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35W Presentation1


									St. Anthony Falls
 Jon Chiglo, P.E., Project Manager
In memory of those who perished, those
who were hurt, and those who provided
          aid and comfort ..
  St. Anthony Falls I35W Bridge
• Construction started in 1964
• Opened to traffic in 1967
    – $440,740 to construct the
    – $4,823,262 to construct the
• 64 feet high, 1,907 feet long,
  14 spans
• Four lanes of traffic in each
• Carried 140,000 vehicles daily,
  including 5,700 commercial
                                    I35W Bridge - Looking North
                                             July, 1967
              Bridge Facts
• Inspected annually since 1993; before
  that, was inspected every two years

• Deck steel truss made up of three parts;
  the deck, superstructure and substructure

• Average daily traffic of 140,000 vehicles,
  including 5700 commercial vehicles

• Scheduled for reconstruction in 2020-25
 Maintenance Work Underway at
        Time of Collapse

• Concrete and joint
  repair, lighting and
  guardrail installation
• Scheduled completion
  date = September 30,
• Cost = $9 million
The Disaster

      • Bridge Collapses at
        6:05 p.m. Wednesday,
        August 1, 2007
        – Plunges nearly 100
          vehicles into the
          Mississippi River
           • 13 fatalities
           • 105 injuries
Traffic Management Response

                             • 20 changeable message
                               signs activated
                             • Continuous coverage on
                             • FIRST units provided initial
                               traffic control
                             • Information provided to media
 Mn/DOT’s Regional Traffic     and travelers
Management Center (RTMC)        – 511 telephone and website
                                – RTMC traveler Information page
Metro District Emergency
 Operations Response
        • Activated Metro District
          Emergency Operations Center
        • Blocked off roadways
        • Instituted 24 hour staffed traffic
        • Assisted enforcement personnel
        • Placed detour routes for next
          mornings rush
        • Staff assigned to State and local
          Emergency Operations Centers
        • Liaison with local agencies
Emergency Service Response

Hundreds of Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Medical Professionals
                       turn out to help
       Metro Transit Response
• Assigned 25 extra buses
  to north and east metro
  area, results in:
  – Ridership jumps 25-50%

• Advised public to “buy
  bus passes, stagger work
  hours, and carpool”         Park-and-Ride use jumps after I35W
                                       bridge collapse
• Began studying additional
  service enhancements
         The Nation Responds
• Homeland Security & FBI
  – Investigate any potential criminal
    or terrorism links

  – Sends a team of 19 investigators
    to determine cause of collapse

• Navy Divers
  – Team arrives to assist with
    recovery effort
         The Nation Responds
• USDOT Secretary tours site
  and announces $5 million
  grant to help pay for early
• Congress authorizes $250
  million in Emergency Relief
• President Bush pledges to cut
  red tape that could delay
  recovery efforts and declares
  a State of Emergency
 Mn/DOT’s Continuing Response

• Bridge Demolition
• Traffic Restoration
• Statewide Bridge
• Bridge Replacement
  – Process/permits/plans
Bridge Demolition and Removal

             • Carl Bolander & Sons Co.,
               of St. Paul awarded $15
               million contract
             • Efforts being coordinated
               with NTSB (National
               Transportation Safety
               Board investigators
Bridge Demolition and Removal

          Nearly 100 cars have been removed
                 from the collapse site

 Owners can call Minneapolis Police to get
 information about recovering their vehicle
The Search for a Cause
    • NTSB arrives to
      investigate cause
       – Results expected in 18

    • Forensic engineering
      firm hired by the state
      to do the same
Traffic Detours

 • Temporary lanes added to carry higher
   traffic volumes

 • Several access streets and roads closed
   to increase traffic-carrying capacity

 • Up-to-date traveler information placed
   on 511 phone service Mn/DOT websites

                Traffic Restoration

                                • Projects intended to relieve
                                  traffic problems caused by the
                                  bridge collapse
                                • Per agreement between
                                  Mn/DOT and FHWA, projects
                                  are temporary
                                • Prior to the new bridge
                                  opening, Mn/DOT and FHWA
                                  will discuss restoring the
                                  project areas to what was in
Temporary Traffic Restoration     place prior to the collapse
     Project Locations
     Temporary Project Delays
• Projects that will likely be deferred in order to
  maintain traffic flow on alternate routes in the
  affected area – all on I94
   – Paint bridges between I35W and TH280
   – Mill and overlay – cedar Avenue in Minneapolis to
     Kellogg Boulevard in St. Paul
   – Paint bridges between the tunnel and Plymouth
     Avenue West of I35W
• Mn/DOT will monitor the situation to determine if
  other projects should be deferred
• Mn/DOT intends to proceed with the deferred
  projects after the new bridge opens
         Bridge Replacement
• Final Layout submitted to Minneapolis
  – 189’ wide
  – 10 lanes of traffic, five in each direction
  – North and South spans to be built on a common
     • 8 foot gap between to accommodate bridge inspections
  – Inside shoulders designed to handle Bus Rapid
    Transit (BRT) and/or a managed lane (like I394
  – Designed to be structurally capable of handling LRT

• Request for Proposals (RFP) to obtain design-
  build team issued on ????
            Bridge Replacement
• Final Layout submitted to Minneapolis
   – Municipal Consent (public) hearing scheduled for September 20
• Request for Proposals (RFP) to hire design-build team
  issued by Mn/DOT on August 24
   –   Proposals due back to Mn/DOT on September 17
       Bridge Replacement
• INSERT Picture (design overlaid onto
  aerial picture)
         Public Involvement
• Insert pictures of a media briefing and of
  the Roseville open house
• Include a summary of the #’s and types of
  meetings being held
     Context Sensitive Design
• Explanation (message to be that the
  aesthetic values of the corridor will not be
• Use bridge type pictures
           Environmental Review and
• Includes a thorough analysis of the full range of potential
  environmental issues for all aspects of the project – i.e.,
  demolition and debris removal, bridge replacement, and
  traffic restoration
• Happening quicker than normal
   – Unprecedented cooperation among all agencies
       •   Corps of Engineers
       •   Department of Natural Resources
       •   Coast Guard
       •   Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
       •   National Park Service
       •   City of Minneapolis
       •   Friends of the Mississippi River
       •   State historic Preservation Office
       •   Many others..
               Design Build
• Brings designers and contractors together
  early in the project development process
• Differ from traditional design-bid-build
  projects in that they allow for the
  overlapping of design and construction
  – Construction can begin after only a portion of
    the final detailed design has been completed
    which helps to speed things up
 Design-Bid-Build v. Design-Build
Design-Bid-Build                                      Open Bids

                                                                                            OPEN To Traffic
            Pre-Design and        Construction Plan
Project                           Development and
Scoping     Environmental                                                    Construction
                Studies             Right of Way

Design-Build                                                                  TIME

                                                           OPEN To Traffic
Project     Pre-Design and
            Environmental               Detailed Design
                 Construction Plan
               Development and Right
                 of Way Acquisition
                                Open Bids                                    SAVED
Design Build
      Design Build Advantages
• Allows high-quality, safe, and cost effective
  projects to be delivered quickly
   – Overlapping design and construction shortens
     completion time
   – Construction can begin before all design details are
   – In this particular projects case, the lack of traffic will
     also contributed to the ability to do the job quicker
     than normal

• Greater innovation and flexibility in selecting
  design, materials and construction methods
      Design Build Advantages
• Accelerated response time and dispute
  resolution through team efforts

• Single contact point for quality, cost, an

• Shortened project delivery time which can
  reduce user costs
Mn/DOT’s Design Build Experience
• Projects
• Awards
• Picture(s)
          Economic Impacts
• Daily costs to motorists due to bridge
  collapse estimated at $400,000
  – Additional travel time and distance

• Minnesota Department of Economic
  Development is doing a comprehensive
  economic analysis to capture the complete
  cost to the region
          Thank You
      Jon Chiglo, P.E., Project Manager
St. Anthony Falls (I35W) Bridge Replacement
  I-35W Bridge – Metro District Crisis Management Team

                                         District Engineer
                                         Khani Sahebjam

                                Overall Crisis Manager – ??

Bridge Demolition        Bridge              Traffic                 Traffic           Long Term Traffic
    & Removal          Replacement         Restoration             Management              Control
   Terry Zoller         Jon Chiglo       Nick Thompson                 Jim Kranig        Chris Kufner

                                     Support Functions
        Environmental Analysis Documentation             Public Affairs/Media
        Design                                           Tort Claims
        Right of Way                                     Business Claims
        FHWA/FEMA Documentation                          Data/Public Information Requests
        Safety                                           Statewide Bridge Inspection

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