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Data Collection & Errors
•   Introduction
•   Field work procedure
•   Personal interviews
•   Common sources of error in fieldworks.

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Data Collection & Errors
• Introduction: In data collection fieldwork is one of
   the major sources of errors in a marketing
   research project, there can be two types of errors
   in fieldwork-
    i) Errors in fieldwork procedure
  ii) Errors in filling the response forms.

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Field work procedure
• Fieldwork is usually carried out either by the
  internal field staff or by the staff of field agency.
• In case of internal staff, a specific plan regarding
  their selection, training, supervision & evaluation
  should be developed & implemented.
• In case of external staff, it can employ them in field
  straight away for they are usually well trained. &
  they needn’t to be evaluated after the research.

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Personal interviews

The types of personal interview:
• Mall intercept interviews: centralized
  interviews conducted at shopping centers
• Door-to-door interviews: dispersed
  interviews at the residences of the
• Telephonic interview: it is centralized, easy
  & technically feasible to conduct all
  interview from a single place.
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Common sources of error in
Errors in selecting respondents:
• Mall intercept interviews
• Door to door surveys
• Telephone surveys
• Non response errors:
•   Not at home
•   Refusals
•   Measurement of non-response
•   Treatment of non-response
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Common sources of error in
Errors in stimulating responses:
• Motivating the respondents.
• Respondents perception of the interviewer.
Errors in recording & interpreting answers.
• The discomfort in writing, due to lack of proper
  equipment causes errors in recording.
• During the interview the interviewer try to keep the
  interest of the respondents, this affects accuracy
  of the interview.

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• By:
•     Sandeep Saxena
      Faculty member marketing
      INC-HQ, Hyderabad

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