Sue's public records request by L3uo15Y


									Public Records Request

Superior Court II Dearborn County, Indiana
Dearborn County Indiana Courthouse
215 West High Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Dear Judge Sally Blankenship:

Pursuant to the Access to Public Records Act (Ind. Code 5-14-3), I would like to obtain copies of the
following public records pertaining to the case:

State vs. Brewington, Daniel
Cause No: 15D02-1103-FD-00084

I would like copies of the audio discs from the following hearings:

        Feb. 28, Mar 1-2, 2011 Grand Jury Testimony regarding the Brewington indictments

        March 11, 2011           Daniel Brewington arraignment hearing

        June 17, 2011            Daniel Brewington pre-trial hearing

        July 18, 2011            Daniel Brewington pre-trial hearing

        August 17, 2011          Daniel Brewington bond reduction hearing

        September 19, 2011       Daniel Brewington final pre-trial hearing

        October 3,4,5,6, 2011 Daniel Brewington trial

        October 24, 2011         Daniel Brewington sentencing hearing

I would like copies of the following:

        Copy of the disc containing the interview of Keith L. Jones by Detective/County Commissioner
        Shane McHenry, on or around March 10, 2011, that was submitted to the court at the
        Brewington bond reduction hearing August 17, 2011.

        Hand printed letter read by Daniel Brewington and submitted into the record regarding his
        attorney at his September 19, 2011 pre-trial hearing.

I understand if I seek a copy of this record, there may be a copying fee. Could you please inform me of
that cost prior to making the copy? I can be reached at

According to the statute, you have 24 hours to respond to this request. If you choose to deny the
request, you are required to respond in writing the name and title or position of the person responsible
for the denial.

Thank you for your assistance on this matter.

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