Suffolk Medical History Society 2011 by C48y311X


									                            Suffolk Medical History Society 2011
Shortly after the AGM on 29 June 2010, Noel Stow reported that he could no longer
cope with the job of treasurer to the society, so at an extraordinary general meeting
On 22 October 2010, Dr Mac Speake was unanimously elected Treasurer to the Suffolk
Medical History Society.
    Following the extraordinary general meeting, the members and their guests were
subjected to a lecture by the secretary entitled Some Episodes from Suffolk’s Medical
   On 11 February 2011 Dr Pat Murrell gave us a glimpse into the lives of the Macro
family, the erstwhile residents of Cupola House, Bury St Edmunds, in a talk entitled
SicklyTimes: Illness in late Stuart and Georgian Suffolk.
    Thomas Macro, 1649-1737, was a rich apothecary, but this did not prevent his family
from being troubled with the many health concerns of the age, from dangerous childbirth
to smallpox. Pat Murrell had spent many hours looking at letters written by the Macro
family, many of which are stored in the Sheffield Record Office. She presented some of
the information culled from these documents, illustrating her talk with some excellent
    As usual Elizabeth Cockayne and Pat Murrell prepared the food whilst Dorothy
Keeble and her friend helped with the serving and washing up.
    On Monday 13 June 2011 just six members of the society went on a Summer Outing
to the Red Cross Museum at 44 Moorfields, London.
     We had lunch at Corney & Barrow, City Point, 1 Ropemaker Street, and then walked
the few steps to the Red Cross building, where we were met by the archivists, who were
very welcoming. We were rather surprised by the extent of the archives, which are in the
basement of the building and have rather outgrown the space allocated to them. It was
perhaps a good job that we were such a small group, but in the event we learned quite a
lot about the origins of the British Red Cross and its relationship with the International
Red Cross. We also viewed with interest the artefacts and documents which had been
extracted for us, notably amongst the latter were the records of some of the branches of
the Red Cross in Suffolk
E E Cockayne

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