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									                                    PRO SE ANSWER
                                           Simple Form


   1.       Whenever you are served a petition it is your responsibility to file an Answer,
            assuming you want to fight the case. An Answer is a pleading that tells the court
            which allegations are in dispute and which are not contested. An Answer is not
            required in Domestic Violence, Repeat Violence, or Dating Violence types of cases.

   2.       Failure to timely answer a petition will result in a default being entered against you.
            This means you will not be allowed to contest the allegations and they will be
            presumed to be true. The court may decide the case without input from you if you fail
            to respond.

   3.       Petitions are accompanied by a paper known as a summons, so called because it
            summons you to respond and to appear in court. It may be personally served on you
            by a process server. The summons tells you how much time you have to answer
            before a default is entered against you.

   4.       The typical time to file the answer is twenty (20) days after it is served, but read the
            summons to be sure. Ignore the time limit at your risk.

   5.       This Answer form provided is a simple and generic form. Filed within the prescribed
            time period, it should keep a default from being entered against you.

   6.       When preparing the Answer you must address each and every paragraph by
            admitting, denying, or stating that you are without knowledge and therefore denying

   7.       The Florida Supreme Court has provided a set of approved answer forms for some of
            the most common Family Law cases. They should be used whenever possible. These
            forms are available at, and may be available at the clerk’s office.

   8.       If you have a claim against the petitioner arising from the same case or facts, you may
            file an opposing pleading containing your allegations. It can be added to the Answer
            or filed in a separate pleading. It follows the format of a petition except it is called a
            “Counterpetition.” Usually personal service and a summons is not necessary when
            you file a Counterpetition. It can be mailed to the petitioner. Additional information
            on Answers and Counterpetitions can be found on the Supreme Court website at

MAS 10/08
                    IN AND FOR_____________, COUNTY, FLORIDA
                                 (Family Division)

VS.                                         Case No.



THE UNDERSIGNED files this answer to the petition and says:

The following paragraphs of the petition are admitted:

The following paragraphs of the petition are denied:

Respondent is without knowledge as to the following paragraphs of the petition and therefore
they are denied: ________________________________________________________________.

I certify that a copy of this Answer was  mailed;  faxed and mailed;  hand delivered; to the
person(s) listed below on ___________________________ [date]

                                            City State Zip
                                            Phone No.      / Fax No.

Name of opposing party or his/her attorney: ___________________________________;
Address of person to whom copy was sent: __________________________________

MAS 10/08

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