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Partnerships Strategies for Funding
         Support Services
            NCWE Conference
            October 23, 2011

          Mott Community College
       Workforce & Career Development
       Robert Matthews, Executive Dean
Local Environmental Assessment

 • MCC is Genesee County’s largest single source
   of higher education, providing educational and job
   training opportunities to one out of every two
   households in the community.

• In 1970 we had nearly 200K residents in the city
  and 80K GM jobs compared to 110K in the city
  and 6K GM jobs currently
       Healthcare Sector

• Flint Healthcare Employment Opportunities
• Healthcare Professionals for Michigan’s Future
  (HPMF) – Regional Skills Alliance
• Courses To Employment (CTE)
• Mid Michigan Path for Training in Health Care
             CTE Partnership
 Flint Healthcare Career Pathways
                                           • Partner Organizations
 Flint, Michigan                          • Industry/Employer
 Mott Community College & STRIVE
 Industry                                 • Notes on Funding
                                             Sources and
  ◦ Nursing, Allied Health Careers,
     Dental Assistant and Medical Office
     Administration                        • Project Contacts
 Population
  ◦ Racially diverse mix of low-income
  ◦ Previous training graduates
  ◦ GED/high school diploma

      Target Population

• Previous Graduates of C.N.A. training
  (FHEO Project – Renewal Community)
• Incumbent Workers from local area
  hospitals and nursing homes
• Workforce Investment Act participants
• TANF/JET participants
     Services Provided

• Tuition and fees
• Academic Supportive Services
• Social Supportive Services
• Empowerment Sessions
• Case Management
• Job Placement
Screening for Eligibility-Examples
    Performed by Intake Staff
• No Worker Left Behind (NWLB)
• Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)
• Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
   – Adult Workers
   – Incumbent Workers
   – Dislocated Workers
   – Youth / Older Youth
• Federal Financial Aid & Loans
   – Pell (Requires FAFSA)
Comprehensive Intake Profiles
 (Examples of Qualifying Students for Multiple Funding

    Student A     Recently laid of from Delphi after working there for 14 years and now
                          wants to pusue a career in Accounting

   Programs     Tuition & Fees Books & Supplies Childcare Transportation Job Placement
   NWLB                x              x
   WIA DW              x              x              x          x                x
   CAA                 x              x
      Student B      Single mother of two currently unemployed and receiving public
               assistance, wants to pusue a career as a respiratory therapist

   Programs     Tuition & Fees Books & Supplies Childcare Transportation Job Placement
   NWLB                x              x
   JET                 x              x              x          x                x
   WIA Adult           x              x              x          x                x
   CTE                                x              x          x                x
    Student C    Employed at a local electronics store full time making $20000/yr., wants
                            to pursue a career in web design

   Programs     Tuition & Fees Books & Supplies Childcare Transportation Job Placement
   NWLB                x              x
   WIA Adult           x              x              x          x                x
   CAA                 x              x
   BTI                 x              x
      Student Profile & Supportive Services
         for Tanya in total of $3,416.04
Background                                         Expense     Amount      Funding     Date
    Single parent of 2 daughters                                           Source
    Lived with elderly parents                     Childcare   $ 560.00    WIA/HPMF   3/26/08
    Unemployed due to shop closing
    Work experience in family owned business for   Childcare   $ 1330.00   WIA/HPMF   6/03/08
       10 years                                    Uniforms    $ 210.60      CTE      8/11/09
    Earnings $10/hr
    HS Diploma and some college                    Dental      $ 231.58      CTE      8/27/09
    No career focus                                Supplies
Training                                           Tuition      $ 42.93     NWLB      12/04/09
    Oct 2007 HPMF enrollment                       Dental      $ 112.25      CTE      12/09/09
    Jan 2008 Began Dental Assistant classes        Supplies
    Pell Grant
                                                   Dental      $ 268.39      CTE      12/16/09
Supportive Services for childcare                  Supplies
Attended Empowerment Sessions                      Tuition     $ 110.29     NWLB      5/10/10
Sept 2009 Started Clinical Training
                                                   Dental      $ 300.00      CTE      5/10/10
Graduation                                         Exam Fees
    May 2010 received Associate Science degree
           Dental Assistant Certification          Dental      $ 100.00      CTE      5/10/10
Employment                                         Fee
    Full time as Dental Assistant earning $17/hr
        with benefits                              Uniform     $ 150.00      CTE      9/28/10
 Workforce Development Funding Sources
          Total Funding Amount - $9,608,236.23

            Genesee Regional
              Chamber of
                                      Private Found

 Department of
Energy, Labor and
Economic Growth
                                                            US Dept. of Labor

                                                            Career Alliance, Inc.
                                        US Dept. of Labor
                                                            Department of Energy, Labor
              Career Alliance, Inc.                         and Economic Growth
                                                            Genesee Regional Chamber of

                                                            Private Found.
                                                                                             Adult - Genesee (CAI)

       Workforce Development Career Pathways Funding                                         Dislocated - Genesee (CAI)

                         2011-2012                                                           Older Youth Services (CAI)
                        Total Funding Amount - $9,608,236.23                                 Adult - Shiawassee (CAI)

                                                                                             WIA Younger Youth (JAG)

                                                                                             WIA Admin.

                                                                                             Employment Services - Shiawasee (CAI)
                                 $198,235        $14,435                                     Employment Services - Genesee/Shiaw. County
                            $29,120                    $125,000                              Energy Conservation Apprenticeship Readiness
                                                         $41,000                             (ECAR)
            $687,784           $25,504                                      $39,000          YouthBuild
                                                                       $72,702               JET Subsidized Employment 10-11
           $199,962                                              $262,567        $245,752    JET Subsidized Employment 11-12
                                                                         $109,500            JET Vocational Education Training (VET) 10-11
                                                                             $110,726        JET Vocational Education Training (VET) 11-12
                                                                                             National Emergency Grant-REI (NEG)

                                                                                             National Emergency Grant II (NEG)
                                                                 $774,059                    SESP (WIA ARRA)

                                                                                             STAR (Mott Fdn)
                                                                                             NWLB - Scale Up Grant

                  $3,662,403                                                                 Painters Union (IUPAT)
                                                                                 $346,575    SYI - Youth Employment & Enrichment (GRCC)

                                                                                             Teen CEO (Mott Fdn)
                                                                            $200,000         CBJT with St.Clair County CC (TDL)*

                                                                                             Pathways out of Poverty
                                                                       $794,423.60           Broadband Technology Opportunities Program
                                                            $20,198.30                       (BTOP)
                                                                                             Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI)

                                                                                             College Positive Communities        11
                                                                                             Earn & Learn
Flint Healthcare Career Pathways

 Data Study
 ◦ 127 enrolled participants at MCC from 2005-2009
 ◦ Employment outcomes data point
    Training
    Placement
 ◦ Education outcomes data point
    Milestones
          15 and 30 credits earned
          Training, externship, graduation
 ◦ Demographic data
    Collected from student records, transcripts, intake, registration
     forms and follow-up conversations with students

Flint Healthcare Career Pathways
        Project Highlights
 Student Activity
 ◦ 55.9% still active
 ◦ 75% have reached milestones
    30 students earned 15 credits
    29 students earned 30 credits
     • 18 students waiting to enter clinical training
    18 students in clinical healthcare training
 ◦ Graduates
    Median of 14 months to finish training
    76.5% are in healthcare related positions
           $13.00 per hour median income
    48 students worked while in training
           56.3% of the 48 received a promotion, salary increase or changed jobs
           Increased median wage from $12.50 to $13.54 while in training

        Contact Information

For additional information, please feel free to contact:

              Robert Matthews
              Executive Dean, Workforce & Career Development
              Mott Community College
                      Workforce Education Center
                     709 North Saginaw Street
                     Flint, MI 48503


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