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					                        Christmas 2010 Bulletin

It would be not hard to know the time of year here, at Lavant House,
Christmas carols come from the music room in preparation for the end of term
Carol Service, the MASSIVE tree has arrived and the preparations for the
Christmas Fair on 3rd December are well under way. This year’s school
Christmas card (contact the school office if you want to buy some!) is a lovely
picture of some of the girls with the snow deer which they made when it
snowed in January – and yes there has been snow here again! Best wishes to
you all for a joyous and peaceful Christmas

            Thanks to Bridget, our gap year student, for this photo

                        What Are They Doing Now?

Adrianne Middleton (née Salmon), a Lavant House girl from 1985-1989, kindly
answered a query recently (no, she is not related to the Elisabeth Salmon
after whom several old girls have been asking). In her reply she noted that
she had been about to email the school so that we knew her latest and
exciting news. Along with her husband, Donald, and their three children
(Georgia aged 8, William aged 7 and Fergus aged 5) she has just emigrated
from the UK, across the globe, to New Zealand. They are living in a small ski
town called Methven, only 56 miles south of Christchurch, waiting to move
into their new house in mid December. Apparently they are settling in well to
their new lives but do admit to missing friends and family. Adrianne and
Donald recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary on November 4th
having met at Langford Tent on the Hill in June 1999. Since leaving Lavant
House Adrianne did a one year secretarial course at Chichester and then
worked for 8 years at The Equine Veterinary Hospital in Arundel starting in the
accounts department before moving up to Senior Receptionist before she left.
She then spent 3 years working as PA to the General Manager for Payne &
Gunter the caterers at Goodwood Racecourse, in this time she met and
married Donald leaving the company to have Georgia and take over the
running of the family farm with Donald from his parents.

Felicity Carlysle, a Lavant House girl from 1998-2006, has really taken to
Glasgow! She went up there in September last year to study for a MSc in
Forensic Science at the University of Strathclyde and had a wonderful time
living on the edge of the Merchant City. The course was fascinating and the
international group of postgraduates with whom she studied have become
good friends. Just before Felicity returned to Lavant for a week in September,
to help cover Nikki's absence on holiday, she had an email from one of her
tutors saying that she had funding to study for a PhD (also at Strathclyde), so
within a month found herself back in Glasgow. She is hoping that some of her
Lavant friends can be tempted to visit Glasgow over the next few years,
though if the recent weather is anything to go by they might want to pack their

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