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					                   Project Fact Sheet/Project in Facts and Figures (01/2010-12/2010)

Cooperation partners in Donetsk Region
Political partners (regional government authorities)
Implementation partners (participative organisations of civil society)
Cooperation partners in Chernivtsi Region:
Political partners (regional government authorities)
Implementation partners (participative organisations of civil society)
Cooperation partners in AR Crimea:
Political partners (regional government authorities)
Implementation partners (participative organisations of civil society)
PR activities in 3 regions on project activities and project-related topics (TV, radio, newspapers,
Internet publications)
Improvement of regional cooperation, communication and dialogue on regional economic promotion

Working groups meetings
"Analysis of city’s potential to identify opportunities for its economic development and rebranding"
“Branding and city’s strategic analyses for effective city strategy development”
 Development of a Regional SME Development Strategy in Donetsk Oblast for a Period of up to 2016
working meeting of WG on Family business development in 5 pilot cities
working meeting of WG of rural development
Professional exchange on business environment between local authorities, business, civil society
(round tables, workshops, forums, discussion in press, live broadcasts, events)
Round Tables on Family Business in five pilot cities
Press conference "Family business development in Donetsk Oblast: chances and risks"
RT “Marketing during crisis”
Round table “Ways of overcoming global crisis consequences for small business in Ukraine”
Interregional Symposium on exchange of experience in economic development and employment promotion
RT “Monitoring of regional programs for supporting small business with activities focused on decrease of negative influence of economic crisis”
RT “Local authorities as tool of supporting of development of local business in local communities” in the rayon centers
Round table "Business and government: partnership for development"
Focus groups on assessment of business environment
Focus group“Small business and crisis: to survive in spite of everything”
“Evaluation of economic conditions and competitiveness of small and medium entrepreneurship in Chernivtsi oblast”
Professional dialogue in employment sphere
seminar "Assistance to economic development and employment in Chernivtsi oblast”
Seminar "Use of effective a tools for regional economic development trow helping to preserve working-places"
Dialogue on EU-related topics on regional economic promotion
Interregional conference “Chambers of Commerce and cross border cooperation”
Seminar "Types, styles, structures of the new production systems in the context of globalization of European integration"
Researches and analysis of potential and constraints on local business conditions
Evaluation and monitoring of Regional SME strategy (2006-2010)
analysis of a regulatory environment in the field of trade and service
Training and other support measures for state organizations on simplification of administrative
Seminar "Permission system in Ukraine: methods of improvement"
Round tables/trainings in 5 pilot cities on SME regulatory policy in trade and service sector
Seminar on tariff policy
Seminar on licensing
Seminar on State regulatory policy
Seminar on registration procedure
Seminar "The development of regional economy based on the cluster model"
Meetings of entrepreneurs /establishment / support of business associations
Working meetings and trainings of "Entrepreneurs’ Clubs” in 5 pilot cities
meetings of jewelry cluster members
Registration of NGO "Kramatorsk Jewellery Cluster"
Registration of NGO 1st Agrarian cluster
First regional conference “Efficient partnership of authorities and small business: pledge of successful overcoming the crisis”
First Gorlovka city’s Forum “Elaboration and implementation of city’s development strategy”
Conference “Small Business: Regional Vision of Overcoming of Economic Crisis” in Chernivtsi
First regional conference “Innovative instruments of entrepreneurship development”
Conference "Problems and prospects of small businesses in the ARCrimea in a market economy."
Conference "Information - tourist center, as an effective instrument of regional marketing"
Study trips
Study of the European experience of dairy and meat production management
Study tour in Spass village Kolomyya district Ivano-Frankivsk oblast
Info-trip to Dortmund (German experience of structural changes in Local Economy)
Info-trip to Swabian (Rural development)
Info-trip to Romania,Timishoara (Wholesale market)
info-tour in Nuremberg (organic products exhibition Biofach)
Strengthening of institutional capacities of public and non-governmental institutions and SME supporting bodies at regional
Training and other support measures for SME supporting bodies
Associations Day (in agro-industrial)
Chambers Day
Regional seminar “Branding as a tool of strategic city’s development”
seminar “City’s brand as a tool of strategic city’s development”
seminar “City’s brand and city’s attractiveness profile”
 workshops regarding the organization and management of small and medium business (CCI)
Training for representatives of Oblast employment center "Financial independent through own business"
Training for representatives of Oblast employment center about basics of entrepreneurship
Training for representatives of Oblast employment center "Effective communications – main component of successful business"
Training for representatives of Oblast employment center "How to calculate the effectiveness of business-idea (basics of business-planning)
Presentations of DCCI for university students
Presentation of the DCCI Center for Subcontracting Systems and Cluster Technologies
Seminar for DCCI staff with involvement of a German expert on business planning
Trainings for multiplicators (train the trainer in business-related topics)
Training "basics of entrepreneurship"
Training "Cluster studies and methods of cluster analysis"
Training for Trainers on cluster issues
Training and seminars for SME (improvement of professional skills and skills to protect business)
"Survival School" for enterpreneurs
Trainings for SME in housing and utilities
Trainings for SME "Internet for business"
Training for the excursion guides
Seminar “Forming of housing and public utilities rates for SMEs and financial crisis”
Seminar “Creation of Civilized Conditions on the Markets of Chernivtsi region ”
Programm Business-to-business
Training "Features of sales and marketing of conference facilities at hotels in the region"
Training course on the reception of guests for mini-hotels
Training course for maids and waiters
Seminar "Marketing in Touristic business"
Seminars for qualification of mini-hotels personnel
Seminars for qualification of excursions-guiders
Trainings and seminars for Start-Ups
"Survival in Crisis" for unemployed
"From business ideas to your own business"
Start-up school
Women –Business Promotion
10-day's business trainings for women
Business-courses for women "How is the success functioning"
Business plan competitions
competition of innovation projects of young scientists
Annual regional competition of the business plans for energy saving technologies implementation
Websites and information resources supported
Web portal of the Center for Subcontracting Systems and Cluster Technologies
web portal of Bucovinian center for development and reconstruction/“Innovative catalog of Chernivtsi region” published
promotion-video aboute city Evpatoria "Little Jerusalem"
Supporting development of new instruments of regional economic support
Concepts and strategic documents discussed and agreed upon within the networks
Analysis of draft Law of Ukraine “On Family Business Law”
Development of a Regional SME Development Strategy in Donetsk Oblast for a Period of up to 2016
Innovation development activities and events
Setting up Donetsk Oblast Council of Young Scientists
Youth Forum “Scientific Developments of Young Scientists: on the Way to Innovations”
Conference of young scientists “Prosperity of the region is work for young people”
Research 'Situation, tendencies and problems of innovation development in Donetsl Region'
Round table “Innovation potential of Chernivtsi oblast”
Conference “Innovation potential of Chernivtsi oblast”
Creation and publishing of “Innovative catalogue of Chernivtsi region”
RT «Science and business: synergism or antagonism?»
Symposium on "Technology Transfer: from science to business"
Seminar "Preparation of a strategic plan for the development of innovations"
Cluster development activities and events
Meeting of jewelry cluster enterprises “Problems and ways of jewelry company entrance to CIS and EU markets”
Workshops “Innovative tools of SME development: cluster approach” for representatives of ceramic sector and transport /logistic sector
Regional conference «Cluster as an innovative instrument in agricultural development»
5 th International Scientific Conference "Clusters and cluster initiatives as a tool for cross-border cooperation, the realization of state regional p
RT "Support to clusters development"
Training «SWOT-analysis of cluster initiatives"
Workshop"Making the strategic plan of the cluster initiative"
seminar "Improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses in the cluster basis"
Investment and export development activities and events
Roundtable "Creation of competitive conditions for export oriented enterprises "
research on export-import potential of local entrepreneurs
investment passport Yevpatoria
Rural development activities and events
Exchange workshops “Tourist Area of Bukovyna” following the touristic routs
seminars on Agricultural advisory service
Sectoral development activities and events
Roundtable "Wood processing in Bucovina: perspectives in creation of Carpathian cluster".
RT "State regulation in the tourism industry. Problems and their solutions. "
Research «The organic market situation in Bukovina»
Analysis of timber industry
Analysis of transport infrastructure potential
Round Table 'Professional Dialogue on LED' (with participation of German experts)
RT "Development Strategy of touristic - recreational complex of Crimea"
Seminar "Rural tourism in Crimea"
Conference "Crimea: Culture, Activity"
"White Book of tourism in Crimea"
Component 2: Policy advice on national level in order to strengthen regional economic and structural policies, improving the
Cooperation partners at central level:
Political partners (state organizations)
Implementation partners (participative organisations of civil society)
Analytical and concept papers and proposals/Drafts of the legislative documents
Concept Paper on Credit Guarantee Institution Set-up
Concept Paper on Craftsmanship Development
National Report on Transborder Cooperation)
Coordination events
Meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Transborder Cooperation and Euroregions Development
2 days Experts’ Workshop on preparation of the draft National Report on Transborder Cooperation
Round tables
Role of business-associations in the sistem of entrepreneurship development and support
Regional round tables on financial support to SME
Interaction of regional state bodies and local governance authorities for the economic development of small cities of Crimea
National Conference “The perspectives in the reforming of local self-government in Ukraine”
All-Ukrainian public hearings on National Report on Transborder Cooperation
Events (meetings, workshops and seminars) for local state administrations and local self-government
National seminars on the development of transborder clusters
Regional Seminars “Regional Dimension of the EU Neighbourhood Policy”
National Round Table on the presentation and the discussion of the draft National Report on Transborder Cooperation
Study trips
Study trip to Berlin/ Germany (learning experience of financial support to SME)
Supporting to the orientation of regional support approaches towards the regional economic potentials
Project working groups meetings at the central level
Meetings of Working Group on Concept of Craftsmanship Development
Meetings of Working Group on Development of Financial Instruments of SME support
Meetings of Experts’ Working Group on preparation of the draft National Report on Transborder Cooperation
5-th All-Ukrainian conference of small cities of Ukraine «State and small cities. Program for partner-ship»
Transborder cooperation approaches at national level supported
National conference on the creation of the National Assembly of Ukrainian Euroregions
National Round Table on the preparation to the ratification by Ukraine of the third additional protocol to the Madrid Convention of Transborde
National Conference on “Regional Dimension of the EU Neighbourhood Policy”
Innovation development, technology transfer and cluster development approaches at national level
Round Table “Improvement of support to young scientists”
Round Table “Science parks: Ukrainian reality and international experience”
Workshop “Set-up and functioning of science parks”
Regional workshops “Best practices if innovation structures in Ukraine”
4th TTI Forum “Innovation development of Regions as major competitiveness factor” in Yevpatoria/Crimea
Investment and export development approaches at national level supported
RT “Institutional Development of export”
RT “Programs of export promotion”
Ukrainian-German Round table and Workshop “Instruments of state support to export promotion: experience of Germany to Ukraine”
Visit to Germany on investment promotion topic
Regional seminars “Investment passport as an instrument of marketing of smell city territory”
Sectoral and rural development approaches at national level supported
Round Table “Innovations in agricultural processing”
Round Table “Changes in gas market in Europe: consequences to Ukraine”




region           NN            Men
                           Women             Participants
                  41                               411
Donetsk                5    27    15                 42
Donetsk                7    42    28                 70
Donetsk               18   124    110               234
Donetsk                6    39    8                  48
Chernivtsi             5                             17

                  31                               751
Donetsk                4                             71
Donetsk                1                             19
Donetsk                1                             23
Donetsk                1                             20
Donetsk                1                             68
Chernivtsi             1                             11
Chernivtsi            11                            218
Chernivtsi            12                            321
                      6                            104
Donetsk                5     37         47           84
Chernivtsi             1                             20
                  10                               377
Chernivtsi             1                             41
Crimea                 9                            336
                      2                            209
Chernivtsi             1                            187
Crimea                 1                             22
Donetsk                1
Donetsk                1
                  17                               429
                       4                            120
Donetsk                3    38    25                 63
Chernivtsi             1                             30
Chernivtsi             1                             17
Chernivtsi             3                             75
                     Chernivtsi    4                         84
                     Crimea        1                         40
                                  32                        282
                     Donetsk      30                        210
                     Donetsk      10                         12
                     Donetsk       1                          5
                     Chernivtsi    1                         55
                                  10                        697
                     Donetsk       1                        211
                     Donetsk       1                        106
                     Chernivtsi    1                         58
                     Donetsk       1                        151
                     Crimea        1                        112
                     Crimea        1                         34
                                   8                         52
                     Chernivtsi    3                         10
                     Chernivtsi    1                         15
                     Donetsk       1         4         5      9
                     Chernivtsi    1         4         4      8
                     Chernivtsi    1         1         5      6 (2 from Crimea)
                     Chernivtsi    1                          4
E supporting bodies at regional
                                  18                        573
                     Chernivtsi    1     47           73    120
                     Donetsk       1      9           11     20
                     Donetsk       1   21         4          25
                     Donetsk       1   30         6          36
                     Donetsk       1   30         6          36
                     Chernivtsi    3                         42
                     Chernivtsi    1                         17
                     Chernivtsi    1                         17
                     Chernivtsi    1                         17
                     Chernivtsi    1                         17
                     Donetsk       1                         83
                     Donetsk       4                        102
                     Donetsk       1     28           13     41
                                   6                        105
                     Chernivtsi    4                         60
                     Crimea        1                         29
                     Donetsk       1                         16
                                  66                       1558
                     Donetsk      14   136        98        234
                     Donetsk       9   146       110        256
                     Donetsk       3    33        19         52
                     Chernivtsi   14                        261
                     Chernivtsi    1                         26
                     Chernivtsi   10                        263
                     Crimea        1                        118
                     Crimea        1                         32
                     Crimea        1                         17
                     Crimea        2                         32
     Crimea        1                37
     Crimea        7               209
     Crimea        2                21
                  14               250
     Crimea        2                42
     Crimea       10               178
     Crimea        2                30
                   9               286
     Chernivtsi    6   240         240
     Crimea        3    46          46
                   3                52
     Donetsk       1                20
     Chernivtsi    2                32
     Donetsk       1               106
     Chernivtsi    1
     Crimea        1
     Donetsk       1     17    2    17
     Donetsk       1
                  11               594
     Donetsk       1     46   34    80
     Donetsk       1     66   59   125
     Donetsk       1               100
     Donetsk       1
     Chernivtsi    1                40
     Chernivtsi    1                72
     Chernivtsi    1
     Chernivtsi    1                25
     Crimea        1               110
     Crimea        2                42
                  14               515
     Donetsk       1                 8
     Donetsk       2                40
     Chernivtsi    1               193
     Crimea        1                74
     Crimea        5               102
     Crimea        2                51
     Crimea        1                26
     Crimea        1                21
                   3                38
     Chernivtsi    1                38
     Chernivtsi    1
     Crimea        1
                   3               239
     Chernivtsi    2                60
     Chernivtsi    7               179
                  15               207
     Chernivtsi    1                32
     Crimea        1                31
                          Chernivtsi        1
                          Chernivtsi        1
                          Donetsk           1
                          Donetsk           1
                          Crimea            2       48
                          Crimea            5       66
                          Crimea            1       30
                          Crimea            1
policies, improving the


                                           3       49
                                            2       24
                                            1       25
                                           12      361
                                            8      264
                                            3       45
                                            1       52
                                           2       146
                                            1       63
                                            1       83
                                           4       135
                                            2       40
                                            2       49
                                            1       46

                                           1        6
                                           10      43
                                            3        8
                                            3       10
                                            4       25

                                           1       248
                                           3       175
                                      1             57
the Madrid Convention of Transborder Cooperation    53
                                      1             65
                                           7       301
                                            1       52
                                            1       48
                                            1       60
                                            3       65
                                            1       76
                                           6       192
                                            1       48
                                 1     48
ience of Germany to Ukraine”     1     39
                                 1      9
                                 2     48
                                2     70
                                 1     45
                                 1     25

                               377   9455

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