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					The Essex Group and The Young Peoples Theatre of Essex are back with another great Pantomime by Gary Sullivan

              Vestry Hall St Michaels lane, Braintree Essex
                                Rehearsals commence Sunday 16th September
                   All remaining rehearsals will be on Sundays until Sunday 16th December
                        There will be two rehearsal blocks 10.00 am till 1 pm and 2 pm till 5.30 pm
                                        At some you may be called for both blocks.
                                                      SHOW WEEK
           Rehearsals will take place at The Vestry Hall on Tuesday 18th December at 6.30 pm till 10.00 pm
                       At the Witham Public Hall on Wednesday 19th at 7.00 pm till 10.30 pm
                      Public Performances will follow on Thursday to Monday at various times
                                     A total of 8 performances are planned in all.

This traditional Pantomime with a magical feel of the orient; resplendent in costume, Magic, song and dance is again
                                           to include a cast of mixed ages.
 A colourful mix of comic and romantic characters entwined with an ensemble of senior/adults and 20 juniors who
   will play the Mischievous Inzybarbarian Pirates. There are junior roles to fill of either girls or boys plus a mixed
ensemble of the same.. The senior ensemble wil play various cameos, from beggars to tradesmen in the great city of

The Players
Aladdin                           (Boy or Girl playing age about 16-18 years old) Principal Lead
WishwashWoosh                     Aladin’s Brother – not as bright)
Wishywashy                        (Aladin’s sister, longs to be a princes and is a bit soppy)
Widow Twankey                     Aladin’s Mother – The Panto Dame – Must have excellent comic timing (Male)
The Princess Jazmine              A beautiful princess (Romantic Lead – must have a good pop singing voice
Lucy Lamp                         The Genie of the Lamp (A female Genie – think Whopie Goldberg)
The Sultan of Inzybar             The Baddie – Got to be evil and able to pull in the Boos and Hisses
Wozzie Wozear                     The Sultans Aide (Think Dell Boy his catch phrase is “Wanna buy a watch?)
Chief Tan                         The Chief of Police (A Bungling Idiot who gets his metaphors mixed up)
Conspicuous                       The Sultans Number 1 Secret agent (Marx Brothers)
Ridiculous                        The Sultans Number 2 Secret agent (Marx Brothers)
Ambiguous                         The Sultans Number 3 Secret agent - Junior Role
Ignoranus                         An Inzybarbarian Pirate – Junior
Bellylarfus                       An Inzybarbarian Pirate – Junior
Idioticus                         An Inzybarbarian Pirate - Junior
Antiquaticus                      An Inzybarbarian Pirate - Junior
Wotalotofus                       An Inzybarbarian Pirate – Junior

People of Inzybar
Juniors, Seniors and Adults - A Chorus of belly dancers, pedlars and citizens of Inzybar

This production is being produced by The Essex Group in association with The Young Peoples Theatre of Essex and
auditions are conducted OPEN which means that anyone can audition, you do not have to be an existing member of
either group.
Casting is being decided by a general audition and from that Gary & Ann Sullivan will cast the various roles.
The general audition will involve you in a singing audition and 3 very brief dialogue pieces.
You will need to sing a song of YOUR choice – one which best shows off your voice and which you can comfortably
sing without holding the words.
You will need to provide a backing track so you can sing to that.
Here are the dialogue pieces. Acquaint yourself with them – you will be asked to read them at the audition so that
our director can establish which parts would best suit you.

Now don’t laugh, don’t titter! I know I must look like a sack of spuds but I am
going on a diet, the only problem is, I haven’t decided when that will be. Before
or after the cream cakes! I tried to fit into a dress I used to wear when I was a
teenager but once I realised I could only expect to get one leg in I thought it
best to slip into something a little more relaxing. Like a Marquee!

Oh to be in love. Have you ever been in love? Isn’t it just a wonderful feeling?
It’s like eating your best sweets, watching the bestest film ever and not having
to go to bed early like you do on school night. That’s the kind of feeling you get
when you’re in love, except; you don’t have to clean your teeth afterwards like
you do when you eat loads of sweets!

Oh shut your Gob you! I don’t tolerate fools and you lot are a bunch of fools.
Look at you all, sitting there dribbling into a bag of popcorn and supping on a
can of Diet seven up! Your teeth will rot and don’t expect me to be picking up
your nashers! Now I’m in need of a wife whocan slave over a hot stove and do
my washing, ironing and other domestic chores. If she looks hot that’s a bonus
– so, where do I start looking!!

Greetings, I am of ancient historical heritage. I am a a special advisor to high
ranking tyrant of the year, the most regal and most honourable villain the Sultan
of Inzybar. I know what you are thinking. Where is He? Well he is inzybar with
Wozie Woz ear. I know he in Inzybar with Wozie because somebody asked me if
Wozie was here and I ascertained that he was here and that Wozie Woz ear was
inzybar with the Sultan. And you try saying that with a lisp!
Rehearsals will commence on Sunday 16th September for 14 consecutive Sundays starting at 10.30 am and
finishing at 5.30 pm. Each day will be split into 2 acting block of 3 hours (10.30 am till 1.30 pm) and
(2.30pm till 5.30 pm) During the one hour lunch break cast members under the age of 16 will be
chaperoned and musty bring a packed lunch. WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOUNGSTERS TO LEAVE THE PREMISIES

Production details
Wednesday 19th December at 6.30 pm
Thursday and Friday 20th & 21st December at 7.30 pm
Saturday and Sunday 22nd & 23rd December at 1.00 pm and 5.00 pm
Monday 24th December at 10.30 am and 3.00 pm
£60 covers all costuming and rehearsal costs and is payable on the 16 th September.
Will be provided by the group.
You will be advised.

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