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                   Syringe Service Programs
                  California AIDS Clearinghouse
                                   FOA Webinar
                                 November 10, 2011

California Department of Public Health, Office of AIDS
                    Tier I Activities
• Testing                      • Policy initiatives
• Linkage to care                 – Surveillance data use
                                  – Leveraging SAMHSA HIV set-
• Partner services
                                    aside funds
• Risk assessment, linkages       – Healthcare reform planning
  to services and behavioral
                               • Condom distribution &
  interventions for HIV+
                                 syringe supply bank
                               • State community planning
• HIV treatment adherence
• Syringe services programs
Tier I Activity: Syringe Services Programs
          Federal Policy Change
• Federal ban on funding of syringe
  exchange lifted in December, 2009
• CDC, HRSA and SAMHSA have put in
  place new policies to allow states and
  directly funded CBOs to
  fund SEPs
           Federal Policy Change
• Funds are for Syringe Services Programs
  (SSPs) which include:
  – Syringe exchange programs
  – Promotion of nonprescription sale of syringes
    (NPSS) in pharmacies
  – Syringe disposal for injection drug users (IDUs)
  – Policy
• OA categorizes SSPs as a Tier I activity.
                  Changes to CA Law
• AB 604 will allow CDPH/OA to authorized syringe
  exchange programs after regulations are in place
• SB 41 allows pharmacies to sell syringes without a
   – Puts the pilot program, the Disease Prevention Demonstration
     Project, on hold
   – Pharmacy participation is optional
   – No registration is required
   – Adults may now possess up to 30 syringes if acquired from an
     authorized source
   – Clarifies that SEPs and physicians are authorized sources of NPSS
The California AIDS Clearinghouse (CAC)

• OA’s CAC program was created to
  provide free, appropriate and
  culturally sensitive HIV/AIDS/STD
  materials to LHJs, CBOs and
  other non-profit agencies/programs in California that
  conduct HIV/AIDS structural, individual, and group-level
  risk reductions.
• From 1993-2009, CAC was contracted to and administered
  by the LA Gay & Lesbian Center.

• In 2009, due to funding reductions, CAC was brought
  in-house to OA.
     CAC Currently Provides:

  Educational         Condoms
Materials Catalog
   CAC – Educational Materials Catalog
• A collection of HIV/AIDS/STD
  education materials available in
  printed, CD, and DVD formats.
• Materials are a combination of
  purchases from 3rd party vendors (ETR, Channing-Bete, etc),
  distribution agreements, design/development
  collaborations and OA in-house developed pieces.
• All materials in the catalog have been focus-grouped
  and approved by a statewide HIV/AIDS Materials
  Review Panel using CDC guidelines. =
             The CAC Catalog
  CAC - Condom Distribution 2009-2011
• Distribute 1,000,000 condoms a year
• Distribution to all LHJs, CBOs, and other
  HIV/AIDS programs in CA conducting
  HIV/AIDS risk-reduction interventions.

• Condoms are free of charge and available on an “as-
  needed” basis. No limit on how many times an entity can
  order in a year, so long as they expend their previous order.
• Kimono was the brand of condom (CA-branded wrapper).
• No restrictions on specific populations for distribution,
  however each entity is asked to identify, on the order form,
  which target population they will be distributing the
  condoms to.
  From July 2012, CAC Will Be Providing:

  Educational       Condoms    Syringe Bank
Materials Catalog
    Condom Distribution Starting July 2012
• Distribution will be to venues within the California
  Project Area (CPA) that directly serve people at
  highest-risk for HIV infection and/or people who
  are HIV+.
• OA operations advisors will work with the 18
  funded LHJs to identify at least 10 of these venues in their jurisdictions. Non-
  funded LHJs in the CPA will not be expected to identify a set amount of venues,
  though we encourage them to find venues that would like to participate.

• Identified venues who want to participate will register with their LHJ and be
  given a username and password by OA to order condoms directly from OA,
  via a website shopping cart function.
• Additional venues can be added to the distribution partnership, but will
  need to be approved by both their LHJ and OA first.
• Condoms will be LifeStyles brand, and free of charge.
       Syringe Bank Starting July 2012
• Will supplement supplies of authorized
  SEPs to prevent gaps in services.

• Will include both syringes and disposal

• Will have a simple application procedure.

• Amount of supplies available to each SEP likely will be based on volume
  of syringes distributed.

• Opportunity to provide input via survey: contact
    Things to Start Thinking About Now...

 What are some well known venues that would
 like to partner with us in distributing condoms for
 free to their clients? Start some exploratory
 conversations with them. (High-risk venues including: Sex Clubs,
  Bathhouses, Night Clubs, Bars, LGBT centers, health clinics, etc.)

What are some ways to support syringe access and
 disposal that can fit well within any community?
  (Emphasis on disposal, education, law enforcement safety, etc.)
                   Upcoming Webinars

    The following webinars will be held from
       3-4pm on the dates listed below:

 November 17 - Tier II Activities
   (Social Marketing, HE/RR for High Risk Negatives, Hepatitis C Testing, PrEP)

December 8 – Putting it all Together
Further Questions and/or Comments

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