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									                       Frequently Asked Questions about
                            Subsidies for Child Care
                                      In Tompkins County

                                    Questions about who qualifies:

Q: Do I need to be working to receive child care money?
A: Yes. If you are looking for a job, the Day Care Unit will work with you to pay for part time
care while you are involved in the job search (up to 30 days). If you are in school you may be
able to receive money as well depending on your specific situation.

                                Questions about what care is covered:

Q: What kind of child care is covered?
A: Care in a day care center, informal care, group family care, summer camps, and after school
care is covered.

Q: What is “informal care”?
A: Informal care can be relatives, friends, or neighbors who care for your child in their home or
yours. There are limits to the number of children being cared for to qualify under informal care.
No more than 2 children who are not the child care provider’s own children can be cared for full
time (more than 3 hours a day). For part time care (less than 3 hours a day) a provider can care
for a total of 8 children other than their own.

Q: What time of day will child care be paid for?
A: Only child care when you are at work or traveling to or from work will be paid for. No other
time is covered.

Q: How will this impact my child care provider?
A: If you are using informal care, group care, or family care the Day Care and Child
Development Council of Tompkins County will visit your provider and help them meet the
eligibility requirements.

                                       Questions about applying:

Q: How much paper work is involved in applying?
A: You will need to fill out a detailed application available through the Day Care Unit.
Compared to other Department of Social Services programs the paper work involved is

Q: How long does it take to get the subsidy?
A: This varies according to whether or not there is a wait list. If there isn’t a wait list it takes at
least one month to process your application. You will have a face to face interview within five
days of turning in the application and then processing takes a couple of weeks.

         This document can be accessed at FAQ.pdf
                                Questions about money received:
Q: Will the subsidy pay for all of my childcare?
A: The subsidy will not pay for all of your child care. You will be expected to pay a certain
amount as your family share. The amount you will have to pay depends on your income and
family size.

Q: Will I be expected to pay a family share for each child in child care?
A: No. The family share will be calculated as the total amount you will have to pay for child
care per family not per child.

Q: Does the subsidy count as income and will I be taxed for it?
A: No. The money you receive goes directly to the child care provider so the provider must
count it as income but the parent does not.

Q: Will I have to pay back any of the money I receive for child care?
A: No.

Q: Will the Day Care Unit pursue absent parents for a percentage of child care costs?
A: Yes, if there is a court order addressing this issue. The Department of Social Services does
not currently require you to get a Court order, but will give you information in case you are
interested in pursuing this.

Q: Does receiving subsidies count for the lifetime 5-year limit on TANF?
A: No.

Q: Is there a limit to how long I can receive subsidies?
A: You can receive child care subsidies up to a child’s thirteenth birthday as long as funds are
available and as long as you still qualify.

Q: If I am receiving other forms of public assistance can I receive child care subsidies as well?
A: Yes, you can be in receipt of Medicaid, foodstamps, and child care subsidies simultaneously.

PLEASE NOTE: The answers to these questions are specific to Tompkins County New York.
This information can change so you should check with the Day Care Unit at 274-5219 or the
Day Care and Child Development Council at 273-0259 for more specific details.

                     The Early Education Partnership is a project of
 The Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce and Day Care and Child Development Council
                            (607) 273-0259
                                 -quality child care affordable to all-
                                                                                         Last Updated 5/08/02

        This document can be accessed at FAQ.pdf

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