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									                           Creative “Border Crossing” RE-Creation Worksheet
     Name:____________________________________Which Topic RE-Creating?______________________________________
                                         “Be The Change You Wish to See in the World.” – Gandhi
     During week 11, you must RE-Create one of your weekly experiments. This final experiment is designed to encourage
     reflection and to promote analysis and growth in the process of Creation. Consider how you can transgress additional
     boundaries identified in your first creative action and concentrate on encouraging CHANGE in your social, cultural, political
     and physical environment. This is your opportunity to show-off a little bit, to others certainly, but primarily to yourself. Please
     consider trying something you would not have considered previously. Use the idea of a “final” project as a catalyst and an
     excuse! Please be safe and legal! This form can be found at or typed separately.

     Reflection on reading: What is your reaction to Freire’s description of education? How does it compare to Jensen’s? In what ways
1.   have your experiments reflected a “problem” based approach to learning?                                                          /5

     Re-Creation: Describe your Re-Creation. How was it different and more creative than your first experiment? Which additional
2.   boundaries did you address and overcome? Underline/highlight how you promoted the change you wish to see in the world.                 /15

     Course Reflection: Did this class encourage your personal creativity? How might you incorporate aspects of your experiments into
3.   your life? Leave anonymous suggestions or comments on a separate sheet of paper turned in at the same time!                      /5

4.   Group collaborative feedback: What was your group’s reaction to your RE-Creation? Did they feel that you adequately addressed
     their feedback? Did other members of your group address the feedback you gave them?                                           /5

                                                                                                   Student Total:                          /30
         Thank you for your creative energy, your sense of humor, your willingness
         to try, your imaginative experimentations, and your courage to step outside               INSTRUCTOR EVALUATION
         the box of ordinary life… I hope that these projects have been enjoyable and              TFA                                     +20
         have prompted discussion, laughter, and serious discussion and reflection
         with your friends and family. May your life be filled with limitless
         potentials and possibilities. May your Creativity make a positive and lasting
         impact on the social, cultural, political and physical environments around                WTF                                     -20
         you.                                                                                      Weekly Total:                            /50

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