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                                                  Parent Engagement Plan

General Expectations
As a Title I school, _______ agrees to have programs, activities and procedures for the engagement of parents that are consistent with
Title I Part A guidelines. To guarantee student success, partnerships between the school and families are vital. Family members
participate in a variety of committees to include but not limited to: School Improvement Team, School Council, athletic and band
boosters, Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO), __________________. At ______________________________, we recognize that
families are the students’ primary teachers and their support is the key ingredient to provide a quality education for the students of

Many activities are planned to bring families and school personnel together. This partnership between school and family is intended
to maximize success and the potential of all students at Haralson County Middle School:

__________________________________ defines parent involvement as the participation of parents in regular, two-way, and
meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities. Parent engagement is most successful
when it is viewed, practiced, and promoted as a partnership between the home and school. Effective partnerships are characterized by:
    Mutual trust and respect
    Two-way communication designed to foster growth and achievement
    Equity in the relationship

Parent Engagement Goal:
The school must provide leadership and assume the responsibility for encouraging active involvement by using strategies that meet the
individual needs of all families within the community by ensuring that:
          Parents play an integral role in assisting their child’s learning
          Parents are encouraged to be actively engaged in their child’s education at school
          Parents are full partners in their child’s education and are included, as appropriate, in decision-making
Title I Requirements                                Initiatives to Meet/Exceed Requirements
Provide assistance to parents in understanding
the Georgia Performance Standards and the
Provide materials and parent
trainings/workshops to help parents improve
their children’s academic
Other School-Level Parenting Initiatives
Develop a written School-Parent Compact that is
signed by teachers, students, administrators, and
parents and kept at school.
Ensure information is presented in a
format parents can understand and in
additional languages
Other School-Level Communication Initiatives
Volunteers can make many valuable
contributions to the schools.
Other School-Level Volunteer Initiatives
Learning at Home
HCMS will provide materials for parents.

Other School-Level Initiatives to Assist with
Learning at Home
Decision Making
Parent Involvement Plan is developed
with input from parents and available for public
Review the effectiveness of the school
parental involvement activities
Other School-Level Shared Decision Making
Collaborating with Community
We work with community-based organizations
and businesses to collaborate and develop
sustained parental involvement

Other School-Level Community Collaboration

    Copies of all school Program Plans, including the School Improvement Plan and Parent Engagement Plan, are located in the
              administrative offices and on the school website. Additional copies may be found at the District Office.

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