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					                    WRANGLE PARISH COUNCIL NOTES
Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 12 June 2012, attended by Cllrs G Danby
(Chairman), B Kime, T Wright, S Dickens, D Garwood, B Ingham, R Featherstone
and T Ashton.
Apologies were received from Cllr Bowles
Also present: Borough Cllrs M Dennis and F Pickett and County Cllr P Bedford.
The PCSO reported by e-mail:
1 traffic offence – Main Road; 2 road traffic collisions at Main Road; 1 incident of
criminal damage at Wrangle Bank; Concerns of loose horse near to Main road and
an incident of suspicious callers – these were checked by the Police on request and
found to be from the company they said they were.
Boston Borough Council Anti Social Behaviour Officer 01205 314318
Police on 101.

Approve Minutes of Last Meeting
Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 01 May 2012, previously circulated, were
approved and signed as a true record.

Plans Received
B/12/0143 - Mr P Ashton - Installation of stand alone solar PV panels to generate
renewable electricity for farm at Welsh’s Farm, Bull Drove – supported by Parish
Council Planning Committee
Planning Decisions
There were no planning decisions received
Green Waste Collections
Bins for green waste door to door collection have been very popular with over 8000
having been ordered and paid for.
The raised bus stops in the area of The Minstrels have now been done. There is a
problem with standing water in Chapel Lane, this will be reported to LCC. The
marsh access at Sea Lane has been listed for repair, checks will be made to find
out when this work will be carried out.
Some trees in Hall Lane need to be cut back, a road closure notice will be required
before this work can be carried out. The new Ivery Lane nameplates will be
checked as to whether they are in the correct place as they may be sited on Claxy
Please report potholes, street lights that are not working and street
lights that are on all day to the Parish Council Clerk on 01205 270352
Recreation Field
Quotations received from four companies were available prior to the meeting for
Councillors to look at, a fifth company will be asked to submit their quote as
requested. All representatives were given a plan of the area and asked to consider
a budget of £100,000.00. Amendments were suggested for the questionnaire,
these will be included ready for the public consultation on 27 June 2012 at Wrangle
Chapel between 2.30pma and 5.30pm.
It was resolved by the Parish Council that the old equipment should be removed
and taken for scrap, this work will be carried out after Wrangle Show and the area
will be grassed.
Some further repairs have been arranged of the pavilion and a container is needed
for storage so the kitchen area can then be cleared and cleaned.
The Borough Council will run a Summer Sports Tour in the Recreation Field during
the school summer holidays on Tuesday and Friday mornings between 10.30am
and 12 noon, further information is in the notice boards or on the parish Website.
Digital Photographic Competition
This competition is open to all amateur photographers and this year’s theme is
‘What is Best About My Village’. Entries accepted until 01 September 2012 for
under 18 and over 18 (as at 01 April 2012). For more details and an entry form
visit: the Parish Website, the form is available under Parish Council.
Evening Marsh Walk
The Parish Council will organise an Evening Marsh Walk again this year. This has
been well attended in the last two years. The date for this year’s walk is Friday 03
August 2012, meeting at the Sailors Home at 7.00pm. More Information can be
found in the Parish Notice boards or on the Website.
Wrangle Parish Website: parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/wrangle
If anyone has a report from a group or organisation that they would like to be
considered for the Parish Council Website please e-mail it to wranglepc@aol.com.

Diamond Jubilee
The Jubilee Beacon was lit at 10.15 on Monday 04 June 2012 at Gold Fen Bank.
Thanks were expressed to the Jubilee Committee and particularly the Chairman, for
organising such a good Diamond Jubilee Event for Wrangle.
There are a few Diamond Jubilee mugs available for children who live in Wrangle
under the age of 16. To order a mug please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council
by telephone or e-mail.

Date and Time of Next Meeting
The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 03 July at 7.30pm in the
Parish Hall. Public forum between 7.00pm and 7.30pm

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