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									 Run & Walk for Children
   Fundraising Guide

Empowering Families and Preventing Child Abuse
It is once again time to gear up for the Total Fitness Connection’s Run and Walk for Children to
benefit Family Enrichment Center. This is a great opportunity for you to impact thousands of
children and families who may be affected by violence. The Run and Walk for Children is the
major fundraiser for Family Enrichment Center and that is why your support is important to us.
You are key to the success of the Run and Walk for Children and to everything Family
Enrichment Center hopes to accomplish. We thank you for your commitment to helping us in
our efforts to prevent child abuse.

There are 3 ways in which you can raise money to reach your
fundraising goal:

                1. Individual Fundraising
                2. Team Fundraising
                3. Online Fundraising
*Remember to start as early as you can and to use a variety of activities/methods. This is the
most effective, the most exciting and generates more awareness about child abuse prevention
                      Dedicate your personal or team fundraising efforts to a child/family that you know.
                      Put a face to the CAUSE. This may include a child who has been adopted through foster
                      care or privately out of a less fortunate situation, It can be in honor of a child you have
                      worked with, heard about on television, or lived next door to that has experienced abuse or

                      Arm yourself with facts about child abuse and its effects in your community and
                      learn about the Family Enrichment Center. Let donors know that their donations will be
                      used to provide direct services for children and families in south central Kentucky. Visit

                      Be enthusiastic about your participation. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Your family
                      and friends will want to support you.

                      Ask, Ask, Ask! Aim High. People will give, however they have to be asked. Don’t be
                      afraid to ask for specific amounts. Also, ask donors if their companies have a matching
                      gift program.

                      Thank Your Donors! With their help and yours, we can make difference for the 1087
                      children in our area who have suffered from abuse and neglect over the past year.

How the Dollars You Raise for the Run and Walk Are Spent……..
                          Family Enrichment Center began in 1977 and was incorporated in 1979 as a local
                          nonprofit and has been the leader in child abuse prevention and awareness
                          services for children and families since that time. We provide parenting education,
                          support, crisis intervention, and a safe environment.

                               -    17% goes towards run related expenses
                               -    5% goes to management and general expenses
                               -    78% goes for direct program services
~ Every 10 seconds a child is reported as being abused or neglected.

~ In the U.S. on average, there are 5 children who die each day as result of child abuse and neglect.

~ In 2010, 76% of the children who died as a result of child abuse in Kentucky were younger than 3
 years of age.

                                                                           “The solution of adult
                                                                        problems tomorrow depends
                                                                         in large measure upon the
                                                                         way our children grow up
                                                                         today. There is no greater
                                                                         insight into the future than
                                                                       recognizing when we save our
                                                                       children, we save ourselves.”
                                                                             ~ Margaret Mead,

~ At least 4 out of 5 children are abused by at least one parent. 74% of child victims were abused by
 either their mother or their father.

~ In Kentucky in 2010, more children died (or nearly died) from neglect (59%) than from
  physical abuse.

~ In 2007, Kentucky had the unfortunate distinction of leading the country in the per capita
  number of child fatalities.
 For additional race information go to

 Friday, March 30, 2012— PASTA PARTY, EXPO & SILENT AUCTION
                 Total Fitness Connection-Three Springs Road

       5:00 PM - 8:00 PM - Pasta Party, Race Registration,
                           T-Shirt and Electronic Chip Pickup

       6:00 PM - 7:30 PM - “Pump” portion of Pump & Run

 Saturday, March 31, 2012— Basil Griffin Park- Smallhouse Road

       6:00 AM - 7:30 AM - Late Registration (T-shirt not guaranteed)
                           New Registration Tent - Race # and
                           Electronic Chip, and Goodie Bag Pickup.

                            Pre-Registered Participants
                            Early Registration Tent - T-Shirt , Race #,
                            Electronic Chip, and Goodie Bag Pickup.

                            Light Breakfast (Registration Area)



8:00 AM - Mini-Marathon Start

8:15 AM - 5K Run, 5K Fun Walk, Pump & Run Start

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM Awards (Finish line Tent)

11:00 AM - Roads Re-Open
To register for the event go to or or visit our website at to download a registration form.

Pre-Registration (Must be postmarked by 2/10/12 to receive a FREE Pasta Party ticket)
Individual Entry 5K - $20 Fee           Late (after 2/10/12) $30      Day of $40
Individual Entry Mini - $30 Fee         Late (after 2/10/12) $40      Day of $50
First time participant: Discount of 10%
Family of 3 (or More) Discount of 10%
Additional pasta tickets $5 each
Fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person and/or event.
*Childcare is also provided free at the park for those needing care for their children.

Family Enrichment Center’s Team Contact is Denise 781-6714, ext. 3.

Team **registration fees and money raised may be sent early or turned in at the pasta party at
Total Fitness Connection on March 30th. Each participant will receive a run/walk t-shirt and
pasta ticket! Reduced fees only apply if your team is raising money in addition to team fees.

        Teams of 1-5                    $ 90.00 fee
        Teams of 6-9                    $160.00 fee
        Teams of 10                     $180.00 fee
        Teams of 10+                    $180.00 plus $18.00 for each additional participant
                                 $250 -$349                                             $350 -$499
                 One prize per level.                                                        One prize per level.

                                 0                                                      0
                                          Grip Handle Lunch
                                              Cooler Bag               Cinch Up Backpack                  iHat

                 26oz Aluminum Bottle

                                        Silicone Performance

                                                                              50/50 Long Sleeve T-Shirt

                                                               $500 & UP
                                                            One prize per
                                                      One prize per level. level.

  Set your fundraising
goals high and you could                                       0
 win ONE of these great
prizes. To redeem your                       Nathan VIT Band
                                                                     Augusta Sportswear
       prize visit                                                 100% Polyester Moisture                                                        Wicking
                                                                     Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

                                                                     $35 Gift Card
                                                                     Trax Running
             Decorate money jars and place them by the mail or at the front desk
             Bake Sale - hold a Friday bake sale at work so employees will have treats for the
                 weekend. Encourage breakfast items, as well as sweets
             Pay to wear jeans at work on Fridays
             Have a Pampered Chef or other home party and have the hostess donate part of the
             Do a “Prescription to Stop Child Abuse” by filling up empty prescription/vitamin bottles
                 with change. You’d be amazed at how much change a pill bottle can hold!!
             Personal “Ask” to Friends and Family.     Donate money yourself and ask friends for $10
                 each, $20 or $50, whatever their budget will allow. Do this by sending a mass email -
                 blind copy (bcc) to your address list and ask friends for this donation or send letters to
                 family and friends explaining about child abuse prevention and why it is important to
                 support this cause. Give a deadline, so that people will respond quickly
             Raise $300 in Eight days –
                       Day 1 – Start with sponsoring yourself for $25.00
                       Day 2 – Ask three family members to contribute $20.00 each
                       Day 3 – Ask three friends to contribute $15.00 each
                       Day 4 – Ask five co-workers to contribute $10.00 each
                       Day 5 – Ask four people from your place of worship, health club or civic group to
                        contribute $10.00 each
                       Day 6 – Ask three neighbors to contribute $10.00 each
                       Day 7 – Ask your boss to make a company contribution of $25.00 (or ask about a
                        matching gifts program)
                       Day 8 – Ask one business you frequent to contribute $25.00 (doctor, dentist,
                        pediatrician, mechanic, dry cleaner, restaurant, etc.)
             Auction (Silent or Live) - hold the event at your business, in your neighborhood or at
                 church. Display the items (or descriptions) prior to the event. Hold the auction over
                 lunch or at a convenient time
             Photo Contest- hold a "stumper" photo contest. Ask employees to bring a baby or
                 childhood photo of themselves that they believe no one can identify. Ask for a donation
                 to make a guess
             For BUNCO or LCR, instead of playing for gifts, have everyone bring money and make a
             Auction a prime parking spot for a week

For more ideas go to or Have fun and use your
It is very important that your team has someone who will coordinate efforts on behalf of
your team. Teams are only as good as their leaders! Team Captains are the liaisons
between Family Enrichment Center and your team and they will coordinate the team's
fundraising events throughout the year as well as the team's participation on race day.

Remember everyone that signs up on your team doesn’t have to walk or run, they can
                 pay the fee and just be part of a great team!

    Select a Co-Captain to help you
    Make sure you turn in your registration forms by the deadline. Don't forget to
     turn in any other forms needed by Family Enrichment Center staff
    Set a goal amount for fundraising efforts above and beyond race registration
     fees (minimum of a $100 per person is a great goal or at least $1,000 for the
    Coach and motivate your team to success
    Hold creative fundraisers to help your team raise money
    Have regular team meetings. Call and email with updates, good news ("Jane just
     got a $20 donation!"), reminders about fundraisers, upcoming team meetings,
    Take up the fight to prevent child abuse and volunteer to help with Family
     Enrichment Center programs and services
    Have a Team Captain Wrap-Up Party
          Review the team's activities, fund-raisers, etc. to find out what worked
             well and what can be improved
          Distribute/Announce any awards your team won
          You can even have your own team awards (top fundraiser, walked in the
             event, finished the half-marathon, etc.)
          Start planning for next year’s Run/Walk for Children!
   If your team raises $500.00 above and beyond your registration fees, you will be eligible for the
                              following recognition for your hard work.

Team captains will receive a long sleeve t-shirt for all their hard work!

Biggest Team
This winner will be the team boasting the most participants and will receive:
             Team members will be listed by name and their picture placed on Family Enrichment
                 Center’s website and the run/walk website.
             Team members will be listed by name and their picture placed in Family Enrichment
                 Center’s quarterly newsletter.
             Team Plaque

Best Team T-shirt
This is a contest where the teams will create a t-shirt with a message about child abuse prevention or a
message to go along with the tagline, “this is why we run” (to prevent child abuse). We will have teams
submit their t-shirt designs before the pasta party and they will be displayed that night. People will vote
for their favorite shirt by putting money in the basket for that shirt. The winning shirt will be announced
the day of the race. The best t-shirt team will receive:
              Their shirt message and team picture may be displayed on a billboard for April’s child
                  abuse prevention month.
              Recognition on Family Enrichment Center’s website and the run/walk website.
              Recognition in Family Enrichment Center’s quarterly newsletter.
              Shirt message will be displayed in next year’s run/walk brochure.

Team Raising the Most Money
This winning team is the one that raises the most money in addition to their registration fees and will
             Recognition at the Child Abuse Prevention Celebrity Concert at the Hot Rod’s stadium
                on April 21, 2012.
             A paver with the team name engraved will be displayed on the walk at our Wee Care
             Recognition on Family Enrichment Center’s website, newsletter and the run/walk
             2012 Hot Rods Suite #8 – 8 Tickets –Snacks and drinks included



 Empowering Families and Preventing Child Abuse
                            441 Church Avenue
                      Bowling Green, KY 42101

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