Report Last Farm by 47X793M


									                      Report Last Farm 2011
                          Sue Babich

The feed back over the last year from the other clubs is that the
farm has been in a good condition and the fishing excellent
depending on the time of the year. The banks kept clean,
wildlife/bird life all reported and in general a super fishing/relaxing
venue. There has been the odd complaint about dirty toilets and
rubbish left in the old farmhouse, these problems where soon
sorted out, there was a couple incidents of damage to property
such as driving through the fence or cutting the locks off and these
incidences where reported to the relevant club who dealt with their
member accordingly and compensated RPA. There was also
reports that people fishing for the day or weekend at Rosslee using
the toilets at Last Farm, this is something that will have to be watch
carefully by the RPA rangers although personally I would not want
to spend a week fishing at Rosslee with out the right facilities
especially for Mums and young kids.

The main concern from the other clubs is the assess road during
the summer months a number of clubs Jan and Feb 2011 could
not get up the road and had to cancel at great expense for some of
their members re petrol etc. I have mentioned this before to the
committee that the road should be fixed during the winter months
particularly the where the road meets the Milk Hut Road and would
like to propose that this suggestion is taken seriously both Mike
Kirby and I have discussed it many times.

The other area of interest and possible concern is over the last
year having received regular reports back from the other clubs as
to their members catches and species caught that there has been
an explosion of yellow fish both large and small mouth in the Last
Farm Bay particularly during 2011.

Due to the no points system the RPA adopted over 10 years ago
this species has not been recorded not even on a catch and
release bases in the data sheets. I would suggest that the
Conservation Officer for the RPA looks into this phenomenon - is it
a certain number of years cycle or something else happening in
the Bay?

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