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Dear 4-H Families:

This newsletter has been written by Lynette Anderson, County Youth Coordinator. Please contact
Lynette with any questions or concerns you may have.
                                                                                                   4-H is part of the Iowa State
                                                                                                   University Extension Service
Sincerely,                                                                                         bringing research based
                                                                                                   education and information to
                                                                                                   the citizens of Iowa in the
                                                                                                   areas of agriculture and
                                                                                                   natural resources, families,
                                                                                                   youth, communities and
Charles F. Baier                                       Lynette Anderson                            business and industry.
County Extension Education Director                    County Youth Coordinator

        Extension programs are available to all without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability.
                                                                    OCTOBER 2004
4-H News in Howard County                                 Iowa State University Extension

    HEADS UP - 4-H dates & events!

October                                     POULTRY
2     Leadership League Basic Training      Carmen Dohlman
       Cresco Clover Kids Club                     Broilers Special Division - Purple
3     4-H FAMILY FITNESS WALK - 1:30        Nick Lepa      Broilers Special Division - Blue
5th   Riceville Clover Kids Club            CATTLE CONGRESS RESULTS
10    County 4-H Council meeting            Congratulations to the following 4-H'ers
16    4-H Stamp Camp in Saratoga            for their participation and success
28    4-H Locker Pocket Workshop            on September 18.

November                                    Educational Presentations
6     Junior High Leadership League         Marissa Yorgey
13    County 4-H Council                           Lighted Potpourri Jars         Excellence
                                            Carmen Dohlman
13    4-H Officer Training
                                                   How to Care for a Hamster      Recognition
14    4-H Awards Banquet - 7:00 PM          Chandra Weinacht
24    4-H Breakfast Workshop                       Loveable Lops                  Excellence
25 & 26 - Extension Office Closed           Working Exhibits
         HAPPY THANKSGIVING                 Brianna Lipa
                                                   Let Us Spin                    Excellence
NATIONAL 4-H WEEK-OCTOBER 3 - 9             T.J. Haw
                                                   Coat of Arms                   Excellence
Display your 4-H spirit by                  Share the Fun
                                            Jesse Jensen
     Walking with us on October 3 in              The Rocket     Participation Ribbon
      Riceville                             Marissa Yorgey
     Wearing your 4-H t-shirts                    Fascination    Participation Ribbon
     Create a poster & hang up
                                            Carcass Results
     Invite a friend to your October 4-H   Tyler Klimesh places 2nd in the beef of Merit
      meeting                               Carcass Window A. His Black Limousin had a
                                            weight of 1320 lbs, ADG of 3.49 and ribeye of
                                            Nick Lepa placed 7th in the beef of Merit Carcass
                                            in Window A. His steer weighed
                                            1330 lbs, with an ADG of 3.18 and ribeye of 14.8.
Lydia Anderson
       Novice B Obedience - Purple
                                            Troy Klimesh's Angus steer placed 3rd in Window
       Senior B Handling - Blue
                                            B of Beef of Merit Carcass. The fair weight was
                                            1420, ADG was 4.17 and ribeye was 12.7.
                                                  Stamp Camp - continued
                                                  This is a great educational opportunity for
         HEARTFELT THANKS                         youth and lots of fun too! Come join us!

                                                  RSVP by October 6 by calling Kayla Boyle
                                                  at 641-393-2295 or emailing
  To our 4-H Record Book Judges:        
  Elaine Kleve
  Keith Klimesh
  Jason Mrachek
  Geri Tlusty
  Meghan Haw                                      4-H LOCKER POCKET WORKSHOP
  Toni Friedrich                                  When - Thursday, October 28 - 4 - 6 PM
  Kelly Bodermann                                 Where - Howard County Extension Office
  Marge Dohlman
  Kevin Lockie
                                                  Supplies to bring - 1 pair of blue jeans with
                                                  back pockets you've outgrown.
                                                  Cost - $10
HANDS ON - 4-H workshops &                        This workshop will consist of creating a
opportunities                                     project in recycling, visual arts, personal
                                                  development or clothing - remember it will
                                                  depend on your goal. We will cover the
                                                  basics of Design Elements & Art Principals,
                                                  create two pockets per participant using a
                                                  variety of accessories and begin the process
  Howard & Mitchell County 4-H'ers &
                                                  of a fair write-up for your pockets.
  Come join the fun and help us kick
                                                  Please complete the information below and
  off National 4-H Week!
                                                  mail with the $10 to the Howard County
  Sunday, October 3 - 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
                                                  Extension office by October 22.
  Riceville Wapsi Trail - Hwy 9 & Addison Ave,
                                                  Clip and return
  Bring along 4 -nonperishable food items to
  be donated to an area food pantry.
                                                  ADDRESS ___________________________
  A great way to meet your club fitness goal,
  meet new friends, and meet the
                                                  PHONE NUMBER ____________________
  needs of others by donating food items!
                                                  4-H CLUB __________________________

  STAMP IT UP IN SARATOGA                         Please enclose $10 made payable to the
  What - Stamp Camp Workshop                      Howard County Extension Office.
  Where - Saratoga Hall, Saratoga, IA
  When - Saturday, October 16 - 1:00 PM
  Cost - $1.00 per card, per gift bag or per
  bookmark you create at the workshop

  Learn the basics of creating original art for
  friends, family members and Holidays . . .
  plus lot's more! Items for stamping and scrap
  booking will be available for sale and Kayla
  Boyle will deliver to you.
When - Sunday, November 14 - 7:00 p.m.
Where - Howard County Expo

Please plan to bring a hot dish to pass and a
salad or dessert along with table service for your
family. Beverages will be provided by the 4-H &
Youth Committee.

The County 4-H Council will again have lot's of
entertainment planned and we celebrate the
success of each 4-H member this evening!

                                                     HEALTH TIPS - Food & Fitness

                                                     Warm up with our October snack recipe!
                                                     Turkey Salsa Grill
                                                     2 slices white or whole grain bread
                                                     1 slice cheese
                                                     1 TBSP Salsa
                                                     2 slices turkey breast
                                                     1 tsp. butter/margarine
Marisa Trautsch,Emilee Scrabeck, Brianna Lipa
& Krystina Lipa attended the Poster Pizzazz          Top 1 slice of bread with the cheese, salsa
workshop on September 16 and created posters         and turkey and second
for National 4-H Week.
                                                     slice of bread. Spread the butter or
                                                     margarine on the outside of each
                                                     of the bread slices. Grill in a nonstick
                                                     skillet over medium heat until
                                                     lightly browned on both sides.
                                                            Recipe from

                                                     ALTH TIPS - Food & Fitness

Congratulations to Amber Dohlman, Saratoga 4-
H Club - Rabbit Project - back row middle
Chelsea Friedrich, Afton Aces 4-H Club -
Citizenship Project - front row left
                                       PRSRT STD
                                  Postage and Fees Paid
                                      Permit No. 45

Howard County Extension Service
132 1st Avenue West
 Cresco, IA 52136
                        2004 - 2005 4-H Calendar
2 - Junior High Leadership              MARCH
    League - 9:00 AM                    13 - 4-H Day at the Cresco
3 - 4-H Family Fitness Walk                  Fitness Center - 1 - 4 PM
    1:30 PM                             17 - 4-H & Youth Cmt - 7:30 PM
3 - 9 - National 4-H Week                4-H Carnival to be set
10 - County 4-H Council - 6:00 PM       19 - Junior High Leadership League - 9 AM
16 - 4-H Stamping Camp                       Swine Weigh-In will be set later!
28 - 4-H Locker Pocket Workshop
      4 - 6 PM                          APRIL
                                        2 - Junior High Leadership League - 9 AM
NOVEMBER                                2 - County 4-H Council - 8 PM
6 - Junior High Leadership              2 & 3 - Teen Lock-In
League - 9:00 AM                        9 - 4-H Family Clean Up Day
13 - County 4-H Council-9:00 AM         23 - 4-H SPRING FAIR
     4-H Officer Training - 10:30 AM         Sheep Weigh-in Date TBD
14 - 4-H Awards Banquet - 7:00 PM
16 - 4-H Leader Meeting - 7:00 PM       MAY
24 - Breakfast & Beyond                 7 - County 4-H Council - 9:00 AM
      4-H Workshop      9 - 11 AM       7 - Make it for Mom Workshop - 1 PM
25 & 26 - Happy Thanksgiving            14 - 4-H Olympics - 10 AM -
      Extension Office Closed               Noon - Prairie’s Edge
                                            Nature Center
DECEMBER                                15 - Livestock ID's Due
4 - County 4-H Council - 9 AM           23 - PreFair 4-H Leader
19 - 4-H Family Bowling -                    Mtg. 7 PM
      1 - 3 PM                          26 - 4-H Fair Write-up Workshop 2 - 5 PM
     Cresco Bowling Lanes               26 - 4-H & Youth Cmt - 7:30 PM
23 & 24 - Extension Office closed
25 - Merry Christmas                    JUNE
28 - 4-H & FFA Beef Weigh In - 9AM      10 - Fair Entries Due - 4:00 PM
30 - 4-H Project Workshops @            21 - 4-H Entry Day
         Cresco NICC Center 9 - 3 PM    22 - 26 MIGHTY
30 & 31 - Junior 4-H Lock-In - 9 PM        HOWARD COUNTY FAIR
                                        28, 29 & 30 Iowa State 4-H
JANUARY                                        Conference - Ames
15 - Junior High
     Leadership League - 9 AM           JULY
16 - County 4-H Council - 2 PM          1 - State Fair Entries Due
16 - Leader Banquet 7 PM                4-H Family Fishing or
20 - 4-H New Member Night - 6 PM        4-H Family Swimming
20 - 4-H & Youth Cmt - 8 PM
23 - 4-H Family Skate - 2 - 4 PM                     AUGUST
                                                     4-H Family Softball
FEBRUARY                                             IOWA STATE FAIR
5 - Junior High
    Leadership League, 9           AM   Please read your CLOVER CENTRAL for
5 - County 4-H Council , 11 AM          updates and changes each month.
20 - 4-H Family Snow Day, 2 - 4 PM      Our FSQA class date will be announced
22 - 4-H Leader Meeting, 7 PM           through the Clover Central in December.
                                                     OFFICER DUTIES

The fall months are the usual time for election of 4-H Club Officers. Installation of officers normally takes
place in November or December. All elections should be conducted by secret ballot. The following is a list
of suggested guidelines for officer elections.
         1. Officers should have completed one year of 4-H work.
         2. If possible, members should only be elected to an office once in their 4-H
            career. This is to spread out the leadership experience among club members.
         3. Do not combine offices unless you have too few members to fill them.

 Some general guidelines for officers in their individual offices include:
      Contacts the leader(s) several days ahead of the meeting to discuss information
       concerning announcements, new business, committee meetings and upcoming events.
      Arrives early and arranges for the meeting. This may be delegated to others but it the responsibility
       of the president to see that it occurs.
      Start the meeting on time.
      Follow parliamentary procedure.
      Be sure all members have equal chances to express their views.
      Appoint committees to work on details.

     In charge of meeting in the absence of the president.
     Is in charge of all committees to see that they all function properly and report back to club members.

    Keeps complete and accurate minutes of all meetings. In the secretary's absence the President
     appoints a member to take minutes.
    Keeps the Secretary book in order. Minutes are read at each meeting.
    Handles all of the club correspondence.

    Take care of the club funds.
    Be sure the bank statements and bank signature card are transferred to the new treasurer.
    Have a receipt book purchased so that a receipt is written when money is received.
    Give a monthly report on checking and savings balance as well as money deposited or bills received
     and paid.

     Keep a record of the club for the year in scrapbook form.
     Organize the Historian book to tell the 4-H Club story for the current year.
     Turn in Historian book to Extension Office by September 1 for judging.

    To keep the public informed of the club's activities.
    Write a short news story of each club activity and meeting and mail it to the newspaper immediately
     after the event.
    Newspapers will not publish club news if it is more than 2 weeks old.

    Assumes leadership in organizing a "fun" activity for each meeting and special responsibilities for
     parties or activities.
    May have a different committee assist them for events.

Take time to understand the officer responsibility at the beginning of the year. Use these tips and guidelines
to insure great 4-H meetings.

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