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                                          TRAVELER  A Caring Church With Ministries
                                                 Changing Lives  Connecting People
                                            Creating Friendship and Favor With God and Man
                                            MT. TRAVELER MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH
                                                   15160 LEE ROAD 188, P.O. BOX 69
                                                      WAVERLY, ALABAMA 36879
                                                REV. DR. BENJAMIN C. DATIRI, PASTOR
                                                         Sheree Lockhart, Editor
                                                         Barbara Allen Co-Editor
Volume 4, Issue No. 10                                                            October 2008
                                        er has to take is to get engaged in    including their address and phone
                                        evangelistic outreach. After com-      number. As you provide these lists
In This Issue:                          pleting a study using Dr. Elmer        we ask you to be fervent in prayer
From the Pastor’s Desk Page 1
                                        Towns’ book “a new day in evan-        for their salvation. And for us to be
Introducing Page 4
                                        gelism: Winning the Winnable –         able to do the outreach we intend
Birthdays Page 4
                                        Friendship Evangelism”, we met on      we ask for your stronger financial
CD & Tape Ministry Page 4
Choirs Page 3
Community News Page 3
Ebenezer District Page 3
Good Morning Page 4
Member’s Handbook Page 4
Music Workshop Page 4
Nutritional Workshop Page 2
Rehearsal Page 3
What God Expects Page 5
Student Council Page 2

Beloved Church Family:

          We are at a critical stage
in the history of our country. In
less than three weeks our nation
goes to the polls to elect a historic
president in either way. To those       October 15, 2008 to strategize the     support. It has come to my notice
qualify to vote I ask you to be very    best approach for this local body of   as I examine our worship in giving
prayerful and be sure you go out        Christ to adopt for evangelism out-    that we have fallen behind in our
and exercise your civil rights by       reach. We decided we are going to      giving for the work of the Lord.
casting your votes. And may God         start simple and grow from there.      Most of us do not tithe. Tithing is
grant us a president that would lead    We shall begin with reaching out to    the fair means by which God has
and guide this great nation into a      loss or backslidden family mem-        chosen to finance His ministries!
bright future to erase the bad image    bers. Therefore I ask every active     In this time of economic difficulties
this country now has.                   member of this church to provide       we must not forget that our hope is
          Another critical step that    us with a list of loss and/or back-    in the Lord our provider. If so, we
this local body of Christ Mt Travel-    slidden family members or relative     are to honor Him with the first

                                                     Page 1
fruits (our tithes) of our labor as it   Pastor Datiri has the Preaching        mie! Tommie is the son of
is Him that provides us with             Engagements where Mt Traveler          Tommie & Mary Jackson. He
strength. Approximately only 30 of       Mass Choir, Deacons, ushers and        has an older sister, Whitney.
our over 125 members of this local       members are to also participate:
body called Mt traveler do consist-               i.       Ebenezer District
ently support the church with their      Association – 10/22/08 at 6:30 PM
tithes. Who or where are the rest of              ii.      Homecoming
us supporting?                           Service at Cornerstone Baptist
          October begins the last        Church – 11/2/08 at 2:00 PM
quarter of the year. This means we                iii.     Deacon Ordina-
shall be preparing the budget for                          tion Service at
the next fiscal year so that it can be                     Pleasant Ridge –
approved during our Annual                                 11/8/08 at 2:00
Church meeting in November. I                              PM.
ask that you pray for God to bless                Finally, congratulations to
each one of you more abundantly          those celebrating their Birthdays in    MT. TRAVELER
so that you can increase your finan-     this October. Continue to pray for
cial support for the church. We          one another, and pray for me to         CHURCH CHOIR
continue to appreciate all who are       have good health and especially for    ANNIVERSARY AND
consistent in their worship in giv-      God to continue to lead me in His
ing.                                     paths to be the shepherd He desires
          Thank you for your pray-       of me. I love you and I am praying         CONCERT
ers and support for the 102nd Pro-       for you. Remain blessed.
gram of the Ebenezer District                                                   Mt. Traveler Annual Church
Women’s Convention Auxiliary to                   In His service,               Music Workshop was held
the Ebenezer District Missionary                  Rev. B. C. Datiri, PhD        Thursday-Saturday, October 16-
Baptist Association held October 1-               Pastor                        18, 2008 with Dr. Reginald Jack-
2, 2008 at Cam Hill, Alabama and                                                son, Decatur, Alabama guest
was quite successful. We ask that
you pray for the 128th Annual Ses-
                                           STUDENT                              conductor, musician and lectur-
sion of the Ebenezer District Mis-
sionary Baptist Association – Oc-
                                         COUNCIL PRES-
                                                                                We were blessed to have several
tober 22-23, 2008. Also, pray for           IDENT                               churches from the surrounding
Mt Traveler’s 3rd Annual Nutrition                                              area participating in the Youth
and Health Workshop holding on                                                  Workshop and Adult Workshop
Saturday, November 1 2008 from                                                  along with Mt. Traveler choirs
10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. The                                                     and members:
Music workshop for this year at Mt
Traveler will culminate with the                                                Thanks to members of Commu-
Choir Anniversary today October                                                 nity Baptist Church, Galilee Bap-
18, 2008 at 2:00 PM. Since Octo-                                                tist Church, Macedonia Baptist
ber is ministers’ appreciation                                                  Church, Mt. Pelia Baptist
month, we shall be honoring the                                                 Church, Mt. Moriah Baptist
Coordinators of Ministries at Mt                                                Church and Pleasant Valley
Traveler on October 26, 2008 dur-                                               Church for their participation.
ing our Morning worship. Our
Church Annual Meeting will be on                                                Thanks to Dr. Jackson, Pastor
Sunday, November 2, 2008 imme-                                                  Datiri, Leadership Team, Mt.
diately following Morning worship.                                              Traveler Choir Ministry Leader-
The 128th Church Anniversary will                                               ship and “The Band” for making
be on November 16, 2008 with:
                                         On September 26, 2008,                 this one of the most spiritual and
          i.        Guest Minister –
                                         Tommie Jackson, III, was               informative workshop.
Rev. Charlie Bryant, Pastor - St.
                                         elected   Student   Council
John Baptist Church, Phenix City,
                                         President at Morris Avenue             Today during Morning Worship
                                         Intermediate School in Ope-            and this afternoon at 2:00 PM
          ii.       Theme: “Let all
                                         lika, Alabama. Last year               during the Workshop Concert
things be done for the strengthen-
                                         Tommie was Vice President.             and Choir Anniversary you will
ing of the church” (1 Corinthians
                                         We are very proud of Tom-              hear some of the end results.

                                                      Page 2
   EBENEZER DISTRICT                         Rehearsal                 Master and Mistress of Or-
         NEWS                                                          der. Choirs, groups and
                                                                       soloist are invited.

                                                                       Cornerstone     Missionary
                                                                       Baptist Church Homecom-
The 128th ANNUAL SESSION             Pre-Association Musical will be   ing Services, Sunday, No-
of the EBENEZER DISTRICT             held Tuesday, October 21, 2008    vember 2, 2008 at 2:00 PM.
MISSIONARY        BAPTIST            at 6:30 PM. All choir, soloist    Guest church: Rev. Benja-
ASSOCIATION to be held               and groups are asked to come.     min Datiri and Mt. Travel-
EBENEZER DISTRICT CEN-                                                 er Choir and members.
TER-October 22, & 23, 2008.              COMMUNITY                             *********
Host Church: Pleasant View                                                th
                                           NEWS                        94 Church Anniversary of
Baptist Church, Loachapoka,                                            the Pleasant Ridge Mis-
Alabama                                                                sionary Baptist Church on
Rev. G. H. Pulliam, Moderator
.                                                                      October 19, 2008 at 2:30
                                                                       PM. Rev. Lindsey Torbert
                                                                       and the New Popular
                                                                       Spring Baptist Church as
                                     Deacon and Deacon Wives           the guest.
            Highlights               Anniversary, Mt. Sinia
  Wednesday, October 22, 2008        Baptist Church, Auburn, Al                *******
9:00 AM Devotion
                                     will be held Sunday, Octo-
9:20 AM Registration Period                                            107th Church Anniversary
10:00 AM Class Period
                                     ber 19, 2008 at 2:00 PM
                                     with Rev. Stanley Looney          of St. John Baptist Church
11:15 AM Introductory Sermon-
Rev. Michael Heard                   and Mt. Pelia Baptist             October 26, 2008 at 2:30
     - Lunch-                        Church as guest church.           PM with Rev. Shawn Jones
2:00 PM Class Period                 Dea. and Sis. John H.             and the Springhill Mission-
3:00 PM Temperance Sermon-           Lockhart has been asked to        ary     Baptist    Church,
Rev. Stanley Looney                  represent Mt. Traveler.           Tuskegee, Alabama as the
       -Break-                                                         guest.
5:00 PM Young Men Hour
6:00 PM Welcome Program              Church Anniversary of Zi-
6:35 PM Doctrinal Sermon-Rev. Ben-   on Hill Baptist Church will               ********
jamin Datiri
                                     be held at the Ebenezer Dis-
                                     trict Center, Sunday, Octo-       Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Thursday, October 23 2008
                                     ber 19, 2008 at 2:00 PM.          will celebrate Pastor A. H.
9:00 AM Devotion
9:30 AM Devotional Message –         Dea. John Lockhart and            Shealey, 12th Pastoral An-
Rev. H. S. White                     Sis. Eva Patterson has been       niversary on Saturday, No-
11:00 AM Educational Sermon –        asked to represent Mt.            vember 1, 2008 at the Kel-
Rev. Melvin Kelly Jr.                Traveler.                         logg Hotel and Conference
          -Lunch-                                                      Center in Tuskegee, Al.
2:00 PM Highlights of the                                              Guest speaker-Rev. Calvin
                                     Mt. Nebo Missionary Bap-
Theme-Rev. Melvin Owens                                                Daniel Pastor of St. Paul
4:35 Business Period                 tist Church, Cusseta, Ala-
                                     bama Annual Choir Anni-           Missionary           Baptist
6:00 PM Laymen’s Program             versary Musical, Saturday,        Church, Tuskegee        and
7:00 PM Minister’s March             October 25, 2008 at 6:00          New Harvest Christian
3:30 PM Moderator Address            PM (EST) with Dea. John           Center, Lafayette, Al .
           ******************        and Sis. Barbara Allen as
                                                 Page 3
If you would like to pur-
chase tickets, please call
728-2064 Sis. Fawn Willis,
Church Secretary. Tickets
are $30.00 (7yrs and up)
and Children (Ages 4-6)
$15.00; Ages 3 and under                     HAPPY
      CD & Tape                               OCTOBER
                                     John Lockhart                4
                                     Christine Milner            24
                                     Noro Datiri                 25
                                     Mary J. Burton              26
                                     Kimberly Trimble            27
Mt. Traveler CD Ministry             Mary Webb                   13
The CD ministry currently is mak-    Ruth Lockhart               15
ing available for purchase each
Sunday church service (Preaching     (Please give your name and              Malia Calise Jeter
and Singing) for a donation of       birthday to Sheree Lockhart so         Born October 8, 2008
$5.00 per CD.                        we can wish you a “Happy Birth-            5lb. 15 oz.
Also available are past Sunday       day”)
Services, Revivals, and special                                        Thanks to Mt. Traveler Baptist
occasions. Make a request today to
the CD ministry.
                                     INTRODUCING                       Church for all your prayers and
                                                                       encouragement during the
        Donnie Jacobs                                                  pregnancy. We ask for your
                                                                       continued prayers as we walk
                                                                       the many paths of parenting.
                                                                         Marc and Marcia (Canada)
                                                                        and health

Choir Rehearsal Schedule
 (Please come and join us!).
                                     Kyandra Zaneta Reid
1 Saturday - Mass Choir                   Born on Oct. 1, 2008         When: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
2nd Saturday - Youth Choir                    8lbs. 11 oz                       Saturday,
3rd Saturday - Mass Choir                      21 inches                     November 1, 2008
4th Saturday - Adult Choir                     6:45 PM
5th Saturday - Male Choir                                              Where:
                                                                         Mt. Traveler Baptist
        Time: 4:00 PM                                                          Church

                                                 Page 4
Featuring the following panelists:     Music can provide an outlet for
1. Dr. Ralphenia D. Pace-              emotional release and satisfaction
Professor, Tuskegee University         on the part of your child.
2. Dr. Vivian carter - Assistant
Director for Community Part-           Music can supply an avenue
nership with the National Center       through which your child can
for Bioethics and an Associate         express the growing thoughts
Professor in the Department of         about God and his work in his
Psychology      and    Sociology,      life.
Tuskegee university
3. Lawrence McRae-Cancer Sur-                            Editor
vivor & Founder of McRae Pros-
tate Cancer Awareness Founda-
                                                                                What God
tion, Tuskegee, Alabama
PS: A group from EAMC will be                                                  Expects of a
conducting free PSA screenings

What Music Can Do
   for a Child                           When I say                         The important thing is not
                                       good morning I                       what the church or the
                                                                            minister expects of a
                                        mean to say                         Christian---but what God
                                                                            expects. Here are some
                                       God                                  expectations that come
   Our church believes in provid-                                           straight from the Bible:
ing musical training for children.
As a parent you may wonder
                                       Offers us His
                                                                            1. He expects us to grow
what benefits this music program
can offer your children. Here are
several things that music can do
                                       Outstanding                          (2 Thess. 1:3)
for children.
                                       Devotion to                          2. He expects us to go
                                                                            (Mark 5:19)
Music can lay foundations for
                                                                            3. He expects us to glow
                                       Make us
Christian conversion when your
child is ready for this important
                                                                            (Luke 8:16)
Music can bring joy and pleasure       Obedient &                           4. He expects us to sow
                                                                            (Mark 4:1-20)
to your child.

Music can offer your child an          Ready for a                          5. He expects us to show
                                                                            (Ps. 92:1-2)
                                       New day with Him
outlet for creative self expression.

Music can foster a feeling of
                                                                            6. He expects us to know
                                                                            (2 Cor. 5:1)
                                       Inspire others please, &
wonders, awe, and reverence in
your child.

Music can help your child devel-
op skills in group interaction and     Never forget
getting along with others.

Music can build your child’s self-     God loves you!
esteem by giving him an oppor-
tunity to succeed at musical
presentations.                          GOOD MORNING
                                                    Page 5

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