There was only one thing now to do, move into the bar and debrief. This was done
in the usual way, a magnificent dinner was served and the night flowed with all the
lies and stories of the day and yesterday.
Paul and Richard Royds gave us a run down on the latest DOC issues, To this
point, if you want to visit their areas we need a copy of your insurance certificate
emailed to Richard or Paul as mentioned later on in this newsletter. After this, the
real lies carried on until the early hours. Thanks guys for meeting with DOC,
someone has to do this, so I am sure on behalf of all, this is much appreciated.

Sunday did dawn fine, but you had to be early to see it, as by 8.30, it was bucketing
down with snow, that, as said earlier, did not stop to 2.30ish. This was an added
bonus to Flock Hill selling lunch to most. Again thanks to Andrew Tilby, clay bird
shooting in a snow storm was enjoyed by some. (I have not tried to aim at a clay
bird in a blizzard, was interesting) Once it cleared, and it did this suddenly, all

A big thank you to Paul and Kate, Flock Hill and all others involved in organizing
another great Fly away weekend.
Some pics
And some more

OUR NEXT MEET IS AS BELOW, so time to book !!

Mark Sinclair, as advertised in earlier newsletters is organising this flyin.
Mark can be contacted at 03 4159097 or 027 4100059 or email sinky@farmside.co.nz

Here's some details for the Fly In at the Catlins.

Venue: Whistling Frog Cafe - Catlins

Date: 10 & 11th September 2010

Website to book accommodate: www.catlinsnz.com
this has photos and all options and prices for accommodation along with details of the airstrip too.

The strip has a windsock and is 300 meters long. It starts off level to a 30 -35 deg gradient. The strip is not into the prevailing
wind. On this strip you are totally committed on short finals and this strip is good to take off from.

If you are not keen to give this strip a go, there is another strip available in the Tahakopa Valley which we will have a shuttle
bus available to pick you up from.

This should be a great weekend, with lovely scenery, beach landings and an option to fly to Stewart Island which is only 25
minutes flying away.

Sooooooo bring your walking shoes, camera.

Raewyn & I look forward to seeing you in September for a great weekend of flying and socialising!!!!

I am told that there are already 58 Cessna 180/185 aircraft registered with Jeff for this
fantastic event. This is absolutely great news, gosh, another 50 and we are All just about
there !!!

“This is a repeat message as in the last newsletter”

CESSNA 185 BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION January 20th to 22nd
The following link will help those that are going, check out

As most of you know, Jeff Griffith is the organizer for this event.

The below is a reprint, but so no one forgets this event, I will continue to reprint it until the day of the

Time is counting down, now only months to organize to take time off.
Please pass this message on to every 180 or 185 owner that you know. This media will get to our
members, but there are a lot of other owners that are not part of this group. We would like to see every
180 and 185 in the country attend, so it is up to you as members to help Jeff to contact all and then
persuade these people to come along. The advance notice is out now, so surely 18 odd months notice
(now down to 15) of an impending “Flyin” should give everyone ample notice and absolutely no reason
not to attend.
The venue is central for all in New Zealand, so NO EXCUSES.
We missed doing anything for the 180, 50th birthday, so we MUST celebrate 185 birthday.

Suggest you BOOK NOW as all Hotels are already taken
CAMPING Solway showgrounds is three kilometres from the aerodrome. They charge about $10.00 per head and have
toilet and shower facilities. They want us to appoint one person who will take all the bookings and then work with them.
They will take the fee on the day. I am happy to do this job. My details at the end of this info.

MOTELS Contact ; Discovery Motor Lodge, 06 378 7745. Amble Inn Motel, 06 377 4159. BKs Chardonnay
Motel, 06 377 7485. Chanel Court Motel, 06 378 2877. Colonial Cottage Motel, 06 377 0063. Cornwall
Park Motel, 06 378 2939. Highwayman Motel, 06 377 4144. Masterton Motor Lodge, 06 378 2585. South Park
Motel, 06 378 2340. --- Ken I am sure these will all have websites, I have contacted enough of them to know they
are not booked out yet, however, time is of the essence. They are all within 5 kilometres.

HOTELS Fully Booked as above.

HOMESTAYS Akura Farmstays 06 378 8104. Ruriko Cottage 06 378 2210. Littleacres 06 377 0236. Cabbage Tree
Cottage 06 377 5670.-- All handy.

Jeff’s contact details are
Cell ph 06 3703665

Makaroa 2011
March 18-19th
I see when booking out this year that just about all have rebooked this popular event. If
you have not, Please phone them on 03 443-8372 or email info@makarora.co.nz to book your
accommodation if you have not done so on leaving last year. If you want to know anything re the
weekend, please contact Mike Tapper on 027 4334617.

Welcome to Pete Turvey. Pete has bought in Cessna 180 from Australia now
registered ZK-BZP. Pete came to Flock Hill, be it in a car, hopefully the Catlins in
the 180 !!
Reminder that Brian now has Group Jackets and caps, so if you would like to order
please contact Brian at bsdoigbjy@hotmail.com
Or phone 3-3022741 or cell 027 6822093.

Also it is once again sub time. Please see attachment and forward your payment.

Insurance RE DOC, as mentioned above in newsletter.
All applicants must hold the following minimum levels of insurance, and provide evidence with this application
    General Public Liability for an amount no less than NZ$1,000,000 including Forest & Rural Fires Act
     Extension with this extension having a sub-limit of no less than NZ$1,000,000.
    Aviation Legal Liability for an amount of no less than NZ$2,000,000 including Forest & Rural Fires
     Act Extension with this extension having a sub-limit of no less than NZ$1,000,000.

I certify the information given in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of applicant: _____________________________________ Date:
Forward these details as a certificate from your Insurance company to Paul at pk.mac@xtra.co.nz and or Richard Royds at
rroyds@xtra.co.nz and if poss please state value on the sub request form also attached.

Just in case you missed this
Queens Birthday honours list
Mr Robert Jules TAPPER, of Queenstown.
For services to aviation and tourism.
Well done Jules, we all know that you deserve this honour.
$250,000 St Bathans Lunch, (Marcus van Asch)

FDO was one of the last planes to land on the St Bathans farm strip in March, with the lunch due shortly it didn’t even cross
our minds that FDO would be the last to leave and on a trailer. Taxing in we quickly scanned around to look at the
surrounding environment, 20 aircraft, 1 tied down, lightest NW. As a new 180 pilot/farmer I worked on the flock mentality,
follow the pilots in front of us. I found a spot with room, facing up hill into the wind, brakes applied, wheels chocked, but
un-picketed, we descended the hill for a good hearty country lunch. On completing lunch the publican arrived back at the
pub from delivering other pilots to the strip. With the news that any flying group wish not to hear “two planes won’t be
flying home today” I hurried up the hill to find FDO’s back end damaged to a un-flyable state. After only co-owning the
aircraft for six months it was a horrible feeling to see it in this state.

From this incident these are the things that I was aware off, but had not personally experienced till now.

       Aircraft are expensive to repair

       Wind speed & direction can change suddenly, always tie down aircraft when leaving them even for short
       Don’t just follow the aircraft in front of you. Use your own pilot judgement.
       It is not a very nice feeling finding your aircraft in a bent state, and then leaving it on a exposed hill, with
        gale NW forecast for the next 4 days
       Tie down firm, slack ropes let aircraft move around and work tie-downs out. Use ropes it absorbs some of
        the shocks from gusts, unlike chain.
       If available, spoilers can be use on top of main wings in strong winds, to reduce lift.
       Dig main wheels into ground to lower the angle of attack on wings or raise the tail to level flight position,
        making sure this object is tied to the ground and aircraft.
       Check surrounding area in the vicinity of plane when parking, large light unsecured items i.e. 44 gallon
        drums or aircraft (at St Bathans) cause lots of damage!

    Thanks to other group members for helping secure the aircrafts involved and getting us back to Marlborough

(Note: $250,000 is the estimated valve of repairs to all aircraft) Marcus van Asch FDO

PLEASE REMEMBER, We are no longer a club, we are a group of people that have a similar interest, being one of owning and flying
Cessna 180/185's and in that regard we meet several times a year for a social get together over a weekend. Any flying activities entered
into by any person is at their own decision and risk and done so, to normal CAA rules directly under the pilot in command of that
particular aircraft. You, as “PILOT In Command" will always have the final say on WHERE, WHEN AND HOW YOU FLY YOUR AEROPLANE.

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