Understanding Family Rules by C48y311X


                    Family Rules
   The goal of today’s session is to understand why
    families have rules, and to understand that not all
    families have the same rules.

   In addition, we are also going to discuss different
    rules that are important for parents to have for their

   Finally, we are going to try and understand why our
    parents have the different rules that they do.
                        Rules: What
                         Are They?
   In general, what are rules?

       A guide for appropriate behaviors.
       Rules can be found in the family, at school, at work, and in

   In general, why are rules important?

       To keep people safe
       They explain how things should be conducted
       They teach us responsibility.
                      Rules In
                     The Family

   Rules for younger children

   Rules for younger teens

   Rules for older teens
                 Different Families
                Have Different Rules
   Families are diverse in their rule making.

       Depending on the needs of the family and the children
        within the family, rules will change accordingly.

   Diverse families have different rules.

       Families are diverse (for example, one parent vs. two parent
        vs. grandparent) and create different rules for their family.

       Families of different race/ethnicities may have different rules
        based on cultural values and traditions.
             Different Families
         Have Different Rules Cont.

   Why might families be different in this respect?

   Rules are based on the needs of the family and the
    responsibility level of the children/teens.
                    Disagreeing With
                         A Rule
   What can you do if you disagree with a rule?

       Discuss calmly and appropriately with your parents.

       Remember to listen to their point of view.

       Try to work out a compromise.

       Accept the rule, if it is not changed.
It is now time
 to engage in
 the Activities
   What was the importance of today’s session?

       Families have rules to protect their children and are based
        on the needs of the family.

       Family rules may change as the children get older or may be
        dependant on the responsibility level of the child/teen.

       Different families have different rules.

   What have you learned today and how can this be
    applied in your own home?

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