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									                                                                                          51st ZC MARTIN Family Reunion

51ST Annual ZC MARTIN FAMILY REUNION                                                     “Deep Roots Bear Awesome Fruits”

Washington DC
18-21 August 2011                                                                               21 June, 2011

Greetings Family!

We would like to update you on the 51st Annual ZC Martin Family Reunion!! We will count our blessings
and reflect on our “Deep Roots” while celebrating and educating our “Awesome Off springs”.

This will be the LAST of the memos you will receive regarding the family reunion. All other updates will be
posted on the website. The website address is www.ZCMartinFamily.com. Again, it’s imperative that we
as a family, from the oldest to the youngest, move into the Digital Age!! 

REUNION FEES: After much deliberation, we are now able to publish what we think is a
reasonable amount to request to implement the 51st ZC Martin Family Reunion. Cost will be $110
for Adults and $80 for children. Costs for the reunion, which include Thursday & Friday
gatherings; Family tour, Dinner Cruise (Saturday), and possibly a T-shirt for each is due by 15
July 2011. Payments should be sent to the Family Comptroller:
                             AUDREY JACKSON LUSTER
                             Martin Family Reunion Comptroller
                             P. O. Box 23321
                             Belleville IL 62223

Due to the high cost area and the reservation of the Spirit of DC Dinner Cruise, ALL FEES MUST
BE PAID IN ADVANCE, again no later than 15 July 2011!! There will be NO registration or
collection of fess on the ship or at the door!! We are excited about making this a memorable event
as we celebrate and cherish our ”Roots” and nurture our “Fruits” together as a family.

Dinner Cruise          $7,800
-Gas Saturday Bus        $100
- Friday Suite           $450
- T-shirts               $900
-Thursday                $300
-Friday                  $800
-Family Tribute          $150
Total                 $10,500

Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
400 New Jersey Ave NW
Washington DC 2000l
The Hyatt Regency is offering us a choice of two different room layouts for the low rate of $99 p/night.
You can reserve a room with either two Queen size beds or one King size bed. Executive suites are also
available for $199 p/night. Reservations must be made under the Martin Family Reunion by July 15, 2011
to receive the negotiated rate. To reserve your room call 1-800-233-1234 or 202-737-1234 and don’t forget
to mention ZC Martin Family Reunion!!

The Hyatt Regency is located in the heart of our nations’ Capitol. In addition, it is within close proximity to
the National Mall, Smithsonian, Union Station, and many other attractions that Washington DC has to offer.
A map and list of attractions will be included in your welcome packets at check-in.


 Thursday evening: Welcome and light evening snacks

 Friday: 1030 African-American Civil War Memorial on U Street www.afroamcivilwar.org
         1200 Lunch at Historical Chili Bowl www.benschilibowl.com/ordereze/default.aspx

 Friday: 1800 Suite MEET and Greet
          2100 DC after Dark Tour of Washington DC Monuments and Memorials
          2200 Night Life on Capitol Hill http://dc.about.com/cs/museums/a/Smithsonian.htm

 Saturday: 1000 Family Tour of Capitol
            1200 Tribute to Family Member on Vietnam Wall (Junior Martin)
            1300 OPEN to explore NATIONAL MALL Smithsonian

 Saturday: ALL WHITE PARTY Dinner Cruise – SPIRIT of DC
             1930 Board We want the entire family to wear WHITE
            2000 Cruise Program, Dinner and Dancing while cruising the Potomac
             2300 Dock Return to Hotel or Night Life Wharf District

 Sunday: 0800 Worship at Historical Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria VA
           1000 Family meeting and announcement of 52nd ZCMARTIN Family Reunion location

As new members continue to enter and leave the Martin family, we are really dedicating this year to our
history. We have lots of activities planned that will be both informative and fun, as we explore “Deep Roots
Bear Awesome Fruits”. If you are interested in participating or have information to contribute, please
contact a committee member.

In conclusion, so far we’ve put a lot of thought and work into this year’s reunion Attached is the Registration
Form, and T-shirt order form. Again, please reserve your rooms NOW until July 15, 2011.

                     CAPITOL August 2011!!

                                                  REUNION COMMITTEE:
                                      Chairperson – Marjorie Cooper Miller 904-505-6463
                                    Co-Chairs – Charles & Leatrice Cooper, Jr. 708-372-8841
                                    Memphis Connection –Jonathan Cooper Sr. 901-267-8772
                                      East St Louis Connection - Judy Davis 314-518-3575
                                       Chicago Connection – Chuck Betts 708-724-6594
                                      Comptroller – Audrey Jackson-Luster 618-531-0209

                                             Comptroller – Audrey Jackson Lester

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