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									                Fly Fishing Trips

  Sasquatch FlyFishing Adventures

      W e e k l y T r i p s July 29th – Aug 4th
      Sunday               Monday                Tuesday            Wednesday                 Thursday                Friday             Saturday
                                                  Overnight         Early Risers Trip        ALL Day Hike ‘N
                                                 Fishing Trip!      to Private Lakes               Fish!
        ½ Day                3/4 Day                                                                              Backcountry
                                                                     6:00am – 10:00am        7:00am – 5:30pm
       Evening              PRIVATE                3/4 Day            (great new trip!)       (great fishing!)    Belly Boating
      Experience             LAKES               Hike N Fish                                  Backcountry             Trip!!!
         Trip               8:00-2:30            River Trip!          Afternoon Big
                                                                                              River Fishing        7:30 - 4:00
      (includes BBQ                              7:30 – 3:30            Thompson
                                                                                                                  (includes belly boat
     cookout dinner)                                                   Canyon Trip                                       rental!)
                                                 Family Fun                                    7:30 - 3:30
      4:00-9:00                                  Fly Fishing           (limit 2-4!)
                                                                    Cost $70 / person        Family Fun Fly
                                                  Trip! Kids        12:30pm – 5:30pm          Fishing Trip!
                                                  Welcome!          (learn to technical       8:00 – 12:30
                                                 8:00 – 12:30          fish a river!)         (come to desk for
                                                 (come to desk                                   more info!)
                                                 for more info!)
     ½ Day Beginner           ½ Day                  ½ Day           ½ Day Beginner           ½ Day Beginner      ½ Day Beginner            ½ Day
          Trip             Beginner Trip         Beginner Trip            Trip                     Trip                Trip              Beginner Trip
       8:30am –             8:00am –               8:30am –         8:30am – 12:30pm         8:30am – 12:00pm       8:30am –              8:00am –
        12:30pm              12:30pm                12:00pm                                                          12:30pm               12:30pm
                           Overnight Gear         Evening ½             NEW!!!               Evening ½ Day
                            checkout @
                                                     Day               Family Fun           4:30pm – 9:00pm
                                                    4:30pm –         Evening Cookout!
   Trip Rates:                                                                                  Need Gear For Your Trip?!
                                                         Fly Shop Hours                      Gear is provided for only $5.00!
   ½ Day Trips: $40.00                                                                (This includes rod/reel, chest waders, and all
                                                           Sunday Friday
   ¾ Day Trips: $55.00                                      7:30 – 5:30                               flies for the trip)
   All Day Hike: $55.00                                                                                 Private Trips:
   Family Fishing Trip: $60.00                                  Saturday                Available for small or large groups any day!
   Includes parent & child + all gear!                         7:30 – 4:30                    Stop by our desk for pricing!
   Family Fishing Cookout: $70.00
   Includes parent & child, dinner + all gear!          For more info call:                   WE HAVE RENTAL EQUIPTMENT!!!
                                                             X1153                        Fly Rod Rentals (includes waders): $10.00 / day
   Backcountry Belly Boat: $75.00
   Overnight Fly Fishing: $85.00 (gear rental $10.00 as needed)                            Spin Rod Rentals: $5.00 / day (includes tackle!)
   Afternoon Big Thompson River $70.00 / person - 2 people / guide

                                                    Things To Know For Your Trip
            You must have someone sign up in person at our Desk (LOCATED INSIDE the Sweet Memorial
             Building) for all trips at our desk (sign up sheets come out the Saturday prior to each trip departure)
            All trips have a minimum (2 people) and a maximum (varies) number of participants.
            AGE MINIMUM: You must be at least 12 years old to attend a fly fishing outing with Sasquatch Fly
             Fishing. Younger participants may not attend without guide approval.(Exception – Family Fun Fishing Trips,
             these trips are open to all ages)

            A Colorado fishing license must be purchased prior to trip departure. One day licenses are available at
             our counter for $9.00 / day, Year Resident $26.00 + $5.00 habitat fee, 5 Day Non Resident $21.00 +
             $5.00 habitat fee, Year Non-Resident $56.00 + $5.00 habitat fee.

            NEW: Private Lakes Trip – if going to Sasquatch Fly Fishing’s PRIVATE LAKES a Colorado Fishing
             License is NOT required. But a one day “Day Pass” must be purchased at our counter for $10.00.
       What to bring: extra clothing (pants, sweatshirt, and socks), raingear (poncho or waterproof jacket),
     sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, tip for the guide, and as needed - fishing license, water, lunch/dinner.

Don’t forget your polarized glasses!
                                                                                                                           We Sell Fishing Licenses!

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