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									                 The Acheron History Project
                       Survey of former and current residents
The Acheron History Project
The Acheron Hall will celebrate its centenary in June 2014. To help commemorate this occasion
the Acheron Hall committee is undertaking to record the history of Acheron with plans to
publish the history in both book and digital form.

We aim to involve both past and present members of the community and incorporate the oral
histories of these local residents to build a history from the earliest times to the present day.
Thank you for participating in the Acheron History Project. Further information can be sent to
us at:
       History Project
       Acheron Hall
       PO Box 186
       Victoria 3714

Also we would like to talk to as many people as possible. To arrange this you can contact us at
the above addresses or call:
     Elaine Furniss on 5772 2727 or 0416 358 909
     Andrea Turner on 5772 1119 or 0418 582 179
     Bernice Webster on 5772 1517 or 0427 336 926
                    The Acheron History Project
                    Survey of former and current residents

Name ____________________________________________________________

Current Address and contact details



Former Address in Acheron (where applicable)



Years living in Acheron ________________________________________________

Occupation when living in Acheron______________________________________

Family history in Acheron (where applicable)
The house in Acheron that you or members of your family lived in:
When it was built ____________________________________________________________

Who it was built by ___________________________________________________________

Who it was built for __________________________________________________________

Is the house still standing? _____________________________________________________

If not what happened to it and when? ____________________________________________

Memories of living in Acheron and/or of Acheron’s history:
This might include memories of:
     specific events such as fires, floods, the Breakaway
     structures and landmarks such as the post office, the hall, bridges, houses, tennis court
     organizations such as the Fire Brigade, the Red Cross, CWA, religious groups, sports
     family members and other people in the community
     school days in Acheron, teachers, school concerts, school sports, and/or transport into
        school in Alexandra.
Please indicate any additional ways that you may be able to assist such as:
          photos
          photo identification
          items of interest such as diaries, letters, books, clothing, trophies…..
          family recipes
          other_____________________________________________________________

Finally, do you know of any other people who may be able to help us with the
History of Acheron?

Name                        Telephone                   Address / email

Thank you for your time in responding to our survey.

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