SOAR reopens for Farm Diversification Grants

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					SOAR reopens for Farm Diversification Grants and much more

Grants for farm diversification and much more are reopening from Monday 13th December closing
on the 31st March 2011 under the NI Rural development Programme

The call by SOAR with up to £9.5 million available will allow people living in the rural areas to invest
in a new business or expand an existing business and develop community infrastructure and

All types of businesses can apply to the programme from engineering, manufacturing to arts and
crafts, tourism businesses such as self catering accommodation, tourism facilities, business services,
recycling and renewable energy business, to construction sector and their associated support

The community focused measures will also reopen under this call, giving more opportunities for
rural areas to develop and strengthen the services that they offer in their own communities to rural

Cllr Darren McNally, Chair of the JCC

“This is an exciting opportunity for all sectors of the rural communities to apply for grants to help
develop more needed services in our rural communities. Farm Diversification is a serious focus of
this fund, helping farmers and farm family members to develop new businesses to run alongside
their traditional farm life. It is an opportunity to invest in equipment, to redevelop underused farm
buildings’ to help get these new business ideas become a reality”

Miceal McCoy, Chair of the LAG

“SOAR is delighted to be able to reopen open for a 4th call for applications, building on our success
to date of committing over £4million, we are keen to work with small business owners, with farmers
to help them to the much needed investment that they all need in today’s economic climate”

We would encourage anyone who is interested in pursuing a grant to apply. The application process
is quite simple and there is help at all stages to help make your plans become a reality. There are
offices in Craigavon to make it easy for you to meet with our Project officer staff to talk through your
project ideas, discuss what the process will involve.

If you are interested in receiving an application pack, please contact the following people in your
local area to help bring your idea further please contact Lynn Morrow on 028 38 312573


Notes to Editors

The Ni Rural Development Programme offers many opportunities for all types of sectors. These
include farm Diversification, Small business Creation, Encouragement of Tourism Activities,
Development of Basic Services for the community sector, Village renewal and Development of our
rural settlements and the mapping of our heritage and Culture. The programme presents a real
opportunity to make a difference in our rural areas, through creating new jobs in rural areas,
creating more wealth for small business owners, creating new community infrastructure and new
basic and recreational services to be enjoyed by rural dwellers and encouraging tourists to visit our
areas through the mapping of natural and built heritage of the creation and development of tourism

Edited by Pauline Nixon-Blackm Public Relations Officer on 028 38 312429

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