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									         Byzantine Empire Unit
   We will be learning about the Byzantine Empire
    in this next unit.
   By the end of the unit, we will know:
     Major events in Byzantine History
     Impact that the Byzantine Empire had on Eastern
      Europe and Russia
     Key vocabulary
     Byzantine’s impact on the preservation of Greco-
      Roman culture.
                      The Basics
   Byzantine Empire
    forms from Eastern
    Roman Empire.
   Area is blend of
    Roman, Greek, and
    Christian culture.
   Empire lasts from AD
    330 to 1453.
   This civilization impacts
    Russia and Eastern
               Goals For Today
   Today we will:
     Identify what the ancient city of Constantinople was
      like by reading a quote about the city.
     Identify why the Capital city of the Roman Empire
      was moved to the city of Constantinople.
     Analyze why Constantinople was such a successful
                Quotation Activity
   “Now you may know that those who had never before
    seen Constantinople looked upon it very earnestly, for they
    never thought there could be in all the world so rich a city;
    and they marked the high walls and strong towers that
    enclosed it round about, and the rich palaces and mighty
    churches – of which there were so many that no one
    would have believed it who had not seen it with his eyes –
    and the height and length of that city which above all
    others was sovereign. And it be known to you, that no
    man there was of such hardihood but his flesh trembled;
    and it was no wonder, for never was so great an enterprise
    undertaken by any people since the creation of the world.”
                                -Marzials’ G. De Villehardouin
    The Roman Empire Moves East

   Constantine moves capital of Roman Empire to
    Byzantium, renames it Constantinople
   Why?
       Far from invasions (Huns)
       Easier to defend on peninsula
       Closer to wealth of trade routes along Aegean and Black
       Today’s Big Question:
“Why was Constantinople established as the
 Eastern Roman Empire (or Byzantine Empire)?
Byzantine Empire
   The original Greek city on this site was Byzantium.
   The location of Constantinople had many advantages.
       It was a waterway between great areas of trade in Europe and
       Its location allowed it to control land and water trade.
       It has a good harbor that creates a safe haven for fishing
        boats, merchants and warships
       It is protected by water on 3 sides.
       The 4th side is protected by a huge wall.
       It protects the Eastern frontier
       It is further away from Germany and it’s invaders.
Map of Constantinople
               Constantinople cont…
   It took only FOUR years to build up Constantinople
    from the smaller town of Byzantium.
   The city was heavily influenced by Roman culture.
       It was located on several hills.
       Its government buildings and palaces were molded after
        those found in Rome.
       Constantinople even had a building like the Circus Maximus
        called the Hippodrome
            What did they do there?
              Constantinople cont.
   The political and social life was also modeled
    after Rome.
     The Emperor operated under Roman laws.
     The army followed Roman military customs.

     The poor received bread and were entertained by
      circuses and chariot races just like Rome.
             Where were the chariot races?
     The family was the center of social life.
     Most families made their living by farming, herding
      or working as laborers
        Citizens of Constantinople
   About 600,000 people lived in Constantinople
    during Constantine’s rule.
     Among them were Greeks, Turks, Italians, Slavs,
      Persians, Armenians, and Jews
     They spoke Greek to each other and Latin for
      official government business.
   Do you think Constantine was smart to move
    the capital from Rome to Byzantium
    (Constantinople)? Why yes or no?

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