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Managing Marketing Research
Managing marketing research
Client’s research management
Organizational structure of
 Marketing research department.
Resources for marketing research.
Client researcher interface.
How to manage the marketing
There are 3 main element to manage-
- The client executive.
- The internal marketing research
- Various agencies & services outside
   the client organization.
Managing marketing research
The need for marketing research
 department depends on the size &
 nature of the company.
The larger the company, the greater
 the necessity of separate marketing
The nature of the company & the
 product it manufactures also
 affects the need for & size of the
 MR department.
      Managing marketing research Departments

 Research director:       Defining the study
 The head of research     Listing the firms.
  department.              Considering last experience.
 Functions are same as    Reference check if no
  head of other dept.       experience.
  but depends on the       Observe their work.
  size of the              Improvement if needed.
  organization.            Prior discussion with the
                            selected firms.
                           Inviting of proposal from
 Outsourcing:              them.
 These departments        Comparing the proposal.
  can be out sourced &     Select the best.
  includes the steps:-     Negotiation (if required) &
                            final selection.
 Managing marketing research Departments

 After the selection of a firm the department has
  to draw a written agreement containing:
 Personnel authorizes to handle the project, from both the
 The deliverables.
 The quality controls to be applied
 Board methodology
 Time frames & milestones
 Penalties for non /delayed delivery.
 Method & format of report
 Schedule for presentation of reports.
 Rights to published findings.
 Arbitration clause
 Confidentiality clause.
 Client’s research management
 The clients of            What imp. Problems should
  marketing research         be on our agenda?
  agency/firm can be        Is the problem
  from different
                            Relevance of study
  positions in the           designed?
  client organization.      Economic feasibility?
 Client in general         Time management?
  should answer the         How effective the
  following questions in     research is in terms of
  order to identify          cost & benefits?
  research problems &       Who should do this
  find economic              research?
Marketing research agencies
It can be of 4 types:
 Advertising agency
 Marketing research agency
 Syndicate data services: Conducting large
  industry-wide surveys, purchasable by everyone.
 Supporting services: Many specialized
  services- research regarding TV viewers,
  readership surveys.
** Under each category, such specialized
  service is interviewing. Agencies that
  conduct interviews come under
  ‘supporting services.’
Organizational structure of
Marketing research department
 Organizational structure among various
  marketing research agencies varies widely.
 The relationship between marketing
  research & other departments can broadly
  be classified in 3 categories based on level
  of decentralization
 Highly centralized
 Moderately decentralized
 Highly decentralized
 Resources for marketing research

Three main resources: time, money &
  people. But the control over the first is limited
  & dependent, but money & people can be
  managed easily.
 Funds:
* Marketing research director
* Client
* Client & director
 Staff: a large MR dept. has an
  organizational structure as shown in the fig.
        Organizational structure of MR dept.

                 Associate Director

      Senior Analyst                  Senior Analyst

 Analyst         Analyst      Analyst          Analyst

Junior Analyst Junior Analyst Junior Analyst
                                          Junior Analyst
Client researcher interface
Client’s responsibilities:
 Bring the researcher into the picture
 Prioritize the problem in terms of time &
 Ensure that the results are implemented.
   Inform the researcher completely on:
   The problem & its environment.
   The decision making methodology
   The existing data
   Changes in the situation when occurred.
Client researcher interface
Researcher’s responsibilities: He-
 should be clear & honest regarding expected
  findings & limitations.
 Should demand all the information they need.
 Should offer maximum assistance in
  presenting, explaining & implementing
 Should report the statistical significance of
  quantitative research results.
 Should develop a creative research design
  that will provide answers to managerial
 Should make a valid & full report of their
Client researcher interface
Conflicts: Researcher should examine
  the corporate culture, the dynamics &
  the politics of the firm or department
  they are working for.
 If these are directly in conflict with the
  objectives of the research or indirectly
  being affected by the research process.
  The researchers can expect problems.
 So, the researchers should try to remove
  these conflicts before proceeding
By: Sandeep Saxena
    Faculty member marketing
   HQ, Hyderabad

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